An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom

Annemie Turtelboom, the minister of justice can't see that the Belgium government and the Royal Family support crims

The Minister of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom is fighting against crime, including terrorism but failed to address the Royal Family of supporting crime. Why the statue of Leopold II, if there is no statue of Hitler for committing a similar crime?

“Belgium Journalists Are Scared To Tell The Belgium Government And The Royal Family That They Support Crime Because King Leopold II doesn’t deserve a statue for killing 10 million Africans, including women and children, so I helped them by speaking out.” – Joel Savage

Dear Madam Annemie Turtelboom,

You were once the minister for Energy and Finance. Later you were appointed as the minister of Asylum and Migration, followed by the post as Minister of Internal Affairs, then finally you assumed the post of the Minister of Justice.

Your present post as the Minister of Justice means that you’ve studied enough and therefore qualified for the post without any argument. As the head of the Justice Department, your portfolio is responsible for the national criminal law and law enforcement.

Madam Turtelboom, since you assumed your post as Minister of Justice, you have done a lot. I remember the meeting of the parents of the girls that were killed by the Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux, giving them promise that there will be changes in the judiciary system to give victims more rights and stronger voice.

Madam Turtelboom, that decision alone demonstrates that you have love, care and respect for mankind but where is the love, care and respect for Africans when in your country stands a statue of Leopold II, a king who murdered over 10 million Africans, including women and children? How can you be a Minister of Justice, yet accommodate crime in Belgium?

Do you think you are doing a good job and happy about your services without partiality as the Minister of Justice? Remember without Africa/Congo, Belgium was nothing since Leopold looted the country to its detriment. That’s not enough, he murdered the Congolese like cockroaches and after losing the country through independence, Belgium couldn’t stand the pain, also leading to the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.

I am really surprised Madam Turtelboom, despite the dark history of your country, which has generated a lot of hatred towards Belgium, you haven’t been smart enough to tell the Belgium government to pull down the statue of Leopold II. In fact, the presence of that statue rather indicates that the Belgium government, the Royal Family and you are supporting crime when the same people claim of fighting against crime.

The Belgium Royal Family Supports Crime

Belgium’s Royal Family Crime Support Tree: In the picture is the white bearded murderer and the victims that suffered his brutalities. In the middle stands the statue of Leopold II, being honored by the Belgium government and the Royal Family. Below they wave but those Leopold cut off their hands couldn’t wave.

This is an article I am expecting the so-called intelligent Belgian journalists to write but since none is brave like me they have coiled into their shells like snails.

Madam Turtelboom, I would like to end my sermon, since I am an African, I speak in proverbs: “If one pretends to be dead, mourners will pretend to bury him alive. Therefore, as the Minister of Justice, if you are pretending you don’t know that the Belgium government and the Royal Family are supporting crime, the world will pretend to acknowledge your efforts against crime because you are seen as jokes and a pile of laughing stock.