Interesting Facts About How Guinea Worm Disease Is Disappearing In Africa


Guinea worm disease (GWD), is an infection caused by the parasite Dracunculus medinensis.


Guinea worm is going down. Way down.

From more than 3 million cases of Guinea worm disease a year in the 1980’s, the world tally in 2016 stands at just two confirmed cases.

Both are in Chad and are believed to have been contained before they had a chance to spread. (There are also two suspected cases, one in Chad and one in Ethiopia.)

If Guinea worm is pushed into extinction, then Guinea worm disease would be just the second human disease to be eradicated after smallpox.

It’s not a fatal condition but it’s pretty horrible. There’s a good reason the Guinea worm’s nickname is “fiery serpent.”

Guinea worm larvae live in fresh water. When people drink from contaminated ponds and other bodies of stagnant water, they can become infected with the parasite.

The larvae turn into worms that can grow to be up to 3 feet long. After about a year, the worm creates a blister, typically on the legs or feet, for its slow and painful exit.

When the worm first erupts, the person suffers a burning sensation and often seeks comfort by submerging the wound in a lake or a stream. The worm takes this opportunity to release a cloud of tens of thousands of larvae into the water. Other people end up drinking that larvae-laden water, which starts the cycle all over again.

There’s no medication to kill the worms. The only treatment is to slowly pull or cut the worm out of the infected person’s body.

Ringo Naah Sulley, the district director of Asante Akim South District Health Services, worked on Guinea worm eradication campaigns in Ghana in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He recalls how people used to extract the worms in his home village in Ghana.

“They have to put a knife in the fire until it’s red hot,” he says.

“Then they would incise it [the blister]. Usually, the pus would open and the Guinea worm emerged. Sometimes the Guinea worm is even cut into pieces.”

The other common extraction method was to twist the worm around a small stick to slowly reel it out.

“It wasn’t just a minor parasite. It was serious,” Sulley says. “In one person about three or four worms could appear on any part of the body. You have to extract one after the other until you get all the parasites out.”

Often the wounds from incising the blisters or yanking out the worms became infected.

Sulley is now with the health department in the Asante Akim South District in central Ghana. He says back in the 1990s in some remote villages, half the residents had Guinea worm. One of the reasons it spread so quickly is that people didn’t realize how the worm spread.

David Agyemang, who is the now program manager for Sightsavers’ Ghana office, used to worked on Ghana’s national Guinea worm eradication program.

“Guinea worm has no cure,” he says. “So everything was about getting people to change their behavior. Getting people to do the right things.”

In the short term, that means stopping people who had a worm dangling from their foot or leg from entering bodies of water for that momentary relief.

The longer-term solution is to get people access to clean drinking water.

Agyemang says education was the key in the drive against Guinea worm in Ghana, which eliminated the disease in 2010.

In Ghana, as soon as people learned how the worms spread, most would stay out of the rivers and lakes, says Agyemang. Even if their leg felt like it was on fire.

But to completely stop the cycle of transmission, you can’t just rely on people doing the “right thing.”

Communities posted guards at watering holes and new laws were put into place.

“You are not supposed to a water source if you have Guinea worm,” Agyemang says. “People who did that were punished. So bylaws helped us a lot.” Public health officials stress that anti-Guinea worm measures should not be imposed by outsiders.

That’s the perspective from the Carter Center in Atlanta, which has been almost obsessively devoted to eliminating Guinea worm.

“The key thing is to engage the community,” says Donald Hopkins, who’s been working on the center’s eradication program for decades. “Because it would be a disaster for outsiders, and by that, I mean people from other countries, or even people from outside the community, to come in and demand that people do one thing or another.”

He adds that it’s crucial is to explain to the community that this parasite is coming from their drinking water and convince them that they have the power to stop it.

“And then let them figure out what to do,” he says.

In his view, having a local plan is critical. “It’s true that in some communities, the village elders got together and agreed that if anyone knowingly goes into a drinking water source with a Guinea worm coming out of their body, they will fine them a goat or something else as a way of punishment, but the important thing is that it must be the community that puts those sanctions in place.”

Hopkins notes that an eradication program like this based on getting people to change is far more complex than a one-shot vaccination campaign. Yet the Guinea worm strategy — including the use of punishments in some communities — has been working.

Prior to the global eradication effort, which began in earnest in the 1990s, Guinea worm was spread all across the mid-section of Africa, parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

Last year, in a nod to just how close the world is to being Guinea worm-free, former President Jimmy Carter declared, “I’d like the last Guinea worm to die before I do.”

The way things have been going, the 91-year-old might just get his wish.

What It’s Like To Live With Tuberculosis In The United States

Tuber 1

  • By Lauren Weber The Morning Email Editor, The Huffington Post

In August 2014, Kate O’Brien, a 34-year-old media producer from Brooklyn, found out she was expecting her second child.

She was ecstatic. But this pregnancy didn’t proceed like the first. For the next few months, O’Brien had a cold she couldn’t shake. She woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. She wanted to blame it on her pregnancy, yet she kept losing weight.

