Today is one month from Save The Frogs Day! This year Save The Frogs Day will be held on April 30th and already we have 50 events registered and taking place in 13 countries: Bangladesh, Estonia, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, United Kingdom and the United States!

As we get closer to Save The Frogs Day, I have exciting news to share with you as well as some important information for event holders. With the support of our wonderful donors and The Pollination Project, SAVE THE FROGS! is pleased to announce that we were able to distribute $1,250 in grants to help fund Save The Frogs Day events in four countries. Congratulations to this year’s Save The Frogs Day Award winners:

* Q.M. Monzur Chowdhury – Sylhet, Bangladesh: $250
* Kristiina Kübarsepp – Elva, Estonia: $250
* Biraj Shrestha – Kathmandu, Nepal: $250
* Rajesh Jha – Kathmandu, Nepal: $250
* Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi – Kumasi, Ghana: $250

These frog savers have proven their abilities and dedication in the past, and these awards will ensure their 2016 Save The Frogs Day events are huge successes. Congratulations again to the recipients, and thanks again to all of our donors. I know we all look forward to seeing photos from their upcoming events!

For more information about Save The Frogs Day, please visit:www.savethefrogs.com/day

Multinational Corporations And Corrupt African Leadership

Corruption 6When a government in Africa is corrupt, there are also some MNCs and their shareholders who stand behind this government and push it to become more corrupt. Whenever a government becomes autocratic denying its citizens freedoms and rights, there are MNCs behind providing weapons to exact violence against its people.

Whenever there is a corrupt politician in Africa stealing money meant for schools, hospitals, roads, and delivery of safe water and sanitation you have a big MNC bank assisting in the transfer of the money to safe haven destinations.

This cosy relationship between the political and business elite in Africa and MNCs in Europe and North America does not only affect governance but it is one of the main reasons why economic underachievement, poverty, hunger and instability permeate almost all African countries.

The parasites who parade themselves  as leaders of the continent have for over the years colluded and connived with MNC vampires who since the days of slavery have been the main instrument used by western countries to strip Africa of its rich resources and to keep its inhabitants desperately poor.

Global Witness has produced documents that have implicated American, Belgian, British, French, German, Japanese and Chinese firms and business entities. The dirty tactics employed by western governments, the MNCs, World Bank, IMF, WTO are responsible for the demise of the African continent. Western countries led by the US, Britain, France and lately by China, continue to sell weapons to horrible dictators to crash democratic forces throughout the continent.

They continued to finance brutal wars  in Africa ( Libya, Somalia, Ivory Coast, DRC) with the aim of keeping Africa destabilized while their corporations steal the natural resources such as  oil, gas, gold and other precious metals complicit with western media.

In a similar vein Global Financial Integrity has demonstrated how western MNCs working in Africa used fraud accounting, tax evasion and other financial malpractices to cheat Africans of the billions of dollars that could be used to develop the continent. IMF and World Bank on their part are in cahoots with MNCs and western creditors to sell their toxic economic policies and poisonous, heavily laden conditional loans to African countries that keep them in odious debts that they spend so much of their GDP in servicing them to the neglect of the human security needs of their people.

Switzerland, hiding behind her discredited illegal financial and banking secrecy laws and infrastructure, continues to play host to more tan $150 billion that is siphoned off from the continent annually by the political and business leaders.

Read more: http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?aid=57161&dir=2016/january/22

African Politics Is Like A Man Answering Nature’s Call Without Toilet Paper

MerkelGerman’s Angela Merkel and Ghana’s Nana Akofo-Addo: Do African politicians know how European and American politicians underestimate them?

Have you ever been to the toilet and after easing yourself you found out that you have no toilet paper in the roll set? The lost hope, uncertainty, and hopelessness, not knowing exactly what to do, is exactly the situation of Africans under corrupt and greedy politicians in Africa.

My heart aches when I see Africans queuing in those hot temperatures to cast their votes for corrupt, greedy and useless politicians. For a very long time, Africa has been a caricature, a puppet and a laughing stock in the eyes of Europeans. You will know the disrespect Europeans and Americans give to Africa when you live in Europe, you will never know that when you live in Africa.

