Why Queen Mathilde Unfollowed Me On Twitter Yesterday?

The Royal Family of Belgium and the government support crime.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium unfollowed me on Twitter yesterday because she couldn’t stand the truth. With the Belgium government and the minister of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom, they all support crime. In Brussels stands a statue of Leopold II, after killing 10 million Africans, including women and children, yet there is no statue of Hitler for committing a similar crime.  Bye-Bye Queen Mathilde.

“I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands”- Joel Savage

About six month months ago, Belgium Queen Mathilde followed me on Twitter. I guessed, she has been reading my articles. I have said it many times that I didn’t come to Belgium to praise their chocolates and beer but to expose their crimes, those crimes that their incompetent journalists wouldn’t like to write about.

Just imagine, a country that is fighting hard against crime, including terrorism, yet in the same country stands a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children. Who in his or her right mind will do such a thing? It’s only the Belgian government and the heartless Royal Family that can do such an abominable act.

In Belgium are thousands of journalists that claim they have studied to the university level, yet no one has guts to write about the hidden and supporting crimes of the Belgian government and the Royal Family. I took it as a responsibility, using my blog to send the message to readers and my followers on all the popular social media and it worked.

My blog is doing well. At times I get over thousand readers per day. Just yesterday, I posted an article entitled “An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice Annemie Turtelboom,” complaining bitterly that she has abused her trust as minister of justice, whereby in Brussels stands a statue of King Leopold II, despite all the crime he committed.

The fact that Leopold was a criminal, he doesn’t deserve that statue, thus; both the Royal Family, the Belgium government and the Minister of Justice are supporting crime. This is true. There is no educated person or even a moron who can ignore this truth. So I am not surprised that the article I wrote has finally damaged the psychological and physical emotions of Queen Mathilde to unfollow me from Twitter. Link: “An Open Letter To The Minister Of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom” https://goo.gl/nNGtxY

“If they want to kill me, it’s easy to find me but I will not waste a minute of my precious sleep because of death.” 

Probably she thought following me on Twitter will let me stop writing against them. Not the writer called Joel Savage. I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands.

Will Belgium be happy if a statue of an African king who killed 10 million Belgians, including women and children is erected in Africa? Shameless evil people. There is no truth, the reason our society is now falling apart.

With Professor Johan Van Dongen, the Dutch scientist that revealed that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons used as medical crimes against Africa, we shall continue to follow the truth to save this sick society  from falling apart. If they want to kill me, it’s easy to find me but I will not waste a minute of my precious sleep because of death. 

On May 7th, 2016, on Twitter, Queen Mathilde tweeted “1 glas wijn per dag is goed voor de gezondheid, .. . de rest van de fles is goed voor de moraal (A glass of wine a day is good for health, etc. . the rest of the bottle is good for the moral.) She didn’t say that “Let’s pull down this controversial statue of Leopold II because of his crimes to reduce the hate surrounding Belgium. Drink your wine Queen Mathilde and let Belgium explode with hate.

Belgium Journalists: What Do They Write About?


No discipline in Belgium schools

Sven Gatz: Flemish minister for culture, Media, and youth. He has a big responsibility to instill discipline in schools

In the publishing industry, there was a time the cover of a book doesn’t matter to readers, because many agree that the content or subject of the book gives the book recognition, makes it famous or masterpiece among titles. Then suddenly everything changed. Now hundreds of readers choose their books wisely because attractive covers.

Thus; if you are a journalist and you think because you’re holding Bachelor of Arts, Masters’ Degree or whatever qualification in journalism, those qualifications, will earn you the respect you are looking for, then I’m sorry, you are in a dream land or you’re likely lost in the desert.

In this modern era that journalism or the media plays a very important role in the society, the impact of your work, articles and your daily contribution to society, are what is necessary, but not one’s qualification. Because many have those qualifications but have no experience. Give them a pen to write something essential, you will be disappointed.

As one takes a wider view on things happening in our society today, the need to ask what’s role is the media playing to make things better in our decaying society is necessary. Go to schools, you will be astonished to see the lack of discipline that has taken over. Students don’t respect teachers and say bad things to them. In the toilets, students urinate indiscriminately on the ground, because they enjoy  cleaners cleaning their mess.

Young children, as young as twelve and thirteen are smoking. Many are dropping out of school because of teenage pregnancy and juvenile crime, while a lot of children are committing suicide every day. Even though there are thousands of journalists in Belgium, it’s rare to read articles from journalists, suggesting solutions to such disturbing issues or how to arrest the situation.

When you buy any Belgium newspaper, what one reads is politics and articles about immorality. Nothing significant or educating to read. It’s sad, yet they think they are on top of the world. What Belgium journalists fear most is to write the truth about Aids and Ebola, because their country took part in the medical crime against Africa.

Efficient journalism means accuracy, fairness, compelling, presentation, timeliness and relevance. It’s hard to find these qualities in Belgium journalists. They can’t even differentiate evil from good. They have proved it. None of their journalists is brave enough to demand the removal of the statue of the murderer King Leopold II, for killing over ten million Africans, including children, when there is no statue of Adolf Hitler for killing six million Jews.

Those days that European journalists want to prove to Africa that they are the most intelligent people on earth are gone. Now that we know, we shall continue to reveal their weaknesses, incompetency and their cowardly acts to the world. Out of the blue, a Belgian journalist followed me on Twitter. He suffered attacks  from other journalists and the following day, he unfollowed. Today, one of my respected followers is Queen Mathilde of Belgium, because she is a truthful and sincere woman.