She could barely eat. She coughed up balls of bloody mucus. Her throat burned. None of her doctors could figure out what was wrong.

A physician sent her to Mount Sinai West Hospital in Manhattan in January 2015, when, at five months pregnant, she still couldn’t gain any weight.

“No one likes a skinny pregnant lady,” she said.

O’Brien expected to stay at the hospital overnight. She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her 2-year-old, Donny, but she figured she’d be home soon.

She didn’t walk out of the hospital for 75 days.

The doctors at Mount Sinai diagnosed O’Brien with infectious tuberculosis. After a few days in the intensive care unit, she was shifted to a negative-pressure isolation room, which helps contain the infected air. Signs announcing “WARNING: Infectious Disease” were affixed to the room’s airtight set of double doors. And all O’Brien could think about was what this meant for her unborn baby.

The federal policy that governs medical isolation and quarantine in the U.S. applies to just a handful of diseases. Most of them, such as cholera, smallpox and the plague, are vanishingly rare in the U.S. But tuberculosis is not. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 9,563 new cases of TB.

That same year, for the first time since 1992, the number of tuberculosis cases in the U.S. rose, according to the CDC. Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia reported more cases in 2015 than they did in 2014. The per-capita rate of tuberculosis cases has plateaued at three infections per 100,000 people.

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How Australia Committed Medical Crime Against Children

Medical crimes in Africa

Holland scientist and micro-surgeon issue a challenge to top world scientists to prove him wrong if Aids and Ebola aren’t bio-weapons

Professor Johan Van Dongen, stumbled upon a newspaper at the Erasmus’ University Library, revealing the medical crime Australia committed against children.

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

When Professor Johan Van Dongen, was a student and animal technician at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, he once visited the university’s library and out of the blue, stumbled upon a newspaper report over a medical crime committed against children in Australia. The shocking news revealed The Netherlands on child abuse, for human research in Australia in 1972. The crime involves “experiments with dubious vaccines.”

Back then, in 1972, Johan never thought he was about to start his first investigation into the real man-made origin of Aids and Ebola,  which he has already written and published in his book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind,” now available at

Experiments with dubious vaccines on innocent children

In Australia between 1940 and 1970, hundreds of orphaned children, including babies were used as guinea pigs, to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis, and herpes. This medical crime was later confirmed by David Vaux, an Australian expert on infections. In the largest experiment, 350 children, including young infants, aged between 3 and 36 months, were injected with doses intended for adults.

The idea was that the response would be of advantage or bring positive results, to carry on with the test. Such experiments, according to Vaux, weren’t secret. They discussed these experiments, just in medical journals and they fit within the then ethical standards. The Walter and Eliza Institute in Melbourne, where the tests were performed, revealed that the orphans after the ‘vaccination’ were plagued by a variety of diseases which nowadays can be compared with the fall out of Aids.

Many homes were run by the church and the management always worked along with the tests. Those tests most likely have continued even after 1970, according to the book entitled Kalikineros: “Every Second Child”, indicating that in 1974, a mysterious infant mortality among Aborigine children in Australia occurred. According to Doctor Archie Kalikerinos and his associate Glen Dettman, it is noticeable that in the early seventies increase in young infants deaths were recorded.

In some areas of the Northern Territory, there were 500 deaths per 1,000 babies. As a consequence of these findings, Kalikineros started an extensive investigation about the fact, why or what caused the high rate of death of children? His investigations showed that the children had died of an immunological toxic shock that was caused by the rapidly repeated vaccination of infants and babies including measles, polio or tuberculosis vaccinations.

In many cases, there was a fatal pneumonia which can be compared with pneumocistii carinii pneumonia PCP, a disease that  currently qualifies as an opportunistic infection in AIDS patients. “I could not believe my own eyes,” Kalikeneros said. This information affected him and he had mixed feelings about the work he was doing. Although he wasn’t highly educated like his superiors, yet he realized the medical establishment doesn’t seem how they looked like and never take the crime they were committing into consideration.

Johan, as a student, knew it was wrong to discuss this matter with his superiors because it was a legal experiment in those days and as an experimental micro-surgeon and animal  technician, he finds it difficult to speak to his superiors about it. Obviously genetically modified weapons have already been in development long before ordinary people became aware of them. Always information does not reach ordinary citizens because it is packed in scientific jargon in a way that people cannot do anything with it or understand what is going on.

Was it only Australia that the committed MEDICAL crime?

Still, in 2015, the fate of humanity lies in the hands of indiscriminate scientists, politicians, and soldiers, who take advantage of false statements that have caused a lot of problems in Africa. Everybody can say it is very stupid that African people believe that having unprotected sex with a virgin can cure Aids. But then these people also think that foreign countries who offer new medicines or offering a cure against Ebola or HIV are also easy to believe.

As long as people think that way and as long as there are employees of governments, police departments, military personnel and healthcare workers, who prefer money above the wellness of their fellow citizens, foreign countries can commit any crime with money, politics and military power.