Africans are considered sub-human beings or the least important people on this planet. The reason  Europeans invaded the continent. After decades of slavery, suffering, and colonization, African leaders are still considered stupid by Europe and America, because they still repeat the same mistakes they did.

How many countries make Africa? If out of all the head of states in Africa, only South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki; Nelson Mandela and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, are the only presidents to tell Europe and America that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against Africa, what are the rest of African head of states doing or saying?

There is no continent which has suffered more than Africa, yet African leaders don’t take the suffering masses into consideration to improve the standard of living because all that they are interested is to steal from the government coffers to Switzerland.

Let’s assume Africans can’t read, so we don’t know that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes, but help has come close to us when a European scientist, Johan Van Dongen, after four decades of research revealed the diseases weren’ natural. They were manufactured in the laboratory for bio-warfare purpose and tested on Africans, yet African leaders still haven’t reacted. Is that stupidity or intelligence.

Professor Johan Van Dongen could have remained silence like other scientists, after discovering that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes against Africa, but because of the love he has for the continent, he published his findings, which cost him dearly. He lost his job as a university lecturer because the government(Holland) was angry with him. How would the world view African leaders? Stupid or intelligent?

African leaders attend conferences and seminars overseas. They feel so fortunate and happy to take pictures with advanced countries leaders, but they don’t feel that way. They feel they are standing with morons, incompetent and corrupt politicians, that years after colonization can’t help fellow Africans or develop their countries.

In Ghana, there is a proverb which says, “If one washes his hands well, he will end up eating with the king on the same dining table.” If African leaders want to be respected by the outside world, they should show a little intelligence and patriotism, because they have disappointed Africans for too long.

A Throne In Brussels: Britain, The Saxe-Coburgs And The Belgianisation Of Europe

Brussels 2

Paul Belien argues that the pan-European super-state currently in the making will resemble a ‘Greater Belgium’ rather than a ‘Greater Switzerland’, since Europe will also be an artificial construct.

Belgium has infected EU political attitudes and acts as a model for the EU — a failed attempt to’construct a nation’ out of different peoples with separate languages and traditions.

To learn what the EU as a single state might be like, take up this highly readable mix of history, analysis and warning. You’ll never feel the same about Belgium or Europe again.

The Author


Paul Belien (1959) has a Law degree (specialisations in Social Security Law and European Law) and a doctorate in International Studies. He worked as a professional journalist in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Paul Belien is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and of the Property and Freedom Society.

He is an Adjunct Fellow of the Hudson Institute.  Paul Belien was one of the nine “founding fathers” of the Flemish liberal party VLD in 1991-1992, but he did not join this party when it became obvious that its leader, Guy Verhofstadt, was steering it into a leftist and neutralist, rather than a hayekian/libertarian and Atlanticist direction. Paul Belien is married to Irish-born Dr. Alexandra Colen, a former lecturer in linguistics at the universities of Ghent and Antwerp, and an MP for the Flemish-secessionist party Vlaams Bloksince 1995.

Paul Belien is the author of numerous articles, essays and books, including, most recently, A Throne in Brussels. He is the co-author – together with Lady Thatcher, Lord Tebbit, Philippe Seguin and others – Visions of Europe(Duckworth, 1994) and – with Harvard Business School’s Prof. Regina Herzlinger – Consumer-Driven Health Care (Jossey-Bass, 2004). He has given lectures on European health care systems in various countries, including the U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia.


Internet Frauds: An Attempt To Steal In The Name Of God.


Internet fraudsters will do everything for people they target to believe them. It’s unfortunate that some of the letters with the intention to defraud, are written in the name of God, hoping people would be moved or touched with compassion to respond. Below is example of a scam letter with intention to defraud or enter into your financial account. 

