Are Snails Hermaphrodites?

Snails are rich delicacies

Snails are considered as hermaphrodites , having both male and female reproductive organs

Many creatures are extinct or facing the threat of extinction due to natural disasters, climatic change etc, but for ages why  snails have survived throughout the centuries?

One of the National Geography documentaries I watched recently reveals the different way snails reproduce. They are hermaphrodites, meaning that they have both male and female reproductive organs.

Snails will mate with each other for about twelve hours and both will fertilize the eggs in the other. When the eggs are fertilized, they go through the process of maturity until the eggs are delivered.

According to sources, a snail could lay about hundred eggs. Despite the strange reproduction process and its slow nature, the snail appears to be one of the favourite delicacies consumed around the world, including Africa and Asia.