Mike Chahira: The Upcoming Reggae Star Using His Music To Fight Against Poverty And Street Children

Chahira 3

Mike Chahira: The upcoming Kenyan reggae star using music as a tool to keep children off the street and fighting against poverty.

Africa is a very tough continent plagued by corruption and poverty, with many children out of the classrooms. In an environment that many children suffer from depravity, hunger, disease, and abuse, the only way Mike Chahira think he could help the poor children is to make his voice heard through his music.

Born in Kenya, Mike, the upcoming reggae musician, according to him was inspired by the South Africa reggae legend, Lucky Dube. He was with a group called ‘Agugu Family’ for some time before he decides to go solo. Faced with many challenges, setbacks and his father’s opposition to his musical career, Mike rather focused on his career than giving up on his dreams.

In a society where it’s always difficult to get financial help to achieve your dreams, Mike’s effort to become an independent musician was like a rough journey to the top of mount Kilimanjaro. The video of his song ‘African child’ reveals the horrible, dangerous, unhealthy, and poor living conditions of African children.

Kenya is like other African countries that care less about the plight of children. It’s not clear at the moment the number of the high rate of Kenya’s street children, but  2012 Unicef report estimated that there were 250-300,000 homeless children in Kenya, most of them in the big cities.

On June 4, 2016, I had a word from Mike that he has added two new songs ‘Drugs’ and ‘Walla Colombo’ on the Youtube. ‘Drugs’ song speaks about drug abuse, its impact, and the destruction of the society, whilst in Walla Colombo, Mike expresses his sentiments on the controversy surrounding the Rasta religion and the negative perception given to Rastafarians in the society.

Watching the video of ‘Walla Colombo’ I can clearly see the big improvement in Mike’s singing career. Definitely, one day with a little hard effort the world would hear of a Kenya artist called Mike Charira.