Dear Child of God

Calvary Greetings in the name of the LORD

I am Mrs Caroline Dominic from switzerland I am married to Late Mr.Joseph Dominic who is a wealthy business man here in Ivory Coast we were married for many years with out a child before he died after a brief illness

Before his sudden death we where devoted christian When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of Three Million US Dollars ($ in one of the prime bank here in Ivory Coast Presently this money is still with the Bank,

I am very sick from Kidney cancer that i may not last till the next two months according to my doctor so now i decided to donate this money to a honest individual who will use it to work for God, orphans, widow and maintenance of church to fulfill the vow I and my late husband made to God, and I have chosen you after praying.

I want this money to be use as  have said since I do not have any child to inherit it and our relatives are all unbelievers and i don’t want our hard earn money to be used in ungodly way so you will take 15% of the fund for your effort and use the remaining as i stated,
as soon as i read from you i will give you more details on how to achieve it,

I need your urgent reply as I don’t know what tomorrow will result,

Your Sister In The Lord
Mrs Caroline Dominic

Aids And Ebola: Why So Much Military Personnel Involved In The Fight Against The Diseases In Africa?

The Ebola scandal

Instead of sending medical staff to Ebola-struck countries, Obama sent the military force, raising a lot of suspicions that Ebola is indeed a medical crime

By Johan van Dongen and Joel Savage

Following the first article, ‘Message to all African leaders,’ over Aids and Ebola as medical against Africans, which was published in www.newstimeafrica.com, Reverend P.A. Wilson made a comment over the article on December 16, 2014. Below is his comment.

“This is gross wickedness to humanity. What have Africans done to deserved this? The eyes of The Lord moves to and fro throughout the whole earth , to make himself strong to those whose heart are perfect towards Him. My prayer is “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.” May The good Lord who gives life to humanity (Africans) take vengeance and bring the West to exposure and bring them to justice for He (GOD) vengeance is mine I will repay. To you all writers to expose such malicious and wicked device of those haters of Africans, God will guide and guard you all in standing for truth. God bless you.”


Open letter to reverend Wilson

Honourable Reverend Wilson we will like to thank you for the inspirational words of God , which have encouraged us to continue with our efforts to bring those who are responsible for these medical and other crimes committed in Africa to justice.

You may have noticed that few weeks after your statement, we have published an indictment about these committed crimes onto the websites of Sprout-Africa and the blog of Joel Savage in order to activate African lawyers to pick up our discussion published onto websites and within our book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind.”

We are not mere revealing the truth about the origin of these diseases without facts, the truth is guided by 25.000 scientific papers, published in the most important scientific journals. The truth can be read in scientists and medical journals like the Lancet and Immunology do also.

Military 4

US military personnel in Africa to fight against Ebola.

Together with our findings, we will use these publications as a reference for bringing governments, pharmaceutical plants, investment groups and specific persons to the International court of Justice in The Hague, the Netherlands.

As we said, Reverend Wilson, they are probably continuing their crimes because of what we have written below, in our publications, onto the social media, in our indictment and within our books.  If you want to look for yourself, how they act, the only thing you have to do is to follow the way the respective establishments discuss their application of experimental Ebola and Aids vaccines and their dangerous medicines to cope with these criminal diseases.

The World Health Organization WHO

When you read our book “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind” on this very website “Spout-Africa”, our “indictment” and second message to all African leaders, you will notice again the appearance of all those institutes and pharmaceutical plants who collaborated to vaccinate millions with experimental vaccines in Africa.

It gives us goosebumps and the feeling as we turned back to the period during the “First, Second and Cold War” when pharmaceutical plants were raised in Germany and after the wars committed those crimes in the jungles of Central Africa.

WHO and non-approved vaccines and Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny

Immediately after a World Health Organization panel was installed they advised that it was ethical to use experimental, non-approved drugs to combat the ongoing Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. There was unanimous agreement among the experts that in the special circumstances of this Ebola outbreak, “it is ethical,” said Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General of the United Nations Health Agency.

“This is typically a disease of poor people in poor countries where there is no market,” Kieny said. “If it hadn’t been for the investment of a few governments in the development of a vaccine, we would have been nowhere.”

