How To Fix Unresponsive Google Chrome And Error On Windows 10

Fixing errors on Windows 10

The ‘Start Menu of Windows 10: The essence of modern technology

It’s great to see people devoting their time to share their experiences on how to solve computer issues on the ‘Youtube.’

As a writer, whenever my laptop is faulty it affects my whole being and makes me feel miserable like a church mouse.

I had this experience on Monday when my Laptop Window 10 experienced the ‘Unresponsive Google Chrome” syndrome which brought my laptop to a halt.

Without any experience of how to solve it, I went on the ‘Youtube’ and found many videos relating to this problem, followed one of them and had my problem solved.

This how I did it: Go to the File Manager or Explorer

Windows 10 File Explorer

The File Explorer or Manager of Windows 10

B: At the right hand of the screen beginning with ‘Quick access’ scroll down and click on ‘Windows C.’ When a new window opens click on ‘Program Files ( X86).’

C. It takes you to a fresh page you’ll see ‘Common Files, Google etc.’ Click on Google’ then ‘Chrome’ and next ‘Application.’

D. After clicking on Application a new page opens. You’ll see ‘Google Chrome Icon’ near ‘chrome.exe.’

E. Click on the ‘chrome.exe,’ a new page comes, scroll down and click on ‘Rename, a small box opens. in the box type in ‘Google Chrome.exe.’

F. After that close all your files and restart your computer. It’s necessary to add this. After I restarted my computer, I noticed that the ‘Google Chrome Browser’ icon has disappeared from the desktop. I quickly installed ‘Google Chrome’ again and all the problems vanished. I am once again happily enjoying my computer as a writer.

It may be that you may not experience the same, but since after restarting my computer that occurred the reason I shared how I solved it by freshly downloading ‘Google Chrome’ again.