Zika Virus: Factories Of Nazi Comrades Revealed


Bio-weapon Zika virus

A child affected with Zika Virus: The disease is a bio-weapon but World Health Organization is lying and deceiving the public

.By Micro-Surgeon and Scientist Johan Van Dongen

The scientific origin of the Zika virus is that the virus is named after the Ugandan Zikabos because it was there for the first time in 1947, isolated from the blood of a Rhesus monkey. It was only in 1968, the virus succeeded demonstrating in people.

The Zika virus is endemic in large parts of Africa. As a result of human influences, the virus also surfaced in Asia, including countries in Central Asia, South East Asia and Yap Island (Micronesia) in the Pacific.

At that specific time, the fear is that the virus will quickly spread through the different islands in the Pacific Ocean will and eventually reach the American continent. That fear has become a reality by ending up in South America and Germany today, the country of Hitler.

The Zika virus in South America, adds as a third virus disease, which can be transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, shows symptoms that match a mild form of dengue, including joint pain, headache, and fever.

On November 6, 2015, the virus also made headlines in Suriname. The laboratory of the University Hospital Paramaribo (AKKAR) has fixed may argue that some patients have sustained the Zika virus. In January 2016 first Zika test virus was developed in Germany. The researchers found out that only one in five people infected with the Zika virus will get sick.

Rockefeller Foundation in Entebbe (Uganda)

Supranational poison factories must keep running, so every day with loads of drugs out of the gate they are flooded and can be found anywhere in the world, once sold. All indications in the past century, there are science experiments in Africa with a number of manipulated infinite microorganisms in Saharan Africa and beneath. It was clear from the outset as Africa became an excellent breeding ground for those interested.

In 1936, the British Government and the Rockefeller Foundation in Entebbe (Uganda), built the Yellow Fever Research Institute. In the very isolated regions of Bwamba, West Nile Virus (1940) and a Bwamba-fever virus (1941) were discovered. In 1944, they met the Semliki Forest virus, and in 1946, two more viruses were found. They were the Mengo-encephalitis virus and the Bunyavirus (like the Crimean-Congo virus and the hantavirus which is a member of the Bunya-aviridae).

American and British scientists found out that the region of Uganda was actually swarmed with viruses. In the fifties and sixties were fifteen others, among the ‘Bwamba group. Recharged viruses found in an area mainly occupied by agricultural population. According to the Englishman Cook, in 1901, very rarely faced diseases occurred.

Within a few decades, Bwamba became a unique cluster of the most remarkable and particularly malicious virus species, which from the outset have been very willing to rely on researchers from France, England, and the United States, once one of those viruses again struck somewhere.

During the Cold War, Uganda was engaged with both military and civilian doctors. In Bwamba region, the Yellow Fever Research Institute was then very active and in Entebbe and in the Zika forest, much research was conducted by the East African Virus Research Institute. In addition, several military hospitals were scattered across the country. Hospitals were located near the city of Arua. EH Williams and Kuluva-hospitals, serving the American mission in 1941. Between 1951 and 1965, Williams’ hospital recorded more than 41,000 patients with the same disease.

For over 50 years, the region is plagued by various diseases in the city Arua. Between 1943 and 1944, there raged very deadly measles epidemic. In the early sixties, many infants had anemia and half of those children later died of malaria infection, according to official statements. The Kaposi’s sarcoma was active and in 1966, there was an epidemic of Burkitt’s lymphoma, followed by an outbreak of Hepatitis-B.

After 1970, the inhabitants of the region were particularly affected by tetanus infections and in 1978, the measles came back. In the eighties, it is known that people were suffering from AIDS and in 1989 and 1990, scientists from the Institute Pasteur were back to inject Ugandan children with 1,558,800 doses of TB vaccine. Thereafter, in Kenya and Zimbabwe, it was recorded that the vaccine had serious side effects. The diseases were then given all sorts of weird names but not the name that was right: “AIDS!”