Have you heard something like that before? Is it really ethical to use unregistered interventions that have shown promising results in the laboratory and in animal models? What is the consequence of unknown adverse effects in humans for possible treatment of people who are infected? Did they know of the scrupulous actions of Hillary Koprowski?

Have they read our book “Aids and Ebola the greatest crimes in medical history against mankind published on Amazon.com? Although for some vaccines it looks like they are working in the short term, but what about the long term effects and exposure to such experimental Ebola vaccines and what about these previous symptoms of volunteers?

Of course, the use of unregistered vaccines could cause some problems, they say, taking poor African people into consideration. Why is it necessary to talk about this? Doesn’t poor African know how important these criminal medical experiments are for stakeholders of the pharmaceutical industry as discussed in our indictment?

A Tulane professor working at the Emerging Infections Department of Naval Medical Research Unit 6

Why is it that so much western military personnel are involved in the fight against Ebola? Many countries such as Cuba, China and several other countries send healthcare workers, doctors and technical personnel but the United States of America and the United Kingdom respectively sent 7000 and 3000 troops. What are they doing there exactly?

Why is the U.S. Department of Emerging Infections of Naval Medical Research Unit 6 involved with experimental vaccines again? But if you have read the indictment article, then you will notice why again the appearance of all those institutes and pharmaceutical plants wants to vaccinate millions with experimental vaccines.

Ebola vaccines trials

Due to the recent Ebola virus outbreak in 2014, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that initial treatment testing of  investigational vaccines to prevent Ebola virus disease will begin early 2015 in Africa.

This phase 1 clinical trial will help investigators at the NIH and Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) determine the safety and efficacy of a new vaccine against Ebola. In another major trial, a vaccine has been carried out within the fall of 2014; this vaccine is being developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and NewLink Genetics Corp. In addition, the NIH has partnered with the British consortium to test the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/GSK vaccine in the United Kingdom and in the West African countries of Gambia and Mali. Again in Africa onto ignorant people with a different genetic pattern!

Therefore we would like to warn all African leaders to take notice for what has happened in the past and what we have described in our books, social media, and websites!!!

It is said by many scientists that these vaccines do not contain live Ebola viruses, only antigens or parts of the virus that can stimulate a protective immune response. The vaccines can’t cause Ebola infections, they say, but if so, then why are antigens against Ebola were found in Africans after smallpox and polio vaccinations?

The pharmaceutical industry considers and accesses the ethical implications for clinical decision-making of use of unregistered interventions that it have shown promising results in the laboratory and in animal models but that have not yet been evaluated for safety and efficacy in humans. But African Leaders, laboratory circumstances and animal models and primates are not African natives but ‘Human Rats’…!!!…

Daniel Bausch a Tulane professor

Daniel Bausch at the end of 2014 stated: “If it’s easier to do the trial, by using an active control rather than a placebo, then fine, do the trial that way,” Smith says. “But to believe one is more ethical than the other is not the issue.” He stressed that the main benefit of joining a vaccine trial, especially in resource-strained countries like these, is that people who do develop the disease “are generally looked after better than people not in trials.”

This is, therefore, a message to all African leaders in West Africa, especially Gambia and Mali, because there they come again to do what they know best,to infest. The pharmaceutical industry always will act the way as they did in the past because of the fact that they couldn’t compare the laboratory outcome of experimental vaccines with human beings. Especially Africans and who will stop them?

African leaders and governments are too much dependant of the Western Countries, China, Russia, and Japan. Therefore experimental vaccines will be given to ignorant Africans as they did in the past with dramatic consequences such as Aids, Ebola, Burkitt’s Lymphoma and many other brand new diseases!

There have been some significant developments in both vaccines and treatments for Ebola and its sister virus, Marburg virus scientists say. What about this last mentioned virus? The Marburg virus is a virus which has been made in biochemical warfare laboratories in Reston, Marburg, Frankfurt, Belgrade and Russian laboratories in the fifties and sixties as we have described in our book.

