Prevent Africa To Become A Continent Of Sodomites


By Joel Savage and Johan Van Dongen

There are evidence of hundreds of historical articles, facts and documents, revealing that Europe and America haven’t any good plans for Africa. Slavery, colonization aggression, colonial underdevelopment, looting, killing of powerful African leaders, to mention a few, proved they were all planned to chronically weakened the foundation of Africa.

Whatever evil plans Europe and America hatched against Africa, seemed fruitless. The tough nature of Africans, living like ancient cave men, had trained them both physically and psychologically strong that, they could resist everything including malaria, when the vaccine of the disease hasn’t been discovered yet.

The Europeans thought they could challenge Africans, proving they are strong, tough and could stand the jungle’s fever and malaria. Unprepared,  malaria killed thousands of them and the few escaped back to Europe, after naming the continent ‘The White man’s Grave.’ Instead of learning how to survive on that continent, they planned to destroy the people and the entire continent.

Hence, after slavery and colonization, the creation of Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever and other deadly diseases, as bio-weapons to depopulate Africa emerged. Those medical crimes were written as a book by Holland’s Micro-surgeon and scientist, Johan Van Dongen, after forty years of research and investigation. He suffered gravely for revealing the truth. He lost his job as a lecturer in one of the universities in Holland.

Despite all that he went through, Johan Van Dongen still has Africa in his heart. Together, we have co-written many articles warning African leaders that the intention to destroy Africa by Europe and America, is not yet over. If I were to be a journalist in living in Africa, I wouldn’t have known the truth, because no European and American journalist is prepared to write this truth.

The leaders of Western Europe and America think African are fools and want African leaders to listen to whatever they tell them. Yet Africa is the least respected continent on earth. They don’t even have respect for African leaders, let alone its citizens. If they do, Belgium wouldn’t have built a statue of king Leopold II in Brussels. That king killed over ten million Africans, including children and women in Congo, while there isn’t any statue of Adolf Hitler for killing six million Jews.

It is time for African leaders to stand firmly behind Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, to prevent the continent to become land of the Sodomites. After the killing of Gaddafi in Libya,  Mugabe and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia are now the biggest threat to Europe and America, because they don’t tolerate their nonsense. The media usually called those African leaders they can’t stand ‘Dictators,’ but the real dictators are European and American leaders. They shouldn’t tell Africa to legalize same sex marriage. We don’t want to enjoy the ‘back’ of men, when the continent is full of pretty women.

Nobody cares about Africa, yet European and American leaders continue to interfere in African politics, telling African leaders what to do, yet many lack intelligence. If they are intelligent enough, then they shouldn’t swear with the Bible and do the opposites of the Bible. The faith of Africans in the Bible and the Koran has taken us far, building us impenetrable, so we are not going to kowtow to European and American leaders to begin sleeping with men and women sleeping with women.

African may be poor, but we have something Europe and America can never take away. That is toughness, respect, principles, humbleness, perseverance, integrity and above all the strength to prevent committing suicide. Not even Aids and Ebola as bio-weapons could destroy Africa. I will end this article by asking Europe and America leaders to ask their citizens: Why everyday Europeans and Americans commit suicide but Africans aren’t?

“Let Europe Keep Their Homosexual Nonsense There And Live With It”- Robert Mugabe

GAYS 8Is that what Europe and America want to teach Africa when the continent hasn’t yet found solutions to its Aids, malaria, Ebola and other deadly diseases?

“Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense there and live with it. We will never have it here.” This is a statement the Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe made during a speech in July 2013.

Mugabe has reacted again  “I’ve just concluded, since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people and enjoys an attractive countenance – thus, if it becomes necessary, I shall travel to Washington, DC, get down on my knee and ask his hand, mocking the US Supreme Court’s decision.

Selfishness, greed, power and the media’s hypocrisy, prevent people to understand Robert Mugabe. Africa is the least respected continent in the world, but when it comes to things the continent isn’t interested, why do world leaders and the stupid media fail to understand?

