Be More Cautious As Advanced Online Frauds Sometimes Get The People They Target

Online fraud

Online fraud is skyrocketing avoid being a victim

Internet fraud is rapidly increasing like a bush fire in the dry season without ceasing because the perpetrators behind often get those they target. 

I receive a lot every week but I make selections before publishing, for my followers and readers to know how fraudsters are using the advantage of the birth of modern technology to create documents, banners and logos, with the intention to cheat or defraud.

Below is a mail sometimes one may find it hard to detect that its purpose is to harm you. Click to view documents takes you to a Google page demanding your e-mail and password.


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Beware! Of Oil Deals And Partnership Request Frauds

Beware of internet frauds.

Internet fraud has sharply increased by hundred percent

People are very greedy to the extent that they will not invite you for a meal, let alone to tell you that they have thousands of dollars hidden somewhere so come and get your share. Fraudsters will use every ways and means to let you believe them, thus, many now use the names of famous or influential people as a bait. Internet fraud has increased rapidly because the fraudsters get some of the people they target. These are emails I received yesterday .


Hello dear,

Greetings to you, and how are you and your family? I want you to know that am contacting you for friendship and business partnership. I really wish to have you as my good friend/partner and wish to hand over my funds to you for investments on trust. Because of the situation we are in here in Iraq. I will like to use this opportunity to let you know about me,

I am Sabir Ali personal aid to the oil chief in Iraq, because of the ongoing fighting between the rebels and the Iraqi government the country has been divided we have been under house arrest for weeks now, and we don’t know what the future will be. I have $9.5 Million US dollars that I successfully moved out of the country.

I need a good partner, someone I can trust. It is oil business money we did with the Iraq government worth of 46 million US dollars, but the $9.5 million us dollars stated is my share on the business and it’s legal. I have successfully moved the funds out of Iraq. The most important thing is Can I Trust You in this partnership?

I am willing to offer you 35% of the fund for your role and assistance while you keep the remaining 65% for me. Once the funds get to you, you take your 35% out and keep my own 65% for me. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where my part of the funds will be until I come to meet with you for discussions on investment plans and business partnership, but I have more interest in real estate or any other profitable investment.

As soon as I hear from you, I will furnish you with more details on how to proceed for the transfer of the funds. The whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times because the wise ones are the humble ones. I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation waiting for your urgent response.

My Regards,
Sabir Ali


Linda Ahmed

Les Bons Villers, Région wallonne,  Belgium

Good day to you

Please forgive me because I’m not internet savvy. I am a widow of a
late oil & Gas merchant and now diagnosed with cancer. The doctors
said I have a few months to live; I want you to help me distribute the
sum of $38.5 Million Dollars (Thirty Eight Million, Five Hundred
Thousand United State Dollars) to charity organization in your country.

Please reply me at if you can help me distribute my funds and I am willing to give you 20% for your time and effort.

Kindest regard,

Mrs. Linda Ahmed

Opinion and conclusion:

If from nowhere you receive such an e-mail, don’t be happy that God has answered your prayers. No one will ever tell you if he has such an amount of money. Where does this man or woman knows me? How can someone who doesn’t know me tell me he has such a big amount? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. At the end, he will be asking you for a processing fee between four to five thousand dollars, surprisingly, many follow such scams to fall deep into the pit.

Beware! Of Frauds With Fake Designed Google Letter Heads

Fraud 1“Every man has the right to decide his own destiny,” sings Bob Marley. This right has overflowed its banks, as some people has chosen the habit of fraudulent means to live in this world, thus; always looking for absent-minded people to defraud.  

Desperate people, do desperate things. Every year people lose thousands of dollars and euros through internet or online frauds. There are warnings and prevention sites to curb away people from such frauds, yet they become victims to online frauds.

Online crooks, thieves, defrauders etc, plan very well to confuse victims to believe the scams are genuine. They go as far as designing ‘Google Letter Heads’ to make you believe what you are reading is genuine, but it isn’t.

It usually comes like this: Dear Google User.

You have been selected as a winner for using Google services, attached to this email is Our Official Notification Letter for your perusal.

Eileen Naughton.
Managing Director Of Operations,
Google UK Ltd.

