GREAT WORQS: A Unique Platform For Writers And Film Makers

‘Great Worqs’ is recently launched online publishing platform which allows writers and writing enthusiasts to publish stories for members of the public to read and at the same time connect their stories with filmmakers. There’s an aspect of the site which allows filmmakers from all over the globe to connect for free.

They plan on re-launching a new platform at SXSW in March, with a site that will further help filmmakers and writers make a name for themselves within the film and publishing industry. “We are currently running a competition in partnership with the MMBF trust which allows writers to upload stories, connect with filmmakers and make a film which can then be sent back to us,” said ‘Great Worqs’ officials.


“Once that happens we will put the videos on our Great Worqs Youtube Channel. The highest viewed videos will than be reviewed by our high profile independent filmmakers who will judge the best film. Winners will get free independent film festival tickets to any festival in the world of their choosing and £100 prize money. At the same time if you already have a short film made you can submit the synopsis to that film and send your film right over which we will upload for you and your story will come up as pre-collaborated story.”