Homosexuality is regarded as an abominable act in Africa. But this social vice which is less popular in the continent is now becoming famous in many African countries, turning the countries into an unnerving place to live in, because church leaders and many organizations against this practice, wouldn’t like to embrace this type of culture to add to their own culture.

At times, I do ask my self over and over, do Europeans and Americans think Africa will accept whatever they are interested? Africa has nothing to do with Christianity before the white missionaries ever went there. They thought Africans to follow the Bible teachings. Well, later the truth was discovered. The reason was not to let Africans know about Christ but to loot.

Fortunately, many parts of Africa derived interest in the Bible and studied it thoroughly, therefore living by its teachings. An African Christian, explaining his point to defend his hate against homosexuality, would take one deep step into the Bible, to give you a reference. Two of such scriptures confirming that homosexuality is an evil act can be read at  1st Timothy, chapter 10 and 1st Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 9.

Women 4They called it same-sex marriage in Europe and America, but Africans are not used to this.

The question is: “Why are Europeans and other Gay Rights Organizations, now fighting for the practice of homosexuality to be recognized in Africa, when they have already been there with the Holy Bible, a book telling Christians how evil the practice of homosexuality is?” The teachings of the Holy Bible can’t be reversed, so I am afraid to say that Africa can never change its mind or opinion on the negative aspects of homosexuality.

Africa is already overwhelmed by many diseases, such as AIDS, Ebola, and malaria, therefore it makes sense when they don’t want that practice. Europeans,  Americans and some organizations, are the first people that voices are heard whenever there is any bad situation in Africa. But whenever there is an epidemic, the respond to contain the situation never comes or very slow.

Africa has learned a lot from their misfortunes, that is the reason it is fighting against homosexuality today. Unfortunately, the path Uganda has taken to deal with this issue is totally out of course. The proposal for the death penalty for homosexuals is sheer madness. Violence against homosexuals is not an option or solution.

Why did Obama choose to endorse same-sex marriage throughout America during the last moments in his office? That’s what is called ‘Politricks.’ He wants votes for his party, because to them, power matters, not the restoration of the decaying society.

African Politics Is Like A Man Answering Nature’s Call Without Toilet Paper

MerkelGerman’s Angela Merkel and Ghana’s Nana Akofo-Addo: Do African politicians know how European and American politicians underestimate them?

Have you ever been to the toilet and after easing yourself you found out that you have no toilet paper in the roll set? The lost hope, uncertainty, and hopelessness, not knowing exactly what to do, is exactly the situation of Africans under corrupt and greedy politicians in Africa.

My heart aches when I see Africans queuing in those hot temperatures to cast their votes for corrupt, greedy and useless politicians. For a very long time, Africa has been a caricature, a puppet and a laughing stock in the eyes of Europeans. You will know the disrespect Europeans and Americans give to Africa when you live in Europe, you will never know that when you live in Africa.

Africans are considered sub-human beings or the least important people on this planet. The reason  Europeans invaded the continent. After decades of slavery, suffering, and colonization, African leaders are still considered stupid by Europe and America, because they still repeat the same mistakes they did.

How many countries make Africa? If out of all the head of states in Africa, only South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki; Nelson Mandela and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, are the only presidents to tell Europe and America that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against Africa, what are the rest of African head of states doing or saying?

There is no continent which has suffered more than Africa, yet African leaders don’t take the suffering masses into consideration to improve the standard of living because all that they are interested is to steal from the government coffers to Switzerland.

Let’s assume Africans can’t read, so we don’t know that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes, but help has come close to us when a European scientist, Johan Van Dongen, after four decades of research revealed the diseases weren’ natural. They were manufactured in the laboratory for bio-warfare purpose and tested on Africans, yet African leaders still haven’t reacted. Is that stupidity or intelligence.

