Celestial Blue Skies



In Belle Place, Louisiana, where the sugarcane grows a mile high to the bright blue sky, Celeste struggles with her mentally ill mother, Tut, and works with her grandmother Maymay to hold the Creole Bastille family together.

Celeste has bigger dreams for her life, and is falling for the handsome and wealthy Vashan. But, when Tut runs away to live with the man she met working in the sugarcane to escape her reputation as the town whore, Maymay fears that Celeste will end up like her mother.

And just as things are finally looking up for Tut, her past returns with violent, tragic results. Will Celeste end up like her mother, or will she redeem her family from the hoodoo curse that haunts them? And will she find love with someone from a culture just as exotic as her own?

The Author


Maggie Collins was born and raised under the clear blue skies of Loreauville, Louisiana. She majored in English at the University of Louisiana and later earned a Master’s degree from the University of New Orleans. An excerpt of this novel was published in “Louisiana Cultural Vistas” and was a 2009 finalist for the worldwide William Faulkner William Wisdom writing contest. She is a Center for Black Literature fellow and an Educational Diagnostician. She lives with her two sons and wonderful husband.


Bankers Town: A Novel By Joel Hames


This time everyone else had their ducks lined up and every last duck had “Alex Konninger” written in bold marker-pen on its forehead. If I didn’t crack this fast, those ducks would be shot, shredded and rolled into pancakes before you could say hoi sin sauce.

Everything’s going rather well for Alex Konninger. He’s drifted his way into a big-money job in a bulge bracket bank, and if he doesn’t always play by the rules, he’s hardly the only one. Alex doesn’t know it yet, but he’s got a problem, a whole army of problems, and they’ve all picked this week to jump on him.

He’s losing control, his past is about to catch up with him, and he doesn’t know who he can trust, because someone wants him out – and it looks like someone else wants him dead. In Bankers Town, not everyone will make it to drinks on Friday.

Author Joel Hames

Joel 20

These days I live in the middle of nowhere, raising children, chopping wood and fending off herds of rapacious country-beasts, but I used to be a Master of the Universe in the Big City, buying and selling and securitising and generally raising hell.

I write what I want, when I want to (which by coincidence is when my wife and children choose to let me write), and at the moment that tends to be fiction about bankers and blackmailers, murders, post-apocalyptic conspirators, all the usual stuff.

Follow me on @bankerstown Here’s my blog: http://joelghames.wordpress.com/ And here’s the Bankers Town website: http://www.bankerstown.net/