White-Collar Criminals Enjoy Impunity But They Often Call The One Who Speaks Against Them A Traitor

Unrest and bloodshed ruining the society

The world is a beautiful place but hypocrisy and hatred have made it ugly

The world is full of hypocrisy and hatred that it stinks. You don’t even know who to trust. Sons against fathers, daughters against mothers, crime is soaring, racism is high, hatred has increased, backstabbing and suicides are what we are witnessing today.

Politicians are campaigning to come to power and one of their tactics is to find faults against each other just to affect the other. If that’s what politics mean then the people under them are watching what they do.

Many prefer to remain silent because they feel protesting or speaking out against the wrong things going on in our society will affect whatever they are doing, including their business. Thus, their heart is inclined to money than solving the ailments of our society.

In some places, it’s an offense to God’s name, yet we have been told that ‘In God We Trust.’ Liberty and democracy have been abused. Now they mean murder, rape, torture, Aids, Ebola, Zika virus etc.

While we sit uncared watching such things going on because they affect someone else, we should remember even though you are not part of it, you’ll reap the consequences in times of trouble.

The truth is bitter than the bile, the reason many feel my articles speak to them directly or make them uncomfortable. But I have faithful ones who are still with me, above all my good contents generate a lot of readers so I’ll never change my style of writing.

How long can someone run away from the truth or the blow you can’t escape? Since you planted that bad seed it will germinate but the sad part of it is the innocent people who also reap what they haven’t sown because most of them they failed to speak out.