How Mugabe’s ‘Dancing’ Photo Went Viral


Falling Mugabe tries to save himself 

Once a man, twice a child they say. We can’t fight nature as we grow old, till the time we can’t walk, eat well and do many things on our own.  Robert Mugabe became prime minister of Zimbabwe in 1980, and has been the nation’s president since 1987.

As one of the most hated African presidents both at home and overseas, he has been re-elected to the presidency multiple times, with charges of elections fraud and voter intimidation. It’s hard to understand why one person will be in power for such a lengthy period, when his body can’t even support him in his official duties.

It’s not a secret that many attempts, with foreign support to topple him have failed and all efforts to let him step down have been abortive, so when 90 year-old Mugabe was captured on camera falling, after addressing supporters who gathered to welcome him back from a trip to Ethiopia at the Harare airport, the incident became a widespread mockery, instead of the sympathy he deserves.

Mugabe didn’t take it kindly, as he refused to take his age into consideration. Instead he punished several of his bodyguards for failing to prevent him falling down the steps from the podium. Yet, I believe in the eyes of the general public, Mugabe wouldn’t be happy if any of his bodyguards would have helped him to step down the podium, because he wants everyone to know that he is still a strong man.

Even Jesus would have tripped over such a poorly laid-out carpet,” says Information Minister Jonathan Moyo. The local newspaper, Standard, reported an official investigation into the mishap was launched and about 27 of Mugabe’s security staff being suspended.

After the fall of Mugabe, what’s next? This is what I think is in the mind of everyone, because aged Mugabe has to prepare to step down. It wouldn’t be nice for such a man who played a significant role in ending colonialism in his country to die on seat. This is what the late Nelson Mandela, former South African leader avoided, making him one of Africa’s greatest leaders.

Aids And Ebola: 10 Questions That Scare America To Death

Medical crime by America

Donald Rumsfeld should have been in prison today if there is true justice in the world, but there isn’t, including the International Court of Justice, The Hague.

Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against humanity covered for decades, because of the countries, organizations and people involved. They are America, France, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Germany, World Health Organization, Center For Diseases Control, The Rockefeller Organization etc. Even though many believe these medical crimes, yet thousands or even millions doubt if the viruses were human made to destroy the race.

Professor Johan Van Dongen, the former Dutch university lecturer, micro-surgeon and the sole writer who exposed those crimes in his previous books in Dutch, has set aside the questions to bring to the world’s attention that, he is neither a dreamer nor crazy to write a mere story to convince people that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes.

Below are the questions: 

1. How did the Soviets manage to get the Marburg virus only a few months, lying behind the Iron Curtain, after the outbreak in Marburg during the Cold War?

2. How could there be an Ebola outbreak in Belgrade, also lying behind the Iron Curtain, at the same time happening in Marburg?

3. Furthermore, there are other strange data about the investigation of Ebola as a biological weapon in the United States. Because the American biological warfare effort was terminated only 2 years after the first Marburg outbreak which means they stopped in 1969.

4. Since the discovery of MARV on August 22, 1967, the virus was first identified on November 20, of the same year; three months after the outbreak. The successful isolation of the virus was first reported to the scientific community at the Fourth Congreso Latinamericano de Microbiologia in Lima, Peru on November 26, 1967, six days after the identification. Therefore if Ebola came from laboratories of the US Army then, what is the connection of the presence of US Army and World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control facilities in the Philippines?

5. How is it possible that people from the WHO themselves examined Ebola contaminated pigs and a worker in a pig farm in Bulacan, before the outbreak in Reston in 1976?

6. It is only the WHO and some elements of the US Army in the Philippines that have the capability to transport, spread and identify the Marburg virus in the early sixties. So who carried out the transport throughout the United States in the sixties?

7. According to the Belgian professor Van der Groen Ebola was invented in the 1960s in Fort Detrick, how did he know that? Was it because he knew Marburg virus experiments have been carried out in the former Belgian Congo, now Zaire, in Africa? Vaccines which have been made by American, English, German and French scientists within the Yellow Fever Research Institute in Uganda, funded by the English Government and the Rockefeller Foundation, where also the Marburg virus contaminated green monkeys came from?

8. How is it possible that after the Fourth Congreso Latinamericano de Microbiologia in Lima, Peru on November 26, 1967, an article in The German language could be published: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift on December 22, 1967?

9. The last but not the least question is: If Ebola came from laboratories of the US Army then; what is the connection of the presence of the US Army, the World Health Organization WHO and the Centers for Disease Control CDC in Ebola facilities in the Philippines in the sixties and seventies?

10. Finally, before Marburg virus outbreak in 1967, it wasn’t in existence, how is it possible that worldwide everybody works with the Marburg virus without Leve1-4 laboratories? Secondly, how could they act without legal permission or official guidelines as I stated? Is it noteworthy to remember the signing of the Geneva accord by Nixon in 1970?


Medical crimes in Africa

Holland scientist and micro-surgeon issue a challenge to top world scientists to prove him wrong if Aids and Ebola aren’t bio-weapons


According to all the aforementioned tracks, namely; involvement of national military, medical and pharmacological institutes, track of the green monkeys, the outbreak of MARV in 1967, its discovery, its detection and isolation as well as to publish about the virus at the Fourth Congreso Latinamericano de Microbiologia in Lima, Peru on the November 26 1967, only six days after the identification, is almost impossible that all those things happened within such a short period of time.

In fact, it is not possible and not even one single black skinned person in the most isolated part of Africa does believe that. Whatever the Marburg or Ebola virus may be it must be created long before its first outbreak in 1967 and probably it dates back from the Second World War. The virus is human made and tested on black skinned people in Uganda and Zaire in Africa in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes. According to the aforementioned track of the green monkeys, the quarantine, the outbreak of MARV, its discovery, detection and isolation it is almost impossible.

In fact, it is not possible that German scientists are able to publish an article on December 22, 1967, named: ‘Zur Aetiologie einer unbekannten, von Affen ausgegangenen menschlichen Infektionskrankheit Deutsch Med Wochenschr (Stuttgart) in such a short period of time. Translated: The etiology of an unknown, transmitted by monkeys human infectious disease Deutsch Med Wochenschr.

Aids and Ebola are indeed medical crimes, until the real justice is felt, realized in every corner of the world, including Africa and the culprits brought to justice, the judiciary system in America and Europe, including the International Court of Justice in The Hague, remains a mockery, under a bunch of white-collar criminals.