Antwerp Under The Administration of Mayor Bart De Wever

Could Bart De Wever be the best mayor of Antwerp?

The major of Antwerp, Bart De Wever and writer Joel Savage

The Mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever and the writer, Joel Savage. Photo:@Kouablan Dominique.

Not quite long in Belgium, but fifteen years in Antwerp is enough to write a narrative essay, whenever I meet this challenge at an examination hall. Even though Antwerp is a famous city, known for its rich diamond collection and flourishing seaport, in the early 2000’s, the city was very rough and unsafe for both tourists and citizens.

It was this period Leona Detiége, a Belgian politician and member of the Flemish social-democratic party, then mayor of Antwerp, did her best to tackle the problems destroying the reputation of the city of Antwerp, as a tourist attraction center.

She swung into action, focusing on the notorious places, such as De Conincksplein, a neighbourhood that harboured all criminal activities, including drug peddling, prostitution, bag snatching, pickpockets, pimps etc, and De Falconplein, another notorious neighbourhood, serving as a red light district for prostitutes, pimps, and drug couriers.

Her undertakings weren’t just a bluff, it did really paralyzed the prostitution industry. Many prostitutes were arrested and deported to their countries of origin and the pimp industry collapsed. The Antwerp police received a letter from a group calling themselves ‘The Nigerian Mafia,’ threatening and ready to fight the police to death, for taking their prostitutes off the streets.

Leona stationed a mobile police van at the center of Conincksplein 24 hours daily, and all the nefarious activities and crimes subsided. Apart from that Leona made it uneasy for landlords that stole money from tenants. It was a period, criminal-landlords was known as ‘huismelkers’ were making a lot of money from tenants. Like a farmer milking his cow, they steal the three months guarantee paid by tenants. Her actions worked and totally reduced this menace which had taken over Antwerp.

Unfortunately, all the hard efforts of Leona came to a fruitless end, when she left office and Patrick Janssens, a member of the SP.a, succeeded her, as the next mayor of Antwerp. Patrick Janssens probably thought the best way to serve Antwerp, is be friendly with everyone. It was his time drug peddling, which Leona had fought to subdue, increased significantly.

There was time, Moroccans in Antwerp, believe or thought the city is for them. They drive, stop on the street, talk to friends, with a long queue of traffic behind them. Who dares to talk? You will be surrounded and if the police are not around, you will be beaten mercilessly.

At Schijnpoort, a neighbourhood in Antwerp, a Belgium driving, stops and asks a Moroccan for help, as he couldn’t find a street he was looking for. As soon as his window came down, right in front of me, the Moroccan accumulated a thick saliva in his mouth and spits onto the face of the driver. He picks up a tissue paper, wipes the saliva from his face and drove away. My heart ached when I witnessed this scene.

Under the administration of Patrick Janssens,   the situation in Antwerp grew from bad to worse. More drug trafficking at coffee shops run by foreigners. By the time he decides to take drastic action, it was too late. The people in Antwerp are fed up and really want a change.

I will always remember Patrick Janssens for saving the citizens of Antwerp from dog’s waste explosion. It was a period one always comes home with a dog’s waste because they are everywhere. He did well to impose a fine against dog owners that leave dogs’ waste in the city after excretion.

The coming in of  Bart De Wever, the leader of N-VA party, as the mayor of Antwerp, took many by surprise. As a politician who has dreams including the creation of an independent state for the province of Antwerp, many don’t like him much, but that didn’t prevent him from winning the seat as mayor of Antwerp.

The man knows that coming into office as a mayor is not all that is important but one’s achievement. De Wever is destined to carve his name as one of the best or probably the best mayor in the political history of Belgium. Since he assumed office, De Wever has done a lot within the shortest period many past mayors couldn’t achieve.

In regard to security and safety, Antwerp is now a safe city any time of the day, including night. Conincksplein, which used to be a dangerous place in Antwerp, is now a safe community for citizens.

The newly completed library adds glamour to the beauty of the area. Antwerp also remains clean since the administration introduced fine for litterers. Alcohol forbidden zones are now in force within the city.

