Incest: Can A Brother Marry His Own Sister?



Is incest is no more a taboo? Brothers marrying sisters is now becoming common

Superstition, beliefs and performing of rituals are associated with many tribes and ethnic groups, in different parts of the world. There are many things considered a taboo. For example, Saturday is Sabbath for the Jews. It is a day for religious services and abstinence from work. Clans, tribes and people carrying out traditional values, believe in punishment when the law is broken.

Something from ages people considered a taboo is an incest: Sexual intercourse between very closely related people. But as the generation advances some of these taboos are no longer taken into consideration. Son sleeps with his mother, a father has carnal knowledge with his daughter. The news is disturbing, but they are true.

Incest is a common issue these days, even though it is illegal or prohibited.There are many stories of accidental incest love affairs. For example, a Brazilian couple looking for their mothers who abandoned them when they were children, found out later that they were searching for the same person.

Leandro had no knowledge that she lives with her own sister, Adriana. They already had a six-year daughter in their seven- year common-law marriage. That’s accidental anyway, but it’s hard to believe that now a days, many young men can’t resist the nakedness of their own sisters, hmm!

A young man interviewed over his relation with his sister said “I don’t see anything wrong with this. People look at us like we are from a different planet. I love my sister and we have a baby now.” The question is, does incest poses any health hazard? The Holy Bible speaks against incest in many ways.

Also, social scientists believe that children from incestuous affairs have higher risks for hereditary disorders. Whatever people may view incest, we have to admit that we are now in a world, people will go to the extent of fulfilling their heart wishes and desires, without thinking of any future consequences.

That ‘golden box’ God gave a woman is the most powerful thing on earth, which can push a man to follow any direction without looking back. If you want to be sure of what I’m saying, ask former American president Bill Clinton, he will tell you more about Monica Lewinsky and ask golf superstar, Tiger Woods, he also has a story to share with  Joslyn James. The two great men lost focus and concentration because of the power of the ‘Golden Box.’

How Bible Education Promotes Literacy


The Bible is the best read book in the world. Its powerful teachings have transformed people to live a peaceful, healthy and happy life.

“Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and means for social and human development.”- UNESCO

According to an investigation, worldwide over 700 million people aged between 15 and above cannot read or write. Due to this problem, they are unable to explore a vast world of knowledge, including the fine moral and spiritual teachings written in the Bible. There are many organisations helping countries, especially in the Third World to cultivate the habit of reading to improve their standard of education, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses incorporate literacy training into their program of Bible education is gradually changing lives in many countries.

In Mexico predominantly Spanish-speaking country, since the year 1946, the Witnesses have taught more than 152,000 people to read and write, and many students later becoming teachers themselves. The government of the countries which the Witnesses have made significant impact to improve the reading standard of the people, has letters to the Witnesses in recognition of their work. One of the letters states: “This General Board of Education acknowledges and congratulates you for your cooperation in the development of the Adult Education Program.”

Throughout Africa, intensive teachings of the words of Jehovah in the Holy Bible, have helped thousands to read and write. Aside, it has also helped many young people to lead meaningful lives. Literacy is indeed a precious asset that opens up a world of learning. But above all literacy enables people of all sorts to read the Bible, a divinely inspired book that can set them free from enslaving superstitions, false religious beliefs and hurtful behaviour.