Get Rid Of The Passion Of The Love For Mobile Phones And Dangers We Often Ignore For Good

Expensive mobile phone

Luxury mobile phones often give us worries when they get missing

As the world, environment, life, and society rapidly change the creation of technology also changes, bombarding us with amenities of luxury and comfort of life in the fields of science, industrial arts, engineering, and electronics.

The humpback television many are using is gradually fading away giving room to what is now known as flat screens. Above all, to make communication easier, facilitate and enhance the business world, mobile or cell phones have become a very important part of our daily lives today.

In the city, at airports, shopping centers, and mobile phone shops, the sight of beautifully designed multi-brands of phones act like a powerful magnet pulling us into the shops either to feed our curiosity or forced us to change our phones, even though you are using one of the best phones in the world.

In today’s society, it is very difficult to live without a cell phone as most of our work is done using cell phones. Cell phones have made life simple, traveling and  communication in business easier, through text messages, browsing the internet, reading the weather and e-mail.

However, it seems our passion many times takes possession of our heart and steals our mind and concentration. Many often ignore the idiom ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth.’ They often buy expensive cell phones. Just imagine losing a phone that costs 850 between 1500 Euros. This can give you sleepless nights for over a month.

Due to often stealing and loss of cell phones new security measures are being introduced to trace a lost cell phones but not every lost phone is recovered because some are experts in decoding and changing built in security codes for the ‘new owner.’

Another sad part of the passion of cell phones is losing concentration when engaged. Not too long in Antwerp, a woman whose mobile phone has stolen her concentration was killed by a passing tram. This could easily be avoided. Many carelessly ignore the dangers surrounding them when actively engaged.

You often see them, texting and driving at the same time. I have seen many especially, teen girls on bicycle texting. The birth of technology doesn’t only help to make life easier and beautiful but also demands safety and carefulness to enjoy them for a very long time.