How Lucky Dube’s Music Reflects On The Existence Of Today’s Racially Violent World

Lucky Dube lost his life in a 'Crazy World' a song he sang before his death

‘Crazy World’ : Lucky Dube’s music is rapidly revealing violence and killings in today’s racially violent world

What Sort Of World Are We Inviting Our Children Into?

“Everywhere in the world, people are fighting for freedom, nobody knows what is right, nobody knows what is wrong. The black man says it’s the white man, the white man says it’s the black man. Indians say it’s the coloreds, coloreds say it’s everyone,” sings South African reggae legend, Lucky Dube, in a racial tension song called ‘War and Crime.’

This is a perfect song that lyrics describe the events of today’s racial chaotic world in Europe and America. The world is increasingly becoming so dangerous that we need to ask ourselves: What sort of world are we inviting our children into? And what sort of future are we building for them in this racially bitter society?

Years after slavery, the relationship between African-Americans and Americans remain very poor. After the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, in regards to Rodney King, many thought things will improve but recent shootings of police officers to death, evidently reveals that there isn’t any imminent peace near between African-Americans and Americans. “How long is this gonna last, cause we’ve come so far so fast,”- asked Lucky Dube, the South African reggae legend.

Lucky Dube continued “I’ m not saying this because I’m a coward, but I’m thinking of the lives that we lose every time we fight. Killing innocent people, women and children yeah,” reflecting on last week’s events of the senseless massacre of innocent people in Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children.

Bastille Day crowd killings in Nice, France

Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children. Two young women laying flowers for the victims.

Children are usually caught up in racially motivated crimes and violence, yet they are not responsible for any of them. But many times influenced by the crimes surrounding them and what they watch on the television, they grow up to be racists and criminals. Actually, a child is never born a racist, adults, and harsh environmental experience influenced them.

World leaders, schools, and parents have a huge task  to create a happy and safe environment for our children: “We should bury down apartheid, racism, discrimination and fight down war and crime,” Lucky Dube advised.

Aycock’s Name Will Be Removed From ECU Building: What Can The Belgian Government Learn From This?

Are Charles B. Aycock and Leopold II racists?

Charles B. Aycock and Leopold II : Do they have something in common?

Racial problems continue to tear our societies apart and authorities are doing whatever it takes to bring peace and fostering strong working relationships between White and Black people, because whenever problems erupt it affects everyone, everything, including businesses.

In America, racial problems have caused unrest throughout many cities and just this week in Europe, we have witnessed the senseless massacre of innocent people in Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children.

We all feel very sorry when such things happen but how serious are we to make sure such things never happen again? An official committee recommends that East Carolina University should remove the name of Charles B. Aycock from one of its campus buildings.

The legacy of the former late governor from Wayne County is under scorn with accusations of mistreating blacks and supporting white supremacy. The same support of white supremacy and crime led to the erection of Leopold II’s statue in Belgium, after killing over ten million Africans, including women and children in Congo.

The question is: What can the Belgium Government and the Royal Family learn from this?Because the  murderer’s statue is still standing in the heart of Brussels, besides many streets named after him. Does this sound logical to everyone?

Crime doesn’t pay, so there is no space to accommodate crime, hate, and violence in our societies today, yet the wrong policies and lack of corrections by European leaders have taken and continue taking the lives of innocent people.

The residence and offices of European, American leaders, including politicians, are well protected with security facilities. They come out with bad policies brewing hate in our societies. At the end, those who resort to violence put their frustration on innocent people and kill them for nothing.

I will use the media to congratulate the American government and the East Carolina administration for taking such an action. Let Belgium keep the statue of the murderer Leopold II, the chicken will always come back home to roost.