Old Nazi institutes continue their collaboration with western institutes.
There were also three foreign delegations present namely Behringwerke AG, in Marburg, am Lahn and the Paul Ehrlich Institute, in Frankfurt am Main, both from Germany. What they did in the Second World War, we all know about it and there was also the Institute of Sera and Vaccine Immunology in Zagreb, from the former Yugoslavia.

Precisely those three institutions were closely involved in the development of the Ebola virus, which was officially born in 1967, in the German Marburg. Whereas the Wistar Institute one of the world’s leading institutes has became involved especially in the field of retroviruses and Aids in humans and animals.

Present were very smart people, but beware of the fact that they showed that ‘smartness in a form of stupidity’ because why should they use human beings to carry out experiments? They all discussed the highlights of a large number of vaccines specifically tested in Central and West Africa and innocent people were executed.

These were supposedly tested vaccines against smallpox, polio, measles, leukemia and Epstein Barr Virus. Especially the latter virus in the civilized countries just causes glandular fever, but in African countries, it leads to cancer and AIDS as a result of genetic manipulation.

The development and testing of viruses on humans and animals were mainly conducted under the auspices of the CIA and the necessary biological warfare preparations were manufactured by MSD and Litton BioNetic. The first South African who went over to ring the bell was a physician. When he published his research, what happened next: He had a motorcycle accident and was killed.

News of that accident appeared in a local newspaper in the Ugandan city of Kampala, an article that the CIA was accused of the fact that its employees disguised as scholars and journalists, spreading lies about the origin of the AIDS virus just as they did to Thabo Mbeki.

Not long after this verbal battle ended, in the house of Wilson Carswell, one of the leaders of the Ugandan AIDS research, his entire contents, including computer equipment and all files were completely destroyed. At least that was officially notified. Carswell, a soldier of the British Army, ostensibly managed to escape.

Later he dived into the complex biological warfare from the British in Porton Down. Since he became head of the AIDS Unit, at the Department of National Health, he was primarily responsible for population change in South Africa outage.

African Politics Is Like A Man Answering Nature’s Call Without Toilet Paper

MerkelGerman’s Angela Merkel and Ghana’s Nana Akofo-Addo: Do African politicians know how European and American politicians underestimate them?

Have you ever been to the toilet and after easing yourself you found out that you have no toilet paper in the roll set? The lost hope, uncertainty, and hopelessness, not knowing exactly what to do, is exactly the situation of Africans under corrupt and greedy politicians in Africa.

My heart aches when I see Africans queuing in those hot temperatures to cast their votes for corrupt, greedy and useless politicians. For a very long time, Africa has been a caricature, a puppet and a laughing stock in the eyes of Europeans. You will know the disrespect Europeans and Americans give to Africa when you live in Europe, you will never know that when you live in Africa.

Africans are considered sub-human beings or the least important people on this planet. The reason  Europeans invaded the continent. After decades of slavery, suffering, and colonization, African leaders are still considered stupid by Europe and America, because they still repeat the same mistakes they did.

How many countries make Africa? If out of all the head of states in Africa, only South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki; Nelson Mandela and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, are the only presidents to tell Europe and America that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against Africa, what are the rest of African head of states doing or saying?

There is no continent which has suffered more than Africa, yet African leaders don’t take the suffering masses into consideration to improve the standard of living because all that they are interested is to steal from the government coffers to Switzerland.

Let’s assume Africans can’t read, so we don’t know that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes, but help has come close to us when a European scientist, Johan Van Dongen, after four decades of research revealed the diseases weren’ natural. They were manufactured in the laboratory for bio-warfare purpose and tested on Africans, yet African leaders still haven’t reacted. Is that stupidity or intelligence.

Professor Johan Van Dongen could have remained silence like other scientists, after discovering that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes against Africa, but because of the love he has for the continent, he published his findings, which cost him dearly. He lost his job as a university lecturer because the government(Holland) was angry with him. How would the world view African leaders? Stupid or intelligent?

