Can We Rise Above Negative Attitudes And Hurtful Feelings?

Have faith and depend on Jesus

People pray during a mass held outside the public school where 12 children were killed by a gunman last week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In the community, your neighbour can be your enemy, your brother can be your enemy and your sister can be your enemy. When two people have a difference, both often become angry. The reason we see sons rise against fathers, daughters against mothers, brother against brother and sister against sister.

Some of the painful and hurtful things in life, is when you don’t know where you went wrong, or the mistake you did, but someone hates you. You try to reason with the person, making efforts to settle, but since he has bad intentions, he isn’t prepared to make peace with you. Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation.

There are people who take other people’s quiet nature, submissiveness, and humbleness, as stupid or foolishness. Before you start hating someone, probably your close friend or relative, sit down with him, face to face, to let him or her know what the problem is. You can’t just begin calling the person a liar, fool and going far to tell your brother or sister of stealing your money to wed his wife or her husband, by writing letters.

Some people like to live a simple life, even though they can afford everything, including a car, yet he or she prefers to use a bicycle to work. That doesn’t mean that the person is stupid or has failed in life. If you live with pride and arrogance and wants to advertise your wealth, go on, because not everyone is interested in what you do.

People who live with pride feel very intelligent in their own eyes. When they are talking to you, they try to make you understand or believe they are the most intelligent people on earth. But the more you remain silent, to listen or read whatever they write, the more you see how stupid and foolish they are. Even the ten foolish virgins are all intelligent.

Most people often never think of how pride can be destructive. There was once a man who lives in Amsterdam. He was very famous, because of the way he lives and boastful nature. Anytime he travels to Africa, he demolishes part of the house he was building, suggesting to the builders to build a modern house, even though the plan of the house they were following was a modern plan. He was never satisfied with any modern house since he changes his mind frequently anytime he sees a beautiful house.

Unfortunately, he was involved in a serious crime. After serving his prison sentence, he was deported to Africa. He now lives in an uncompleted building for over a decade. As human beings, we need to be careful of the words that come from our mouth. There are words once spoken, they will come back to hurt or haunt you. You can’t reject something, then later want it back. You can’t take your brother to court when he asked you to sit down with him to solve the problem amicably.

Your uncontrollable anger and pride, are driving you to execute devilish plans against your brother, but nothing is working. That brother you are fighting against is using his precious time, seeking the intervention of Jesus, to give him the patience to endure the pain and temptations he is going through. And it works. Once you read your Bible each day or go to church to worship each Sunday, you learn certain practical principles, which will help you to overcome the hardest obstacles ahead of you.

I posted this article to encourage everyone facing any difficulties in life, to trust and believe in God. Try Jah’s love when everything fails. Seek the face of Jah in the world’s most widely read book: The Bible. It encourages us to cultivate qualities, such as discernment, love, kindness, insight, and patience. Above all the Bible can help you to promote peace and heal emotional wounds.

The Influence Of Technology On Public Libraries

“Let these great modern library buildings increase your appetite to read.” –Joel Savage



The Fascinating Library Awesome Roman Building Style Of Madrid Public Library With Stone Figurines And Stone Steps Great And Captivating Building Architecture Design Of Library Home Library Decor Photo.

Many get happiness in doing different things. Gardening, cleaning, cooking, listening to music, participating or watching sports and reading, add happiness to man’s life and takes away boredom.

However, I take reading as a priority among all activities, since reading enlightens, educates, provides information and aware our consciousness of whatever is going on around us. Just imagine, without reading how can we follow our choices of career professions?

I have come across many people that mistakenly put themselves into serious situations, just because they failed to read certain documents before they signed. While the standard of reading is rapidly declining, it’s amazing and breathtaking looking at the impact of modern technology in our library institutions today.

The comfort of stepping into a library

Today we are witnesses to the architectural technology which is transforming library projects. Magnificent attractive modern libraries are like a magnet, inviting everyone under the comfort of its canopy to read. The question is: How does a beautiful library entice people to read?

Well, there was a time when readers don’t care much about the cover of books. I remember a local song in my country which part of the lyric is: “Don’t mind the body but the engine.” In today’s publishing industry, designing an attractive book cover is one of the priorities to sell.

Basket 3

The people of Kansas City were asked to help pick highly influential books that represent Kansas City. Those titles were included as ‘bookbindings’ in the innovative design of the parking garage exterior, to inspire people to utilize the downtown Central Library.

It is most likely that people will read your book, because of the attractive cover. Thus; the days’ readers don’t judge the cover of books is over. What about a glamorous cover but not an interesting book? This question doesn’t seem important to readers that depend on attractive covers to choose their books.

This week while reading I stumbled upon modern architectural libraries which stole my heart to the extent that I decided to write this short feature article to share with readers worldwide. Reading is defined in many ways but I like this: A multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, and motivation.

In today’s society that reading determines the career of everyone, it’s good to see such building buildings to encourage more reading and help those that hate to read to cultivate the habit or talent to read.

CAP 2Kirkwood Public Library.