Jesus Christ The Superstar: Questions To Ask If I Meet Him

Bible 4

One of the greatest Biblical men ever to step on this planet 2000 years ago was Jesus Christ. From the town of Nazareth in what is now called Israel, Jesus traveled about the region and gained a large followers.

His powers and claims to be the son of God didn’t only give him love, but hatred from an empire of deceitful enemies. After a few years, the religious leaders in Jerusalem falsely accused him of crimes and handed him over to the Roman authorities and he was executed.

His execution didn’t bring to the end of his doctrine. A short time later, his followers preached in the name of Jesus Christ, whom they said rose from the dead. More and more followers were added to this movement which has become the Christian church of today.

Jesus healed the sick, lame, the blind and cast away demons tormenting mankind. He thought about how to love, to give and to forgive, but like many of his followers, I don’t understand some of his teachings.

Jesus said “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.” Luke 6: 28-29.

I understand Jesus wants peace and love among people. It’s, therefore, necessary to pray for our enemies and those that mistreat us. But how can the great teacher tell us to do these things when people continue to abuse and mistreat other people, taking their humbleness and submissiveness as weaknesses to dominate mankind?

Above all, the great teacher said: “Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also.” What about if I collapse and never regain consciousness after giving him the other cheek? I love Jesus with all my heart. He knows it, but I am not going to give the other cheek to anyone who slaps me. I need to slap back in return before he kills me.

Christians all over the world believe in the second coming of Christ. Nobody knows when he is coming. He said, “For you, yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night.” Whether dead or alive when he comes, I believe I will meet him to explain these teachings I find them hard to follow or obey.

The Fear Of Death Hunting Homosexuals In Africa

Is homosexuality a sickness or disease that can be cured?

Homosexuality is not part of the African culture but they are now listening to external voice: First traditional Gay marriage in South Africa.

Homosexuality, men having sexual intercourse, is an abominable act in many parts of Africa. Africa, a continent of different tribes and clans, doesn’t approve many things that they considered a taboo. Thus; someone caught in a homosexual act, instantly faces severe punishment, beatings and lynchings, many times leading to death.
                             Since homosexuality is a crime in African countries that don’t permit, those involved in such acts, hide it from the sight of the public, but homosexuality movements in Europe and America today, fighting for  recognition have inspired or encouraged African homosexuals to make their voice heard.
                            Thus, the social vice which is less popular in Africa, is now becoming famous in many African countries, turning the countries into an unnerving place to live in, because church leaders and many organisations against this practice, wouldn’t like to embrace this type of culture, they called it ‘Evil’ to add to their own culture.
                          At times, I do ask myself time and time, do Europeans or Americans think Africa will readily accept whatever they are interested? Africa has nothing to do with Christianity before the white missionaries ever went there. They thought Africans to follow the Bible or the gospel. Well, later the truth was discovered. The reason wasn’t to let Africans know about Christianity but to loot.
                       Fortunately, many parts of Africa derived interest in the Bible and studied it thoroughly, therefore living by its teachings. An African Christian, explaining his point, to defend his hate against homosexuality, would take one deep step into the Bible. Two of such scriptures confirming that homosexuality is an evil act can be read at  1st Timothy: Chapter 10 and 1st Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 9.
                      The question is: Why are Europeans and other Gay Rights Organisations, now fighting for the practice of homosexuality to be recognized in Africa, when they had already been there with the Holy Bible, a book telling Africans how evil the practice of homosexuality is?” The teachings of the Holy Bible can’t be reversed, so I am afraid to say that Africa can never change its mind or opinion on the negative aspects of homosexuality.
                       Africa is already overwhelmed by many diseases, such as AIDS, Ebola, malaria and others. It’s, therefore, make sense when they don’t want that practice. Europeans, Advanced Countries, and some Civil Right Organisations are the first people that voices are heard, whenever there is any bad situation in Africa, but whenever there is an epidemic, the respond to contain the situation never comes or very slow.
                      Aids have taken thousands of Africans to their untimely grave, since the early eighties, but there some rich people that had Aided in that period in America, who are still living. Many believed after Africa’s survival of Aids, Ebola, and other deadly diseases, America and Europe are destined to ruin the continent with homosexuality, just to continue to kill Africans, when any epidemic erupts.
                     Africa has learned a lot from their misfortunes, that is the reason it is fighting against homosexuality today. Unfortunately, the path Uganda has taken to deal with this issue is totally out of course. The proposal for the death penalty for homosexuals is sheer madness. Violence against homosexuals is not an option or solution.
                    According to many homosexuals, they were born with it. Who feels it, knows it. Do men bear to love men? That’s really a hard concept to accept. The more I think about this issue, the more I get confused. African leaders must find a way to deal with the rise of homosexuality in Africa because death is not an option to eradicate or stop homosexuality in Africa.
The next article: Is it right for homosexuals to adopt children?