African leaders attend conferences and seminars overseas. They feel so fortunate and happy to take pictures with advanced countries leaders, but they don’t feel that way. They feel they are standing with morons, incompetent and corrupt politicians, that years after colonization can’t help fellow Africans or develop their countries.

In Ghana, there is a proverb which says, “If one washes his hands well, he will end up eating with the king on the same dining table.” If African leaders want to be respected by the outside world, they should show a little intelligence and patriotism, because they have disappointed Africans for too long.

The Silence Of The Media In Europe And America Over Aids And Ebola Crimes Is Incompetence


Aids and Ebola were used by America as bio-weapons

Africans protesting: Enough is enough

By Joel Savage and Johan Van Dongen

Is it true that desperate people do desperate things? When the link of an article ‘Holland’s Professor Johan Van Dongen Challenges Belgium’s Professor Guido Van Der Groen Over The Origins Of Aids And Ebola, written by Joel Savage and published by Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper, disappeared from the web, I knew how desperate the authorities in Europe and America are trying hard to cover up those medical crimes against humanity.

Smartness is sometimes stupidity, as  the removal of the article from the web encouraged me to team up with Professor Johan Van Dongen, to find a way to let the public know the truth, especially those that find it difficult to accept that Aids and Ebola were indeed medical crimes against mankind. How competent, loyal, faithful and sincere are journalists in Europe and America over the issues pertaining Aids and Ebola?

As if journalists don’t know what investigative journalism is about, they hide the truth, give bias information and write senseless articles over Aids and Ebola to manipulate, confuse and convince the world that Aids and Ebola are diseases from monkeys. Imagine this stupid article: “Aids victims in Africa rape babies, believing it could cure Aids.” It still baffles me when I read this article months ago, wondering what kind of journalism such a writer studied at school in Europe, America or wherever he or she went to school.

The result of poor journalism today is tearing our society apart, brewing violence, encouraging crime and racism. There have been many reports and books written about the fact that between fifty and seventy percent of all research are false, the same applies to the scientists who insist that Ebola and AIDS came from bats and monkeys from the jungle in Africa and the Philippines and journalists who are far from the truth.

There were no bats and monkeys in France, Russia, U.S.A. and the former Czechoslovakia. Precisely those lies also indicate that masking the disease Ebola and AIDS are indeed a white conspiracy, even though the medical establishment claimed the opposite. Worse still, the media seem unable to depth journalism so as publications, if their companions on their merits follow.

This practice calls journalists not only free but makes them even complicit because they are constantly behind the medical establishment running away for fear of powerful reprisals against falling advertising revenue from pharmaceutical and medical field and a possible boycott of medical Mafiosi after placing negative items.

According to Johan van Dongen, Thabo Mbeki does not have the benefit of the doubt about an alleged conspiracy, he’s just right because AIDS is indeed designed and established by political, medical, pharmaceutical and military orders.

A meticulously and executed genocide specifically orchestrated against black skinned groups in our society. Even though the World Health Organization claims that the global population will increase except in Africa, because the continent is necessary to accommodate the overcrowding.

Over the truth, crime and origins of Aids and Ebola, Europe and America media have totally disappointed Africa. The message is clear: There is partiality in journalism. However; without Africa, there wouldn’t be any Europe or America today, since all your treasures, including gold and diamond  you could boast of, were stolen from Africa. African slaves built America with sweat, blood, and tears.

The stone the builders rejected finally became the head of the cornerstone. That continent which has been neglected, abused, raped, underdeveloped, slaved (Please find me more words Johan) will one day become a safe haven for Europeans and America fleeing in numbers from their countries of origin. What are they fleeing from? When the prophecy of the Bible takes place, this article shall be remembered.

An updated version of Aids and Ebola, the greatest crime in medical history against mankind, will be available at Amazon.com May 28, 2015.


