I am Living But Inactive


I am neither in jail nor dead. I am still living but inactive. As a fearless critic writer, when ever I am not online for a number of days, many think something terrible has happened to me. I am not scared of anything terribly happening to me, because what ever happens to me benefits me. I don’t run away from fights, because you will live to fight another day.

My wife, the children and I, moved into a new house, which has been our dream for many years. God lifts those who lift up themselves. That’s one of my plans for a better integration and education for my children. I haven’t been online over a week now, because I have no access to internet until September 16, 2015.

I have missed reading the articles of my favourite writers and bloggers at WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I will be back very soon to spread the provocative, taunting, educative, nightmare and arrow piercing flesh articles. You can only like the articles of Joel Savage, if you are friend of ‘Truth.” I am happy to have friends that live in the realms of truth. Thank you all my followers.

Experienced WordPress Bloggers I Need Your Help

Wordpress 13

I’m completely new to WordPress. It’s  about a year now since I commenced posting articles on my blog. Even though WordPress is one of the most comfortable sites to use, I’ve encountered a problem which I’m finding it difficult to solve.

About six months ago, when I logged in, I was directed to a fresh page, instead of my original platform. I mistakenly published an article, before I realized that it was a fresh page. Since then I have two WordPress sites with the same admin url address. I tried to delete the article and the entire blog, but I was warned deletion will also affect my old blog, since the url address is the same.

Now anytime I log in to my old blog, it directs me to the new site I mistakenly publish the article.  I’m not interested and want to get rid of it completely, can anyone please give me directives on how to solve this problem. I have been working on this for the past three days without solution. Some readers can’t locate my original blog and giving comments at the wrong place.

This is the link of url to the blog I mistakenly published the article: https://joelsavage.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/the-failure-of-the-media-and-the-lost-of-its-ethics-and-credibility/ and the link of my original blog.


Social Media Tips: How To Increase Your Text Or Font Size in WordPress


WordPress is a social platform made easy with essential tools, to make it simple and easy for the blogger and website owners. For example it has ‘Akismet’ anti-spam plugin which stops spam comments and trackbacks. Besides, WordPress has provided ‘Jetpack’ plugin that gives access to hosted features automatically.

I am completely new to WordPress, but because they made it easy and simple for bloggers to enjoy using the platform, I’m getting familiar to many things. Online and on the support platform of WordPress, there are several questions over how to change the font size to make it easy for some readers that find it difficult to read.

I painstakingly followed the instructions to increase the size of the text of the theme I’m using but all were abortive. Just as I was about to give up, I discovered how easy it was. Below is a simplest and easiest way to increase your text.

  • At the top left hand corner of your blog you see ‘My Sites’ at near ‘W’, the logo of WordPress.
  • Point your mouse cursor on it, then comes underneath ‘View Site, WP admin, Stats, Pages, Media, News etc.
  • Under ‘LOOK AND FEEL’ click ‘Customize.’ A customizing window opens with this message ‘You are customizing ……………. (The name of your blog is written there.)
  • Then follows ‘You are customizing …………….(That’s the name of the Theme you are using.)
  • Point your cursor to ‘Customize’ and click. Underneath appears

Custom Design

Site Title and Tagline

Colors and Background


Header Image etc.

Click ‘Fonts’ when the window of the fonts widget opens, increase the size of your text the way you want it and then SAVE IT. (Don’t forget to save it. View your blog and you see how large and beautiful your articles are seen.

Social Media Tips: WordPress: It looks like your Facebook URL is incorrectly configured. Please check it in your widget settings.

wordpress 8

Connecting social media buttons from ‘WordPress’ to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, is very easy but with facebook, it’s sometimes a little bit complicated, even though connecting ‘Facebook like button’ to your Facebook Page is very simple. Recently I changed my Facebook personal page  to business page. I regretted. I couldn’t like a page, contact a friend or comment on any article. I cancelled the business page to reverse it to personal page, but I haven’t been successful yet.

It was just this week, after connecting the social media buttons to my accounts successfully, Facebook alone failed again with this message from ‘WordPress’: “It looks like your Facebook URL is incorrectly configured. Please check it in your widget settings.” This message is seen as soon as you log in to your blog.

Many bloggers are frustrated about this notice they see everyday, but this is something bloggers shouldn’t be worried about, because the message is just to remind you to fix it . That means ‘WordPress’ cares about the users. It’s only the blogger who just logged in sees that message, those that visit your blog or readers don’t see that message available on your blog. So don’t worry be happy.

2014 in Blogging: Annual Report From WordPress

Readers are always looking for something new, truth and interesting articles to read. I am very glad, my blog “The Reading Cottage” under Author Joel Savage, has generated a lot of traffic, especially on Aids and Ebola issues, within a very short period I commenced posting articles on this blog.

Read 2

Reading interesting article gives satisfaction equally like making the best love with your partner.

I will take the opportunity to wish all readers, my likes, and followers Happy Xmas Holidays and New Year in advance.


NB. Since I am no more using this platform, the links to certain links have been broken by the management WordPress, I have, therefore, deleted the links previously set in the article. Thank you.