How Bible Education Promotes Literacy


The Bible is the best read book in the world. Its powerful teachings have transformed people to live a peaceful, healthy and happy life.

“Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and means for social and human development.”- UNESCO

According to an investigation, worldwide over 700 million people aged between 15 and above cannot read or write. Due to this problem, they are unable to explore a vast world of knowledge, including the fine moral and spiritual teachings written in the Bible. There are many organisations helping countries, especially in the Third World to cultivate the habit of reading to improve their standard of education, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses incorporate literacy training into their program of Bible education is gradually changing lives in many countries.

In Mexico predominantly Spanish-speaking country, since the year 1946, the Witnesses have taught more than 152,000 people to read and write, and many students later becoming teachers themselves. The government of the countries which the Witnesses have made significant impact to improve the reading standard of the people, has letters to the Witnesses in recognition of their work. One of the letters states: “This General Board of Education acknowledges and congratulates you for your cooperation in the development of the Adult Education Program.”

Throughout Africa, intensive teachings of the words of Jehovah in the Holy Bible, have helped thousands to read and write. Aside, it has also helped many young people to lead meaningful lives. Literacy is indeed a precious asset that opens up a world of learning. But above all literacy enables people of all sorts to read the Bible, a divinely inspired book that can set them free from enslaving superstitions, false religious beliefs and hurtful behaviour.

From Thug to Scholar: An Odyssey To Unmask My True Potential

This is a journey through my life where being intelligent and following the didactic spiritual teachings of my parents got me laughed at and teased until I adopted and embraced a thug mentality. I became a prisoner of my mind by seeking to please and to gain acceptance from others.


Chasing a masked lifestyle that was opposed to my God-given potential, I was no different from the millions of people who chase materialistic things, lifestyles, and religions to please their parents, friends, or partners. Most of these people wake up unhappy, unfulfilled, and unable to identify the person reflecting back in their bathroom mirror.

I was that person for many years, but I transformed and this book will inspire you to transform and unmask your true potential. Life lessons and fascinating journeys will be shared to demonstrate how I unmasked and went from a thug to a scholar.

The Author

Thug 2

Dr. James Arthur Williams is an assistant professor in the College of Business at James Madison University. Dr. Williams is a published scholar. He graduated from Park University (BS in Management/CIS), CMU (MS in administration), UOP (DM in Organizational Leadership), and ISU (PhD in Hospitality Management), and played collegiate and professional arena football.

“At the age of 13, I was selling crack and lost my virginity,” Williams said. “By the time I was 17, I had two children.”  Williams said he broke his parents’ hearts and it bothered him that they cried, but not enough to change him at that point.

Williams said that it is important, no matter who you are, to take the mask off and be yourself.
“Thugs are not the only people who wear masks to please others,” Williams said. “There are people who are working professionally and are so unhappy. They live in misery, but they wear that mask.”

Williams said it is a freeing experience to take off the mask and be yourself.  “You have got to give yourself permission to be happy — and that means knowing who you are and what makes you happy,” Williams said.

The military gave Williams a chance to find out who he was, he said.  “I said I don’t care who they are, if they can teach me to be a better person, I wanted it,” Williams said. “I wanted to be the best James Williams I could be. But you know the military isn’t the only option.”

Williams said there is one question to ask yourself.  “Are you doing whatever you are doing because you considered this to be the only way you can survive?” Williams asked. “If you are, then you aren’t walking in your God-given potential.”

Williams asks what is the worse that could happen?  “Death is going to happen, so what are you afraid of,” Williams asks. Williams said it isn’t an easy task, but the work is worth it. He would have the same advice for a person who is in prison. Work hard to change your circumstances. Help is there if you are determined to change your life.

“As I was writing my book, I realized God was there all along to help me,” Williams said.
Williams is married now to LaToya. They have two children, Jay, who is 11 years old, and Jocelyn, who is 5.  He has two older daughters, Jasbriana, who is 16, and Tia, 18.

Williams said he is an active father and works to show his children that he will be there for them.  He will have a book signing today at Olive Chapel Baptist Church in Elm City from noon until 2 p.m.  There will be refreshments and people can ask Williams questions.