Bitter Fruit

With the publication of Kafka’s Curse, Achmat Dangor established himself as an utterly singular voice in South African fiction. His new novel, a finalist for the Man Booker Prize and the IMPAC-Dublin Literary Award, is a clear-eyed, witty, yet deeply serious look at South Africa’s political history and its damaging legacy in the lives of those who live there.


The last time Silas Ali encountered Lieutenant Du Boise, Silas was locked in the back of a police van and the lieutenant was conducting a vicious assault on Silas’s wife, Lydia, in revenge for her husband’s participation in Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress. When Silas sees Du Boise by chance twenty years later, as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is about to deliver its report, crimes from the past erupt into the present, splintering the Alis’ fragile peace.

Meanwhile Silas and Lydia’s son, Mikey, a thoroughly contemporary young hip-hop lothario, contends in unforeseen ways with his parents’ pasts. A harrowing story of a brittle family on the crossroads of history and a fearless skewering of the pieties of revolutionary movements, Bitter Fruit is a cautionary tale of how we do, or do not, address the past’s deepest wounds.

The Author


Achmat Dangor (.in 1948), is a South African writer and the CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg. The Nelson Mandela Foundation promotes and enables the growth of human fulfillment and the continuous expansion of the frontiers of freedom.

Before joining the foundation in January 2007, Mr. Dangor was Director of Advocacy, Communications and Leadership at UNAIDS, and before that, he was Interim Director of the World AIDS Campaign. Previously, Mr. Dangor served as Chief Executive of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation.

Prior to that, he worked in the private sector, including a 13-year stint as a senior executive in Revlon Inc.’s South African subsidiary. As the founding executive director of the Kagiso Trust (1986-1991) he worked alongside prominent political and church leaders, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to build up the largest black-led foundation in South Africa.

In 1993, Mr. Dangor returned to South Africa to head up the Secretariat of the Drought Forum created by the newly unbanned liberation movements, churches and community organizations to coordinate relief efforts at the height of the severe drought of early 1990’s.

The Forum’s brief was to ensure that government and private resources reached the neediest people and that a solid development foundation was laid. In 1994 he joined the Independent Development Trust (IDT) as director for rural development, and later served as its acting CEO during a crucial transformation period.

During this time he was also a member of various task groups set up by the office of then Deputy President, Thabo Mbeki, to create the Transitional National Development Trust (TNDT) and its successor, the National Development Agency (NDA).

Achmat Dangor is a writer who has published five works of fiction and poetry. It is a vocation that he continues to pursue as he has an active interest in the arts and culture. Random House bought his first USA publication in 1999 and his last novel has been translated into five languages.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation leads the development of a living legacy that captures the vision and values of Nelson Mandela’s life and work. Through the creation of strategic networks and partnerships, the Nelson Mandela Foundation directs resources, knowledge and practice to add value and demonstrate new possibilities. It embodies the spirit of reconciliation, ubuntu and social justice.


Politicians Are Part Of The Great Mess And Problems In Africa

Politicians are part of the great mess and problems that Africa and Africans are facing today, especially on the continent. Although it may appear that the colonial powers are all gone from the scene and forefront of Africa, they are very much there under the covers of politics, corporations, humanitarian and aid organizations.


They will not leave Africa, because it has too much resources that the entire world needs to keep afloat into the future. The unfortunate part in all this is that Africans are almost entirely devoid of the knowledge that their countries and the entire African continent is a prize like no other, that the planet of over 7 billion people needs and wants.

In the years ahead it is only going to get worst for Africans there, because, the greed of humans outside, especially in the west, will continue to grow ferociously.

Africans in the Diaspora need to focus their attention to solutions for Africa and Africans, and not the shadiness that is common and prevalent. This is how China, Japan and India were able to shake off the looting of their countries. The governments in Africa know the goals of the western powers, and they don’t care, because they also benefit from the disruptions and instability.