As Johan had said before about Africa, we can see the real purpose of the so-called famous institutes telling ordinary people the need of testing vaccines.

Their money and criminal behavior are devil instruments to test anything they like on ordinary African people. So-called Aids and Ebola vaccine programs in order to find remedies against their own western devil like research brought not only diseases to Africa but also poverty, civil wars, and ethnic conflicts, instead of stopping or eradicating them.

Johan’s discovery that genetic engineering processes a certain strain of the Ebola virus, was made in the former Soviet Union, had such a tremendous impact on him. It forced him to link all these findings with the outbreaks before in laboratories throughout the world and specifically in Australia, in order to find the clue of the outbreaks in Africa.

This wasn’t an easy task because he had to deal with strict experimental transplantation programs, lots of autopsies and to study his work and also being available for all the normal proceedings, which were required for normal function within a university setting, such as to become a member of the University Council.

Above all he had to study topics in Immunology, Microsurgery, Biochemistry, Biology and several other disciplines one needs for discussion during university meetings and therefore he was obligated to go to the library where he took the advantage to continue his undercover investigation for revealing the truth about the origin of Aids and Ebola.

There it was again when he read what fathers can do to their children. General Arthur MacArthur, the father of the famous Douglas MacArthur of World War II, was ordered by the political, pharmaceutical and medical establishments, to inoculate the general population of the Philippines, with live smallpox vaccine and lots of other vaccines compared with Australian vaccines.

Not only in the Philippines but also in Australia, England, and France. These devil like actions killed more people than all other smallpox epidemics. Nowadays it is also known that in the 1950’s the U.S. military experimented on innocent Eskimos and Indians with radioactive drugs and experimental viruses and vaccines.

AIDS And EBOLA: Belgium’s Professor Van Der Groen Lied Over The Origin Of The Diseases

The Aids pandemic and Ebola epidemic have generated many controversies all over the world, since the outbreak couple of months ago, hitting Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, but only the happy few have access to any inside information about the Aids and Ebola research.


What many people don’t know, according to Professor Johan Van Dongen, is the viruses of Ebola were long created within bacteria factories, with dubious micro-organisms and given different names such as Reston virus, Belgrade virus, and Marburg virus. It was when the first outbreak of the virus which occurred near a small river in Africa called Ebola, gave the name of the disease as Ebola. “This is how scientists give names to their findings,” He added.


In Africa, there were varieties of wide experiments of dubious scientists, including a crook called Hillary Koprowski. Later there was a hunt to catch this man. On his normal course of business, he used genetically contaminated engineered vaccines on innocent children in Africa. Not only African children suffered the effect of a contaminated vaccine.

In Australia between 1940 and 1970 hundreds of orphaned children, including babies were used as guinea pigs to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis, and herpes. This atrocity was confirmed by David Vaux, an expert on infections. In the largest experiment, about 350 children were all injected with doses intended for adults.

Suddenly things started changing positively. Ricardo Veronesi, Professor Emeritus, at the Faculty of Medicine, University Sao Paulo Brasil, together with Dr. Wolff Geisler found out that 97% of the people who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus, which can lead to aids. They were made artificially susceptible was supplied to them in vaccines, drugs, blood transfusions and food. HIV containing microbes were also found in drinking-water and also insecticide spraying pools.

Smallpox vaccine was contaminated or combined with immunodeficiency SCID the precursor of AIDS. Within the continent of Africa, from west to east more than 100 million children were injected with this vaccine in cooperation with the WHO and CDC mainly paid by the Rockefeller foundation. Now to tell you the truth the reason Professor Johan Van Dongen’s account was suspended. He attacked Rockefeller foundation on LinkedIN’s platform over heinous this crime.

This is a man who hasn’t committed any crime but because he can’t shut his mouth over medical crime he witnessed against humanity, he is now suffering, because he is considered a whistleblower by his government, while the criminals trying everything to cover up this crime, continue to enjoy their lives with impunity.

How can the world go free for Jesus Christ who hasn’t committed any sin to carry the cross alone? Those responsible for this crime should face justice. This is what they fear most, the reason they hiding behind the crime, including World Health Organization, (WHO) responsible for CDC smallpox-measles vaccination 1967-1970, themed ‘The global eradication of smallpox.’

Whoever thinks professor Dongen is crazy should seek a psychiatric help. Even an uneducated African living in the remote area without electricity will believe his story. It will be recalled that Professor Johan Van Dongen challenged Belgium’s Professor Van der Groen’s claims that Ebola was invented in the 1960’s in Fort Detrick. Because Professor Dongen proved him a liar, the article which appeared in Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper’s link miraculously disappeared from the web.


Readers, just be patient until the book comes out before you know the real truth. We want to make it clear that we are not desperately looking for money, the reason this book is coming out. The purpose of the publication of this book is to let the world know the truth. We intend to give it a crazy shocking price for such an e-book. The world is sinking we should help to bring it up from the deep waters.