Discovering African Opportunities Through Africa Secretariat

Africa is a continent rich in mineral resources. To motivate Africans and Africans in the Diaspora to make good use of the resources as entrepreneurs, create employment and enhance in the development of Africa, economically and technologically.

“The Africa Secretariat” was established in England, couple of years ago, to assist aspiring entrepreneurs, and other established businessmen to discover more African opportunities and to help international suppliers interested in Africa’s business.

Group 10

Thanks to the amazing discovery of technology which has made it possible to reach and communicate with millions of people from all walks of life interested in Africa’s business, as a continent with ready available resources to take off every business and serve the needs of entrepreneur.

The Africa Secretariat is on a business journey to find individuals across Europe and America to share the need for empowerment of Africa’s business and the need of Africans representing the raw materials from their home countries.

Our aim is to plan a launch in Europe including Belgium, with the European Commission, showcasing African raw materials provided by Africans in the Diaspora, directly to the international markets in Europe. This would force the interest and inspire them to trade in Africans business. Are you interested to be successful as entrepreneur? For ample information over Africa Secretariat,  Website: You can also register at is a web-based intelligence and data aggregation service. The service uses data in order to match expertise, products, projects and services to the ongoing development opportunities in Africa. As part of the service African Diaspora professionals, export promotion agencies, international companies and local African businesses, non-government organisations and charities are able to showcase and promote their products with regards to Africa’s continual development opportunities and needs.


The service has also been designed to encourage groups, individuals, businesses and organisations to work together to combat Africa’s development challenges. Companies can promote their products and services via a subscription to With African Government Agencies also being encouraged to subscribe, new and existing business objectives and plans are constantly showcased, allowing business professionals to identify and implement solutions.


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Mr. Ben Omoakin Oguntala

The Head And Managing Director is an initiatve designed to generate interest in the security sector of Africa. Under the Chairmanship of Courtenay Griffiths QC, its aim is to provide an avenue for International Security specialists looking to implement their solutions in Africa and African Governments with interest in improving their security sector to engage and initiate solutions. We also provide a forum for businesses that trade in Africa to source the security solutions to protect their interests in Africa.



High-Performing Women Reaching Senior Management Positions

Whatever a man can do, can a woman do it and even better? Women are considered a weaker vessel in the society, many experiencing sexual harassment and discrimination, just because they are women. I think it is time to acknowledge the fact many women are doing equally or better than men in whatever profession they represent in the society today.

The 6th Annual European E-Commerce Conference which took place last year November 18, 2014, brought many speakers from the commerce sector, including Susanne Czech, secretary General, EMOTA, Antti Peltomaki, Deputy Director General, DG ENTR, European, Vicky Ford, Chair Internet Market and Consumer Protection, Tod Cohen etc; the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Global Government Relations, Ebay to give talks.


Among the participants that gave key note speech, there was one particular lady whose interesting biography caught my attention. She was Cindy Miller. Since April 2013, she has been president of UPS Europe. Quick reference: UPS is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages, freight and the facilitation of international trade globally.

Cindy Miller who has a long service, 25 years professional career, began working for UPS as a one of the van drivers. A native of Pennsylvania, USA, Cindy Miller worked her way up through positions, taking responsibility for all the UPS operations in more than 120 countries and territories across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).



Cindy Miller started as UPS driver and now leads as president of the company 

Cindy Miller’s uncountable tasks and recent assignments include heading the UPS UK, Ireland and the Nordics, where she was the leader responsible for UPS outstanding performance as Official Logistics and Express Delivery Supporter of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics’ Games.

Cindy Miller’s historical professional background is truly inspiring to encourage and support women’s development through programming.