Melanie and Lucie are the closest of sisters, but dark forces threaten to tear them away from one another forever. Can Melanie discover the secret evil threatening Lucie’s soul? And even if she can, what could she possibly do to set everything right? How far would you go for someone you love?

Minion is a short, dark tale embellished with the purest kind of love. You’ll find a ghost, demon and creature with evil intentions lurking about in a world of death, where two sisters will fight to escape the darkness threatening to destroy their immortal souls. Readers who love dark fantasy, urban fantasy and short stories about the occult and supernatural will enjoy Minion.

The Author

Claudette. 2

Claudette Melanson writes & edits in Guelph, Ontario, with her husband Ron and four bun babies: Tegan, Pepper, Butters & Beckett. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English and an MA in Literature. She’s wished to be a Vampire since age five. She hopes to one day work full time as an author, since there are many, many books living inside her head.

In her spare time she enjoys watching Japanese Anime and reading vampire stories….along with other great fiction. She is also very interested in good health and is an advocate of Ketogenic eating, using whole and natural foods. Her favorite foods are bulletproof coffee, cashew flour crust pizza and treats made with xylitol and almond, coconut or cashew flours.

Future dreams include writing many more books and spending more time with her son Jacob. Her biggest dream is to make Universal Halloween Horror Nights a yearly event with hubby and son. A Rabbit Rescue fanatic, she also hopes to help rescues all over the world save many innocent lives.

Ghana Manufactures Bamboo Bicycles

“It’s so sad and so serious that a common toothpick in my country has to be imported from other countries,” said Winifred Selby.

Bamboo 1

Bamboo bicycle helps both the urban and rural people in Ghana.

Africa is a great continent blessed with vast natural resources, unfortunately in the abundance of water; Africans are still thirsty, due to lack of ability to make good use of their resources technically, economically, industrially and technologically. It isn’t surprised that at an African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2014, a young Ghanaian girl, just 15 years of age, reveals the reason she was inspired to manufacture bicycle with bamboo.

The question is what motivated Miss Selby as young as she is to have such an ambitious dream? At school, I discovered a number of things about Ghana and Africa in general, which deeply made her sad, she explained. Today her dream to manufacture bicycles with bamboo has captured the attention of organizations globally, giving her award as a ‘Company making bicycle out of Bamboo.’

“I always say Africans are the rich, we have many things which can add value to make a change. But Africans always seem to think they cannot do something extraordinary, but rather only people from foreign countries can,” said Miss Selby.

“It’s so sad and so serious that a common toothpick in my country has to be imported from other countries. We don’t do it ourselves because we look down on ourselves. We think foreigners are the people to make changes. It’s something that pains me because we have been blessed with so many things.”

Bamboo 3

Miss Winifred Selby works on a new bicycle.

Transport fares are not easy affordable and school children and student, especially in rural areas, have to walk miles to go to school. By the time they reach the classroom, they are already tired. “What can a tired mind study? Asked Miss Selby?

Again, Miss Selby lamented on the rate of high unemployment levels and the reality that Ghana needs many more growing businesses and entrepreneurs to provide much needed jobs. These problems became such worrying issues to her that she was motivated to create something extraordinary in the Ghanaian community and Africa generally.

Saying earlier that Africa has a lot of mineral resources, the abundance of Bamboo trees in Ghana, facilitated and enhanced her desire to embark on her journey to produce bicycle out of Bamboo. In collaboration with other students, Bernice Dapaah and Kwame Kyei, the dream of Bamboo manufacturing bicycle has become a reality.

The Ghanaian entrepreneur and owner of Afrocentric Bamboo, hasn’t only help to solve transportation problems for students in rural areas but also promoting good health.