Despite all his achievements, many still don’t agree with him. Some say he is a good man or bad man, others think he is wicked, but whatever name they call him, there is no doubt that Bart De Wever is the best mayor Antwerp has ever got or probably the best in the political history of Belgium.

Overseas Chronicle-The Rome & Amsterdam Experience: One Man’s Encounter as an Illegal Immigrant


The struggle of an illegal immigrant in Europe

Author Joel Savage explores the struggles of being an illegal immigrant in Europe in his book, Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience. In his third memoir, Savage documents his travels from Rome to Amsterdam.

Author Joel Savage explores the struggles of being an illegal immigrant in Europe in his book, Overseas Chronicle: The Rome and Amsterdam Experience. In his third memoir, Savage documents his travels from Rome to Amsterdam.

Surviving encounters with the Mafia and sleeping in abandoned factories, including Pantanella, and the central train station in Rome, Savage decided to move camp to Amsterdam, hoping for a better life. Instead, he realized the hard immigration policies and liberal abuse of drugs and alcohol  had taken a toll on the immigrants in Amsterdam and he wanted no part of it.

Hoping to obtain documentation to rid him of his immigrant status, Savage ended up in many difficult situations, one of which included being arrested and put behind bars. In this passionately written book, the reader gains insight into the pain and agony of being an outsider stuck in a foreign country when all one wants is to be a part of it. Joel Savage’s novel is a must‐read for those hungry for a cultural experience.

Savage was born in Ghana before becoming a citizen of Sierra Leone. His father influenced him at an early age to pursue journalism, and since then he has written for numerous newspapers in Ghana and Belgium.

He currently lives in Belgium with his wife and three children. He freelances for newspapers, magazines, and television and is a member of the Flemish Journalism Association in Belgium.

Is That The True Image Of Jesus As A Child?

Jesus 2

The birth of Jesus Christ and his coming to earth to do his father’s work, can’t be altered as false story by atheists or scientists, even though all attempts have been made to distort the story of Jesus. It has always been the task or desire for people to make name for themselves, by challenging historical Biblical facts.

They are now trying very hard to convince us that humans are descendants of monkeys, pushing aside the story of creation by God through Adam and Eve. The advanced of Technology today has made it possible to solve crimes committed decades ago. The same technology has created how Jesus was as child.

Actually as a Christian, the way Jesus looks like doesn’t matter to me than to follow his principles and teachings to live a clean life. According to a feature article written by Joe Cruz, which appeared in, Italians forensic investigators have used…….

Is this the face of Jesus as a boy? Italian forensics investigators have used the Shroud of Turin, to produce an image of how Jesus might have looked like as a child. Italian police reverse the ageing process on image taken from the Turin Shroud to create photo of Christ as a young child. This is the face of Jesus Christ as a child – according to Italian police. Italians detectives used computer forensic techniques that have helped to catch mafia bosses and criminals to generate the image.

The Independent writes that, “Using the Turin Shroud, the supposed burial cloth of Jesus, police investigators have generated a photo-fit image from the negative facial image on the material. And from this they reversed the ageing process to create an image of a young Jesus, by reducing the size of the jaw, raising the chin and straightening the nose.”

The image of the young Jesus was created to coincide with the latest exhibition of the Turin Shroud at Turin Cathedral which is expected to attract millions of visitors, including Pope Francis. Debate rages over the authenticity of the Shroud, which is imprinted with the image of a man who appears to have been crucified. Do you believe we are actually looking at the image of Christ as a child?


A Blue Millions Books Interview With Author Joel Savage


Featured Author: Joel Savage

Joel Savage, author of Overseas Chronicle-The Rome and Amsterdam Experience, and he’s here today with Virtualbookworm Publishing to talk about the book and writing in general.

About the book:

The Roman Catholic priests continuously abused the young boys they had provided accommodation and in Amsterdam the liberal laws on drugs have destroyed a lot of people that there are walking dead on the streets.

In Amsterdam, the police successfully have impounded hundreds of kilos of drugs which are brought into the country through the airport Schiphol, yet marijuana and other harmful drugs find their way into the coffee-shops for customers. Where do those drugs come from? Who is controlling it? The government, the army, the police, or the Queen?


