Life Is Happiness Not A Burden If You Make Good Use Of It

Happy life

Life is happiness not a burden if make good use of it

Life always has a story to tell. As children before adulthood, we were fortunate that our parents toiled for us in both hard and unique ways. But do we sometimes take into consideration how our parents suffered for us to give them the respect and love they deserve?

Well, many had it rough in life because they were neglected by their parents, yet be thankful to God, because that bitter experience of neglect gave you the courage and motivation to carry on daily in life and that will and determination you embraced were the keys which shaped, molded and educated you to success.

We are positive because we believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. We are hopeful because life never stops dreaming of wonders in spite of the blunders.

She sings of happiness because there is always someone out there at any moment who loves you., who prays for you, who wants to thank you for something, or because you played a significant role in their life.

Thus; it is only proper that you live purely, patiently and peacefully. Free yourself from slavery of ‘fitting in,’ for you are more blessed than you look, more amazing than you appeal, more intelligent than you sound, more spirited than you seem and exquisitely precious than you think.

You are God’s masterpiece, rise to every occasion. As a gift to the world, refresh our sensations. If anyone misunderstands you, let them wallow in their ignorance, for to be great is to be misunderstood. That’s part of life if you fully understand the aspects of life.