Ryszard Kapuscinski’s ‘The Shadow Of The Sun’: The Reason I like This Book

When one looks at a bird in a cage, flying, hopping and whistling, you may think the bird is very happy. You will only know how happy the bird is when you open the cage. With tremendous force, the bird flies away without looking back. That is the real taste of freedom. It’s the same taste of freedom in a democratic society, which enhances me to write the truth, without looking back or thinking of any consequences.

Many times society calls someone who isn’t contributing anything positive for the benefit of the society, a lazy or useless person, yet your efforts and hard work, would not always give you friends or lovers, but an empire of deceitful enemies and people who wish you will never make it in life. The more one makes someone life miserable, the more the victim learns and creates a better future for himself.

African adventures

The shadow of the sun reveals Polish writer, Ryszard Kapucinski’s adventures in Africa


African leaders in some ways have betrayed Africans like the whites. When a white man comes to Africa, he knows the reason he came, reasons that are never known. A lot of dangerous vaccines have been inoculated to cause sicknesses and to generate diseases in the continent, without the knowledge of our leaders, because they are only interested in the money and corned beef the white used as bait. Africa is like a dumping ground for all unwanted stuff from Advanced Countries.




Belgian freelance journalist, writer, and author Joel Savage, shares his life story as an immigrant in Belgium, a country that has no value for the black man


It isn’t an exaggeration to say that almost all Africa’s woes, wars, and diseases were caused by the West and America at the same time, even though many still believe Africa blames the West and America blindly. In one of my books, ‘Little Boygium-Wonderful Experience’ I wrote about the crime of Europeans in Africa until I read about the same atrocities caused by the Europeans in Ryszard Kapunciski’s ‘The Shadow of The Sun.’

The Polish author reveals in his book, the most shocking atrocities committed by Europeans against Africans, including the role of the Belgians in the Rwanda’s Genocide and Africa’s underdevelopment. Being a white writer, who has been able to give such accounts in his book, makes ‘The Shadow Of The Sun’ a worthy book to read.