Professor Johan Van Dongen could have remained silence like other scientists, after discovering that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes against Africa, but because of the love he has for the continent, he published his findings, which cost him dearly. He lost his job as a university lecturer because the government(Holland) was angry with him. How would the world view African leaders? Stupid or intelligent?

African leaders attend conferences and seminars overseas. They feel so fortunate and happy to take pictures with advanced countries leaders, but they don’t feel that way. They feel they are standing with morons, incompetent and corrupt politicians, that years after colonization can’t help fellow Africans or develop their countries.

In Ghana, there is a proverb which says, “If one washes his hands well, he will end up eating with the king on the same dining table.” If African leaders want to be respected by the outside world, they should show a little intelligence and patriotism, because they have disappointed Africans for too long.

Mugabe in Artificial Hair And Ear Rings?

Mugabe 2

Taking a first look at the picture, one may think the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is in artificial hair or wig. In fact, the president is not in any false hair, there is a lady close behind him whose hair  has completely swallowed the head of the president. Have a Happy Weekend.

Zimbabwe Former Rhodesia: The Aids forgotten Country


By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage




Excerpt from the book Aids And Ebola: The Greatest Crime In Medical History Against Mankind.

The discovery of HIV antibodies, tuberculosis and contaminated vaccination, against Zimbabwean children, which was purposely done by the Pasteur Institute of France, leading to the explosion of venereal diseases, were never exposed to the media and the world of literature, the way it should have been done. Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, went through a very dark period under the regime of Ian Smith and after his removal; the place became a forgotten country.

When AIDS became media fame, guided by the so-called “Aids Stars” like Luc Montagnier, Robert Gallo and their Dutch accompanies in battle, Ab Osterhaus, Roel Coutinho and Jaap Goudsmit in 1984, every time medic thought, “Would this be the end of the World?” There after epidemic statisticians increased in ever growing projections until the end of humankind was earmarked collateral, already somewhere between 2010 and 2050.

What really happened was the increase of HIV in black people, whilst it is decreasing in Western countries. Professor Johan Van Dongen, the neglected scientist-surgeon, because of truth, will continue to live in truth, to reveal within this book, mostly devoted exclusively to Africa, the continent where AIDS is disproportionately handled as a result of experiments by scientists, soldiers and pharmacologists from the colonizing countries.

West African countries, influenced by the West (former colonial masters) have divided the continent in bewilderment after a long bloody battle. Johan focuses on Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe around the year 1970. After 1970, the people of Zimbabwe and neighboring countries were particularly affected by tuberculosis and venereal diseases. Then in 1978, suddenly came measles epidemic. In the eighties, black people suffered from AIDS, after scientists at the Institute Pasteur, vaccinated children in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe with1, 558,800 doses of TB.

The contaminated vaccine drastically affected the Ugandan government.  Scientists who observed this issue reported in the: Weekly Topic 1991 March 8: 1 (col.1-6) Above all, a huge increase in tuberculosis among children occurred. Fortunately these infections occur only in children under nine years, not ten. For their age-group, the count from 1983 to 1986 increased by 432%. Hospitals in Zimbabwe, including Mbare Hospital in Harare, suddenly became full of tuberculosis patients and people suffering from venereal diseases.

Curiously, it was mainly children who were sick, while about half of all juvenile patients developed antibodies against the HIV virus in their blood. Even more astonishing is the fact that this result was indicated by the World Health Organization, in a Weekly Epidemic Record in 1992 and the Centers for Disease Controls, USA, listed the relationship between AIDS and tuberculosis.

Zimbabwe 2

Zimbabwean children suffered various diseases after contaminated vaccine given by Pasteur Institute of France.

“If therefore the WHO in 1989, reported that HIV in TB hospitals, could have been spread as a result of unhygienic anti-tuberculosis injections then I am completely amaze. Even more remarkable is that the HIV infections were financed and managed by U.S. or British American hospitals. Unlike other hospitals these HIV infections occurred little or not at all, except those held by WHO expert Slutkin,” says Professor Johan Van Dongen.