Catholic Rome

Interview with Joel Savage

Joel, how long have you been writing, and how did you start?

I have been writing since I was a teenager. I grew up in environment where I witnessed the experiences of those dying in desperation, and it deepened my understanding and knowledge to start writing books inspired by true events.

What do you like best about writing?

Writing has been my passion. It may be a hereditary thing since my father was a journalist and writer.

What’s your least favorite thing?

I don’t have any least favorite thing but I feel restless when a particular book I’m working on is left uncompleted.

Do you have another job outside of writing?

Yes, when I am not behind my desk, I work as a cleaner or sometimes as a forklift driver to support my family.

How did you create the plot for this book?

I was aware of the subject I wanted to write about and since it falls in the genre of non-fiction, I made the book very interesting to read, letting the reader feel that he or she is witnessing firsthand.

Do you outline, write by the seat of your pants, or let your characters tell you what to write?

Having the story in mind, I just plan the outline and the story continues as the book is inspired by true events.

Did you have any say in your cover art?

I love being creative and adventurous. I therefore design the cover illustration of every book I have written.

What books have you read more than once or want to read again?

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peal

What’s your favorite line from a book?

There was an advice to a certain lady to refrain from thinking in order to prevent wrinkles from forming on her forehead.

Tell us a book you’re an evangelist for.

The Devil that Danced on the Water by Aminatta Forna.

What do you do to market your book?

I write little feature articles on my blog relating to my books before they are published.

Joel, tell us about your favorite scene in the book.

When I was invited by the police in Amsterdam for my documents, I went without any idea that I was going to be arrested and thrown behind bars. The police told me “We knew that woman more than you; she takes money from foreigners under the pretext of helping them.” I couldn’t say anything.

What song would you pick to go with your book?

I don’t have any song which suits my case but I remember that time the African-American musician, R Kelly’s lyrics, “I believe I can fly” supported me spiritually through faith to survive.

Who are your favorite authors?

Norman Vincent Peale, Aminatta Forna, Jeffery Archer and Ryszard Kapucinski.

What are your favorite books as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult?

Books inspired by true events.

Which author would you most like to invite to dinner, and what would you fix him?

Harrison Ford. I will first ask him what he likes best.

Do you have a routine for writing? Do you work better at night, in the afternoon, or in the morning?

I write when time is available. It can be morning, evening and even at midnight.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

At home at night.

Do you ever get writer’s block? What do you do when it happens?

At the moment I haven’t experienced any writer’s block because I’m still working on other scripts.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?

“Whatever happens to me benefits me, because it educates me morally and spiritually.”

What three books have you read recently and would recommend?

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, by Jeffrey Archer; My Laugh Comes Last, by James Hadley Chase; and Cry My Beloved Country, by Alan Paton.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Watch a favorite program on the television.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?Australia

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
United States of America

What are you working on now?

My new script The Passion of Reggae and African Music.

Joel Answers the Dirty Dozen:

1.    Name one thing you couldn’t live without.

The Holy Bible

2.    If you could only keep one book,what would it be?

  The Power of Positive Thinking

3.    Your last meal would be…

Last meal wouldn’t taste well. I prefer to request the Bible.

4.    Would you rather work in a library or a bookstore?

I prefer any of them because both are the best way to increase your knowledge and interact with people.

5.    You won the lottery.What’s the first thing you would buy?

A house.

6.    Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island or the North Pole?

Both aren’t a good experience if one finds himself in any of the two. I will therefore pray for this never to occur.7.    You’re given the day off, and you can do anything but write. What would you do?

I will still use that precious time to write.

8. You’re driven to a private plane and told it will take you anywhere your want to go. Where would it be?

A place I haven’t visited yet, United States of America.

9.    You can be any fictional character for one day. Who would you be?

Sammy Davis Jr.

10.    Where would your dream office be?

A place where business thrives with friendly people.

11.    If you could do only one, would you rather read or write?


12.    One of your main characters has to die. Which one would you kill off?

That’s a hard decision. I am happy I’m not working on anything like that at the moment.
overseas 10