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How can I write a blurb for poetry? It’s like trying to describe in words the simple, yet so complex beauty of Giaconda, or relate the impressiveness of Michelangelo’s frescoes from the Sistine Chapel. Poetry can only be read, enjoyed and, if the artist is an accomplished one, understood. Just savor the words!

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The questions of an inquisitive philosophical mind, its visions on life, love and the mysteries of the Universe.

The Author

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Melinda De Ross (real name Anca-Melinda Coliolu)  lives in her native Romania with her husband and a couple of rude parrots. She attended Law School and got her degree but worked as a journalist for several newspapers, polishing her writing skills.

It never occurred to her that she wanted a career as an author until she began writing, as therapy to get perspective on a crucial part of her life.

Melinda was a professional target shooter for a decade, winning multiple National Championships. She was breaking records in her teens until health issues forced her to give up the sport.

Out of that heartbreak, Rendezvous with Faith – her first novel – started taking shape and so began her career as a Romantic Suspense author.

Melinda has always been a fan of writers like Diana Gabaldon, Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. Currently she weaves romance into tales laced with the paranormal and occult. Her interests in yoga, philosophy and a large range of other disciplines give her work depth and color.

Other books by Melinda De Ross include:

Rendezvous with Faith (initially published under the title Rendezvous with Hymera);


-Mirage Beyond Flames;

Dante’s Amulet;

-Chronicles of The Blood Countess;

-Be My Valentine;

-A Touch Of Poetry.

Besides being a writer, she is also a book cover designer, along with her husband, under the Classy Designs Logo300brand of Classy Designs:


She loves to hear from readers all over the world, and she can be found in a number of places:



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