As long as they get their promised lion’s shares of the pillaging, they will continue to look the other way and pretend they are ignorant of the situation that is affecting the people.
Solutions overcome corruptions over time. But, focusing and digging into the vast world of corruption only serves the corrupted and corrupters, and not the masses, whom should be benefactors of just system.

Just consider this:
Nigeria alone is on path to dominate the entire African continent, in a positive way, over the next 20 years. And, not only Africa, but, the entire Asian region, because her population is due to skyrocket to over a 1 billion people in rapid session! This in not publicize in the global media, because it will send shock-waves, across economies. With Nigeria manning space stations and sending satellites into orbit doesn’t bode well for the conglomerates, who traditionally controlled the avenues of telecast and communication globally.


African head of states, the battle is hotter than they can handle.

Like an iceberg, there is always more going on under the surface than what is visible on the surface. African has a long way to go. How can we challenge  the rapid changes in the developed world, years after political independence? How can we improve our education and reading, to rub shoulders with the developed world? That is upon us, and also the task of reducing corruption which has dented and crippled Africa’s economy.

Over the medical crimes in Africa, apart from Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, no African head of state has been brave enough to demand answers from those (Europe and America) that committed the crimes against Africans, because they can’t deal with the Ebola and the Aids crisis alone, but that’s not smartness, it’s weakness and ignorance.

The same weakness and ignorance the developed world has used for ages to dominate Africa and it will be like that always, because Africa is not yet ready to learn from its past mistakes.

Thabo Mbeki Of South Africa Against AZT: Pharmaceutical Agent For Profit

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

In the previous articles, we have taken notice of several ‘alternative’ medicines such as Kemron and Suramin for Aids, which have been suppressed by the medical and governmental agencies, supported by the American Centers for Disease Control, amongst others financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. All according to the description and research as laid down in Johan van Dongen’s 2003 book: “Aids, de grootste misdaad in de medische geschiedenis.” – ‘Aids, the greatest crime in medical history.’

South 3

In today’s article, we make an excursus by telling something about the officially accepted and promoted Aids drugs called ‘Anti-retrovirals,’ which derive their name from the fact or theory that Aids is being caused by a retrovirus. Re-trovirals, such as HIV, as do even the firms concede that produce them, do not pretend to be able to cure Aids, but they may be hoped for to extend the life expectancy of HIV/Aids patients with a number of years.

The fact that anti-retrovirals are no real cure for Aids, was confirmed in 2007 by the director Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAID, who was reported to have said at an International Aids conference: “As for a cure, let’s just stop talking about it.” He also said: “So far we have not come even close to truly eradicating it in anyone, and I think we should just stop talking about it,” quoted from: Janine Roberts book: “Fear of the Invisible”; p. 203.

South 4

Aids doesn’t discriminate. A victim of medical crime.

Zidovudine or Azidothymidine a pharmaceutical agent for profit

High court advocate Mr. Anthony Brink

While dealing with anti-retrovirals we will concentrate on the most infamous anti-retroviral drug called Azidothymidine AZT, which is also known under its more technical name Zidovudine. It was first commercially sold under the name Retrovir. In our discussion about AZT we like to refer here to the excellent work of South African former high court advocate, Mr. Anthony Brink, who has published extensively about AZT.

Three of his AZT books, Debating AZT, Introducing AZT and poisoning our children: AZT in pregnancy can be downloaded for free from his website. After reading Brink’s first book, South African President Thabo Mbeki ordered an enquiry into the safety of this AIDS drug in October 1999. Anthony Brink is also founder of the South African Treatment Information Group TIG, in opposition to the Treatment Action Campaign TAC, which was founded by Mr. Zackie Achmat in order to promote retroviral treatment with AZT.

Brink, through providing the former South African president ThaboMbeki and his health minister Doctor. Tshabalala Msimang with his expert knowledge on AZT, had convinced Mbeki of the dangers of this highly poisonous substance. This aroused considerable controversy in South-Africa over the past decade and although anti-retrovirals have been made available in South Africa after legal pressure brought to bear by the TAC, the debate about the utility and the toxicity of anti-retroviral drugs are still going on in South Africa; see also Brinks affidavit against TAC in a 2006 lawsuit (http://j.mp/fX7Hue).

