Politicians Are Part Of The Great Mess And Problems In Africa

Politicians are part of the great mess and problems that Africa and Africans are facing today, especially on the continent. Although it may appear that the colonial powers are all gone from the scene and forefront of Africa, they are very much there under the covers of politics, corporations, humanitarian and aid organizations.


They will not leave Africa, because it has too much resources that the entire world needs to keep afloat into the future. The unfortunate part in all this is that Africans are almost entirely devoid of the knowledge that their countries and the entire African continent is a prize like no other, that the planet of over 7 billion people needs and wants.

In the years ahead it is only going to get worst for Africans there, because, the greed of humans outside, especially in the west, will continue to grow ferociously.

Africans in the Diaspora need to focus their attention to solutions for Africa and Africans, and not the shadiness that is common and prevalent. This is how China, Japan and India were able to shake off the looting of their countries. The governments in Africa know the goals of the western powers, and they don’t care, because they also benefit from the disruptions and instability.

As long as they get their promised lion’s shares of the pillaging, they will continue to look the other way and pretend they are ignorant of the situation that is affecting the people.
Solutions overcome corruptions over time. But, focusing and digging into the vast world of corruption only serves the corrupted and corrupters, and not the masses, whom should be benefactors of just system.

Just consider this:
Nigeria alone is on path to dominate the entire African continent, in a positive way, over the next 20 years. And, not only Africa, but, the entire Asian region, because her population is due to skyrocket to over a 1 billion people in rapid session! This in not publicize in the global media, because it will send shock-waves, across economies. With Nigeria manning space stations and sending satellites into orbit doesn’t bode well for the conglomerates, who traditionally controlled the avenues of telecast and communication globally.


African head of states, the battle is hotter than they can handle.

Like an iceberg, there is always more going on under the surface than what is visible on the surface. African has a long way to go. How can we challenge  the rapid changes in the developed world, years after political independence? How can we improve our education and reading, to rub shoulders with the developed world? That is upon us, and also the task of reducing corruption which has dented and crippled Africa’s economy.

Over the medical crimes in Africa, apart from Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, no African head of state has been brave enough to demand answers from those (Europe and America) that committed the crimes against Africans, because they can’t deal with the Ebola and the Aids crisis alone, but that’s not smartness, it’s weakness and ignorance.

The same weakness and ignorance the developed world has used for ages to dominate Africa and it will be like that always, because Africa is not yet ready to learn from its past mistakes.