Bio-terrorism With Ebola And Origin Of Aids

Aids and Ebola

Dr. Joanne Liu, International President of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Fifth message to all African leaders and Dr. Joanne Liu International President of Médecins Sans Frontières

 By Johan van Dongen and Joel Savage

“The clock is ticking and Ebola is winning. The time for meetings and planning is over. It is now time to act. Every day of inaction means more deaths and the slow collapse of societies,” said Dr. Joanne Liu, International President of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Dear doctor Liu, who are you talking about, politicians, the military or pharmaceutical establishments? If you are talking to these people, then I’m sorry, they are not listening, because they are involved in the spread of Aids and Ebola!

What about the Press? Doctor Liu against the press you can lie as much as you like to make your point because the press doesn’t publish the truth at all! At least not in the Netherlands they don’t! Ask journalist Marc van de Broek of the Volkskrant newspaper, he will tell you why not! No, you can only conquer the establishments and the media by revealing the truth of the real origin of Aids and Ebola.

We will help you through our messages, to give you the opportunity to make straight your mixed statements about the true origin of Aids.

Doctor Liu’s statement

“No government in the world is prepared to handle an Ebola outbreak. It is impossible to keep up with the sheer number of infected people pouring into facilities. In Sierra Leone, infectious bodies are rotting in the streets. The reason Ebola has exploded beyond containment in West Africa is because governments there are utterly unable to contain it.

Liu 4

What is not getting said publicly, despite briefings and discussions in the inner circles of the world’s public health agencies, is that we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time.”

Dr. Liu, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will never tell you the horrifying truth that Ebola can be easily be harvested from victims as a weapon in a form of a powder, smuggle into the United States and release in large cities such as New York or Miami. Almost no one is acknowledging this irrefutable reality.

At the same time, terrorists also fully realize that they don’t even need to deploy the virus in the United States at all in order to attack the United States. They can simply release it in Mexico City and wait for it to spread across the wide open U.S. southern border and there the Ebola virus can remain viable for years.

Terrorists of the world have long known that bio-weapons are the perfect so-called “asymmetrical warfare tools” because they are self-replicating and bulletproof. They can be smuggled anywhere and deployed without detection. Furthermore, the population of North America is shockingly vulnerable to such weapons precisely because Americans eat diets and take pharmaceutical medications that suppress their immune function, making them far more vulnerable to Ebola than populations of lesser developed nations where citizens are more physically active and fit.

Liu 3

Doctor Liu continued: “The mainstream media, government and health authorities will get people killed by censoring the truth about natural cures. In any pandemic, there will be a sustained and malicious effort to program the public to stay away from medicinal herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapies and anything else that doesn’t profit the pharmaceutical industry.”

Although world history is filled with accounts of medical pioneers using plant-based medicines to save lives during pandemics and plagues, today’s criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to try to erase these truths from human consciousness. In furtherance of this “memory hole” efforts, the FDA outlaws all truthful claims about herbs, foods, nutrients or natural medicines treating or preventing any disease. The simple, truthful claim that “vitamin C can prevent and cure scurvy” can get you arrested and thrown into prison in America if you sell vitamin C supplements.

The FDA will not even allow vitamin D manufacturers to accurately claim that vitamin D cures rickets, a disease caused entirely by vitamin D deficiency. Because the pharmaceutical industry sees pandemics as profit opportunities, they aggressively accelerate efforts across government and media to publicly attack anyone who recommends natural or holistic approaches to immune health.

This is a deliberate strategy to protect the greed-driven financial interests of drug companies, even if it means allowing millions of people to die as a result. The drug industry would rather see millions die than lose their dominant position in the health care marketplace, so far Dr. Liu, International President of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Bioterrorism with Ebola and Aids

In our book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind”, we revealed that Ebola can easily be frozen, dried, harvested on the kitchen table and release as a bio-weapon. In fact, a terrorist can easily contaminate themselves by visiting Ebola isolation units in Western African countries and blow themselves up in crowded areas anywhere in the world. Even so in our book we revealed the German origin of Aids and Ebola for biological warfare purposes.

But we are still wondering why Dr. Liu only talks about terrorists. Is she not informed well enough or doesn’t she dare to speak freely at all?

German origin of Aids and Ebola for biological warfare purposes

According to the definition of the World Health Organization WHO, Aids is the result of an infection involving the immunodeficiency virus HIV-1 and HIV-2. Yet in a lot of cases, humans suffer from Aids without there being evidence of those two viruses in their blood. And this phenomenon is already known long time ago. In fact, it is the statement of the German Reichs Ministry of Defense, which regretted in its Bulletin that: “It was not yet established how this infection naturally occurred.”

After Johan Van Dongen has discovered that experiments with Aids viruses already took place nearly a century ago, he dug in into the library of the pharmaceutical plant Solvay Duphar Weesp in the Netherlands, and there he discovered several articles of a German scientist called Lührs. This German scientist within the period of 1917 till 1923, he described an Aids-like virus in horses.

This Aids-like virus, named: “Equine Immunodeficiency Anemia Virus”, appeared to Johan out of the blue and after ample investigation? he discovered that Aids-like viruses occurred in almost all animals. You’ve got for instance FIV and SIV respectively, a feline and monkey Aids virus, but the most important thing is that all viruses are practically identical to HIV-1 and HIV-2.

So indeed the German Reichs Ministry of Defence knows exactly that: It was not yet established how this infection naturally occurred because they knew it all along. According to their own publications during the above mentioned period nearly 28,000 horses were infected with Aids-causing viruses.

Scientist Lührs continued his experiments thereafter in February 1925, the Berlin Reichs Ministry of Defence issued a “Memorandum on the use of pathogens as a weapon in times of war.”

Within this Memorandum, they stated: “The possibility of experimentally producing safe epidemic outbreaks which would have a sustained detrimental effect on the enemy’s power of resistance.”

African leaders and Doctor Joanna Liu are you there?

Generally speaking in Western countries other events did not really reach the public because those involved as well as all governments, the media and pharmaceutical industry suppressed all information in this respect. But that doesn’t count for scientific papers as Johan has noticed within the catacombs of the Solvay Duphar plant.

The most destructive Aids virus producers in the German Reich of Hitler was the Behring-Werke in Marburg, the same plant was the Ebola/Marburg virus is produced.

In 1937 thousands of horses infected witAids-causing viruses were slaughtered in Sleisheim, a city in Bavaria and during the same year hundreds animals infected with Aids were killed in the “Bakteriologisches und Serum Institute of Dr. Schreiber.” Horses were also slaughtered in many Nazi biological warfare institutes, including Jena, Dessau and also at the Institute of Dr. Waldman, on the island of Riems/Greifswald, which was the epicenter of the German biological warfare production.

What about the United States of America and the World Health Organization? They must have known all this and that’s why we would like to remind them that under their guidance, 250 horses infected with Aids viruses were slaughtered in the spring of 1947, at the Marburg Behring-Werke. Finally all those Nazi scientists imported the Aids and Ebola causing viruses to the United States of America to diminish the population of Africa.