Brussels:Policemen Detained For Robbing Foreigners

The Belgium police force

Policemen checking documents in Brussels

Has history repeated itself in Belgium? Just a couple of weeks ago, the  Antwerp’s police were involved in a scandal of defrauding foreigners, now from Brussels comes a report over two officers arrested for stealing from foreigners. The policemen stopped  two drivers, a Romanian and a Polish on the ring road, ransacked their trucks and confiscated a total amount of 5,300 Euro they found in their trucks.

“Scandals and frauds exist in Belgium’s Police Force”

The two officers thought the foreign drivers will not make a complaint to the police but they were wrong, especially since there have been  multiple of similar incidents. The Belgian authority considered the case very serious since the two policemen involved were in uniforms for committing such a crime.

Last month two police officers were arrested in Antwerp for similar incidence, as they looked for illegal immigrants to take money from them with the threat of deportation. Antwerp’s mayor, Bart De Wever spoke  about the demeaning factors in the history of the police force.

The Brussels’ police chief Guido Van Wymeersch sharply condemned this act . The police force is not happy over this incident, especially in such a critical time when the police is busy with the recent Zaventem and Metro stations bombing by terrorists in Brussels.

The difference between the two incidences which took place in Brussels and Antwerp is that the Antwerp agents used physical violence against their victims. The police may look different when in uniforms but they are normal human beings prone to sin like everyone. But it really undermines and questions their integrity  when instead of protecting the public they involved in such scandals.