The updated version of the book, Aids and Ebola: The Greatest Crime In Medical History Against Mankind will soon be available at on May, 28, 2015.

Politicians Are Part Of The Great Mess And Problems In Africa

Politicians are part of the great mess and problems that Africa and Africans are facing today, especially on the continent. Although it may appear that the colonial powers are all gone from the scene and forefront of Africa, they are very much there under the covers of politics, corporations, humanitarian and aid organizations.


They will not leave Africa, because it has too much resources that the entire world needs to keep afloat into the future. The unfortunate part in all this is that Africans are almost entirely devoid of the knowledge that their countries and the entire African continent is a prize like no other, that the planet of over 7 billion people needs and wants.

In the years ahead it is only going to get worst for Africans there, because, the greed of humans outside, especially in the west, will continue to grow ferociously.

Africans in the Diaspora need to focus their attention to solutions for Africa and Africans, and not the shadiness that is common and prevalent. This is how China, Japan and India were able to shake off the looting of their countries. The governments in Africa know the goals of the western powers, and they don’t care, because they also benefit from the disruptions and instability.

As long as they get their promised lion’s shares of the pillaging, they will continue to look the other way and pretend they are ignorant of the situation that is affecting the people.
Solutions overcome corruptions over time. But, focusing and digging into the vast world of corruption only serves the corrupted and corrupters, and not the masses, whom should be benefactors of just system.

Just consider this:
Nigeria alone is on path to dominate the entire African continent, in a positive way, over the next 20 years. And, not only Africa, but, the entire Asian region, because her population is due to skyrocket to over a 1 billion people in rapid session! This in not publicize in the global media, because it will send shock-waves, across economies. With Nigeria manning space stations and sending satellites into orbit doesn’t bode well for the conglomerates, who traditionally controlled the avenues of telecast and communication globally.


African head of states, the battle is hotter than they can handle.

Like an iceberg, there is always more going on under the surface than what is visible on the surface. African has a long way to go. How can we challenge  the rapid changes in the developed world, years after political independence? How can we improve our education and reading, to rub shoulders with the developed world? That is upon us, and also the task of reducing corruption which has dented and crippled Africa’s economy.

Over the medical crimes in Africa, apart from Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, no African head of state has been brave enough to demand answers from those (Europe and America) that committed the crimes against Africans, because they can’t deal with the Ebola and the Aids crisis alone, but that’s not smartness, it’s weakness and ignorance.

The same weakness and ignorance the developed world has used for ages to dominate Africa and it will be like that always, because Africa is not yet ready to learn from its past mistakes.

Africa’s Development: Can They Put Deng Xiaoping’s Words Into Action?

Can Africa learn something from China towards the continent's development

Ex-Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

7th Message to African leaders on Aids, Ebola And Africa’s Development

 King Leopold’s legacy

The enormous death toll in King Leopold’s Congo was on such scale comparable to the Holocaust and Stalin’s purges. Therefore Leopold II can be considered as a precursor to the Nazi death camps and the Gulag crimes and as we have mentioned before, Leopold and Stalin statues were raised but not for Hitler.

In those agonizing days most Africans farmed and lived in rural villages, but then feverish land grabs among foreign countries started seeking rubber, gold, ivory and diamonds. They created the largest forced labor system since African-American slavery, for example, King Leopold II of Belgium seized the Congo and ruled it for years as his personal rubber plantation.

His greed to supply rubber to the demand of the product to manufacture vehicle tires, forced him to kill between eleven and fifteen million Congolese, similar to the genocidal holocaust. Forced labor was the rule in colonial Africa. Copper mines in Katanga (Congo) rounded up miners from Zambia, Rwanda, Angola and Mozambique.

