Reflections Of Black History In Images: The Crime Of Holland And Britain In Apartheid South Africa (Part 1)

Their aim is to maintain white supremacy, by force and so they embarked on the Apartheid system of government. Blacks in their own country excluded from everything including, post office, buses, and even the toilet. The oppressive rule killed many students and leaders, including Steve Biko. Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners survived on the notorious Robben Island Prison.

Apartheid 3

Apartheid police opened fire on defenseless protesters.

Apartheid 1

Dutch Apartheid police beating up demonstrators.

Apartheid 5

Apartheid 4

They are running for their dear lives: Brutality of Apartheid.

The Dutch began to colonize South Africa in the 17th century and pushed aside the native population to consolidate power in the hands of whites. Native South Africans were forcibly relocated to isolated, poverty-stricken areas, made to obtain permission to travel, blocked from voting and participation in government, not allowed to marry whites, and were largely barred from owning land.

Today, Holland has set International Court of Justice in The Hague, for those who commit an atrocity in Africa to face justice, but where are the leaders of Apartheid today, when they are hunting Nazi leaders? Hypocrites.

Aparthied 6

Picture of shame: An innocent black boy escapes the wrath of Apartheid White killer.