Thabo Mbeki called a lunatic by the producers of AZT

In 1998, Thabo Mbeki criticized the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for concluding that ANC members had carried out widespread torture and killed opponents, not unlike their white oppressors. Aids has hit Africa the hardest of any continent and a woman called Gugu Dlamini, one of the first South Africans to announce that she was HIV-positive, was promptly stoned to death in 1998. Mandela ignored the Aids crisis but Mbeki doesn’t.

South 1

In 1999 he refused to allow distribution of AZT, a drug that not cure but inhibits HIV, especially to pregnant women and other South Africans suffering from Aids. Instead, he publicly embraced the scientifically dissident position that HIV doesn’t cause Aids. The drug itself, Mbeki claimed, actually causes Aids and that’s why they called him a lunatic.

This phenomenon Professor Johan van Dongen noticed in his own under cover laboratory experiments. He found out that it shortens rather than extends patients’ lives. South Africa has finally instituted a comprehensive plan to combat HIV and Aids, but Mbeki only let the plan proceed as his 2004 re-election campaign got underway. Because of these findings it is obvious that especially African natives are used as pill machines for the profit of the pharmaceutical industry.

Johan has proved in his books and scientific articles that Thabo Mbeki has a proof, which enabled him to state that: “Black people have been made susceptible for diseases by the application of genetic engineering programs for linking diseases into specific genes.”

Thabo Mbeki was indeed well informed about the fact that Aids is not just created out of nothing. It would be really underestimating witnesses if they portray him as someone who is not right in his mind, because he thinks that Aids is caused by white conspiracy, or he thinks certain medicines against Aids just causes Aids. Even if something like that exists, it is quite easy to detect by medical annals, when the major western medicine men in that sinister game come together to discuss about the results of their criminal actions. Therefore, the only lunatics involved in this discussion are criminal governments, the pharmaceutical industry, journalists and media who don’t have the guts to inform common Africans properly.

Discovery of AZT

AZT was discovered in 1961 by Professor Richard Beltz as a possible chemotherapeutic agent against cancer. It turned out so poisonous and detrimental for the cells in its working that is was rejected as too dangerous for the purpose. It produced wholesale cell death of every type, particularly the rapidly dividing cells of the immune system and those lining our guts, according to Brink’s first book.

AZT abandoned

Why then, after abandoning its use in the sixties, AZT was ‘revived’ in the eighties as a drug against HIV we may question? How did it happen that it is now prescribed against HIV, along with other anti-retroviral drugs to delay ’inevitable’ deaths? Brink sees the start for the search for a substance like AZT in a statement Dr. Robert Gallo made in 1984 that his HLTV-virus was the probable cause of Aids. This must have caused an increased speed to find a profitable pharmaceutical weapon against it.

South 5

Everyone wants the world to be a better place, but many don’t want to change, because of greed and power. It’s a shame.

Peter Duesberg

A three- month first safety trial was then organized by the U.S. health authorities. This safety trial turned out to result in a scientific flop when those people being in the control group in their state of desperation were so eager to receive the drugs as well, that a proper placebo controlled study could not take place. This fact thereby took away any proper science basis to the subsequent release of the drug for use. Brink concludes in his first book that also in relation to subsequent trials, it would not be extravagant to call the producers of AZT fraudulent.

The great toxicity of the drug was proved when, within two years, one third of the AZT-patients in this trial were dead; see full account of this trial in Peter Duesberg’s “Inventing the AIDS-virus”, pp. 314-324. Of course, the dose of AZT which is given these days has been strongly cut to prevent the initial disaster, but this can’t take away the impression that the whole AZT undertaking was from the beginning a very unlucky and dangerous undertaking; see for toxicity of AZT the warnings on the label of the bottle.