Chinese President Deng Xiaoping tried to develop a win-win basis in Africa

 Africans have the land and the only thing Africa needs are true friends who come to share their ideas and experience with Africa. But those new ideas should be guided and developed by Africans themselves. When foreign countries really want to change Africa, then they should act as the late Chinese President Deng Xiaoping who wisely once said to President Mugabe:

Statement Of Chinese President Deng Xiaoping

“We should give Africa technological know-how, so that African governments can transform their resources on the spot and create jobs and markets for their people locally, regionally, at the continental level and internationally. Africa must cease to be forever the provider of raw materials to other people. Africans must never sell their land. They should say no to land grabbing by big agro-business multinational companies that displace African natives.”

The least Africans can do is to lease land on a win-win basis, learn from the land they leased and re-take control to redevelop, transform, create jobs and markets for the benefit of African people as announced by President Deng Xiaoping. That means that anybody who really wants to support Africa getting out of the woodwork must exchange ideas with Africans on how to produce food sustainable to produce, transform, package and sell on a win-win basis. Foreign countries have to realize that Africans are able to understand that foreign companies also need to make profits but not in one-way direction.


Can African learn from China

China before and after: Why Africa, especially the West, aren’t inspired to follow China?

Obama says U.S. military aid team is crucial to Ebola response but the Ebola victims are rotting in the streets of the West-Point Township

President Barack Obama will announce a major military-led surge in U.S. aid to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa with as many as 7,000 troops to help organize, train new health care workers and build treatment clinics. But what is the reason of sending troops, when other countries like Cuba, China, and Japan send healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses to cope with the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, instead of military?

Of course, we all know Obama depends on the American Congress, the World Health Organization, and the Rockefeller’s Foundation but all these organizations appeared to be involved in the Aids outbreaks as well as the Ebola outbreaks. Documents reveal the discovery of a Liberian diamond mine and accusations by the UN of in debt security months before the Ebola outbreak in late 2013. Unfortunately or fortunately, it happened that the forced quarantines are in the very same area as this diamond mine of American stakeholders.

Statement of President Barack Obama

Deng 3

Obama sends US troops to fight Ebola in West Africa

“We can’t dawdle on this one,” the president said about the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa and continued: “We have to move with force and make sure that we are catching this Ebola outbreak as best we can, given that it has already broken out in ways that we had not seen before.”

Meanwhile in the Montserrado County District 7 Representative, Solomon George has threatened to dump bodies of Ebola victims at President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Foreign Affairs office if the health team does not remove six Ebola victims that were lying in the streets of the West-Point Township.

The cover of our book “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind” depicts one of these victims lying in the streets of perhaps the West-point Township, but it could have been also anywhere else.

The lawmaker Solomon George indicated that he has given the Government of Liberia up to August 13, 2014 to remove the bodies in his constituency or he will have the corpses dumped in front of the President’s office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “By dumping the bodies, Ellen will feel how it hurts when people died of Ebola are abandoned”, he added.

Statement of Maxwell Kobina Acquah

At this very moment, January 2015, we are in the parallel of those agonizing period of 1914-1925 and the world is collapsing. Anyone who thinks that ordinary African people are not aware of this event is wrong. Africans feel it on the spot where they walk, sleep and work if they have an appointment or something else for a living.

Yes African leaders and intellectuals, ordinary African people are aware of this phenomenon, because they feel the recession of the developed countries in their purse. Every civilized country pays a certain amount of their yearly income to undeveloped countries but this certain amount of money decreases every year.

“The attitudes of most Africans have brought about this disease and other sufferings in Africa. The attitude of excuses, ignorance, fear, procrastination, past failures, unforgiveness, lack of discipline, selfishness, time wasting, negative mental attitude, laziness, wrong company, negative confession, comparison, opinion of others, opposition, discouragement, lack of vision, traditions, disobedience, and sin , have brought about this mares. In addition, people are not willing to learn. An African man or woman will prefer to spend money on womanizing, alcohol, funeral rites, and other unnecessary things rather than education.”

African leaders and intellectuals are you listening? Unity among African leaders is what we need and if all African leaders come together and do away with their differences and their own well being, they will not only be able to cope with Aids and Ebola but also with the development and inducing of a prosperous Africa.