We hope all African leaders will listen to us because Bausch most suddenly will not! Why not? Because of the fact that he stated: “That the obstacle to developing an Ebola vaccine isn’t the science; researchers have actually made really great strides in figuring out how to fight back against Ebola and the Marburg virus. We now have a couple of different vaccine platforms that have shown to be protective with non-human primates,” Bausch says. As a naval officer, he received awards for his work containing disease outbreaks in Uganda. He is currently stationed in Lima, Peru, as the director of the military: “Emerging Infections Department of Naval Medical Research Unit 6.


There are concerns, for example, about Ebola being used as bioterrorism, and that drives a lot of the funding for this. The U.S. Department of Defense might be interested in a vaccine if they thought the disease could be used as a weapon.

They think there could be a case for limited widespread use if that doesn’t sound too contradictory.

Bausch: “I wouldn’t anticipate it would be cost-effective or really practical to take the approach of widespread vaccination. It would work more like how we currently handle Yellow Fever: when you have an outbreak, you go in and really rapidly vaccinate the 100,000 or so people who are in the area that is at risk. I would see it more like that, but with an Ebola vaccine. We would go in right away and say, the next day, we have 100,000 doses with our teams and start protecting people.

So far it’s been more tossed around but not really acted on yet. There is one exception, but it wasn’t an outbreak. There was a needle-stick injury in a lab, and that person was able to get a post-exposure Ebola vaccine. The person didn’t get sick, but we don’t know if the vaccine was what protected him. We can’t even be sure the accident infected him. The only conclusion we can make is that, with this sample size of one, is that person did not have severe side effects from taking it.”

To investigative, journalist Joel Savage and scientist Johan van Dongen seem something between ‘shotgun’ experiments in African countries and walking on the edge of a volcano, as they did in the past as described in “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind.”

Reverend Wilson? Are you there?

Friday, December 12, 2014

The clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine has faced a problem in Switzerland

Some white volunteer patients have complained of joint pains in their hands and feet after a clinical trial in Switzerland at the University of Geneva Hospital, said on Thursday in a statement that: “scientists decided to stop the trial one week early in all 59 volunteers as a measure of precaution.”

But why are they continuing their trials in Africa then??!!**

It is noted that four volunteers complained of the side-effects of the vaccine, which is developed by pharmaceutical company NewLink and recently bought by Merck.

Doctors and Scientists of the Geneva Hospital stated: “They are all fine and being monitored regularly by the medical team leading the study.”

The hospital said also that it would resume human safety trials on January 5, 2015, with the participation of 15 volunteers after checks take place to ensure the joint pain symptoms were “benign and temporary.”

Spread of Ebola

Ebola spreads through contact with infected bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, sperm and sweat. It has killed around two-thirds of those it has infected over the last four decades. At this very moment, the virus has killed more than 7.500 people in West Africa, most of them in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. This figures were raised by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control CDC and the WHO, but are these figures accurate? We don’t believe the figure is real because Ebola victims are rotting in the streets mounted up in remote areas and hide in slums of big cities.

The epidemic has slowed down in Liberia and Guinea the authorities say, but: “Transmission still continues across large parts of Sierra Leone,” the World Health Organization, the United Nations Public Health Body, have also stated that.

Military 5

American soldiers destined to Africa to fight Ebola.

Scientific Statements

Knoxville lab to test potential Ebola vaccine

Merck told  NBC News the volunteers with symptoms similar to rubella are okay, adding this is a measure of caution.

In the study in Switzerland, it was more than 10 times the dose that would be our highest dose of our study here, Dr. Smith added.

Dr. Smith said there are no signs of any problems with testing or volunteers on the same vaccine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C.

The 70 local people who qualified for the test were told to wait a few weeks. The study here at home is to see if smaller doses of the vaccination would still fight off Ebola in larger quantities.

I’m sure that with the change in schedule, some people will be unable to participate or lose interest, Dr. Smith said.

He expects to test in Knoxville to begin in January 2015