This fake mail  they make you believe from  Google, informs you of winning over £950.000.00 from (Google online sweeptakes) The letter demands your telephone number, your country, address etc, but it’s completely fake. Don’t let the fake designed ‘Google Letter Head’ steal your mind to give those thieves the processing fee they demand from victims.

Few years ago, with the photocopy of my Belgium press card, I sent a registered letter to ‘The Spanish Police Fraud Squad’ over Nigerians in fake letter lottery scam, claiming the person had won a million euros but needed to advance 4,000 euros in administrative fees to claim the jackpot. Over more than 600 people took the bait.

The police broke their networks and seized “800 Nigerian letters ready for posting, 700 envelopes, lists of possible victims” in their search, along with 100 photos destined for passport forgery.’ This is the reason I blog. I will inform readers any time I discover defrauders new plans.

Internet Frauds: An Attempt To Steal In The Name Of God.


Internet fraudsters will do everything for people they target to believe them. It’s unfortunate that some of the letters with the intention to defraud, are written in the name of God, hoping people would be moved or touched with compassion to respond. Below is example of a scam letter with intention to defraud or enter into your financial account. 

Dear Child of God

Calvary Greetings in the name of the LORD

I am Mrs Caroline Dominic from switzerland I am married to Late Mr.Joseph Dominic who is a wealthy business man here in Ivory Coast we were married for many years with out a child before he died after a brief illness

Before his sudden death we where devoted christian When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of Three Million US Dollars ($ in one of the prime bank here in Ivory Coast Presently this money is still with the Bank,

I am very sick from Kidney cancer that i may not last till the next two months according to my doctor so now i decided to donate this money to a honest individual who will use it to work for God, orphans, widow and maintenance of church to fulfill the vow I and my late husband made to God, and I have chosen you after praying.

I want this money to be use as  have said since I do not have any child to inherit it and our relatives are all unbelievers and i don’t want our hard earn money to be used in ungodly way so you will take 15% of the fund for your effort and use the remaining as i stated,
as soon as i read from you i will give you more details on how to achieve it,

I need your urgent reply as I don’t know what tomorrow will result,

Your Sister In The Lord
Mrs Caroline Dominic

Scams, Frauds And Publishing Frauds Lurking On The Internet In Search For Easy Prey

“Every aspiring writer who wants to be successful author should keep away from Dorrance and RoseDog publishers”- Author Joel Savage.

In a world dominated by crime, greed, selfishness and less love for people, don’t expect to be the beneficiary of someone’s wealth if you don’t know the person. There are philanthropists worldwide, they know where their money go, to gain back and if you are poor and dream of becoming rich through a rich man, then that dream is a dream of illusion, because that rich person wants to get that little money you have to add to his own. The reason the greed of rich people is stronger than the poor man.

Dorrance 9

Dorrance publishing. They say “Publish Your Book with America’s Oldest Publishing Services Company” but they are America’s oldest publishing criminals.

Despite the warnings online, every year thousands of people fall victim to internet frauds. Thieves, rogues and bad companies, cleverly work out schemes with the intention to defraud the public and they do succeed, because they know that lack of investigation enables people to fall victims to their  online underworld activities. You may think you are clever, so it may never happen to you, until you are swept of your feet.

As an aspiring writer, with the desire to become an author, despite all efforts to avoid publication frauds, I ended up in the same hot soup I was trying to avoid. I lost close to $4,000 to bad publishers, Dorrance and RoseDog Publishers, without getting my two books published. The two publishers are under the same management. Since then whenever, I get the chance to write, I keep warning, especially up-coming writers and authors to keep away from such publishers, because their intentions are to defraud.

Rosedog 2


Rose Dog is owned by Dorrance Publishing, a subsidy publisher. Rose Dog is expensive, charging a lot more than most POD publishers: $1400 for basic publishing services (not including distribution, marketing packages and copyediting). They do have a marketing package for $2400 which includes the mailing of promotional pieces to about 300 addresses and sending out 25 review copies of the books.  They do provide proofreading services (which they call copyediting) at $2.50 per page plus a fee of $25.

Another online social platform designed to defraud is ‘Fanbox.’ They preyed on Asians and the vulnerable. Calling it ‘Social Experiment’ you are deceived of earning large amount of money. To protect that amount you pay commission on that earned money, which they deduct monthly after giving them your credit card details.


A social platform which has defrauded thousands of its members with false earnings.

People need to be smart, if you have earned such an enormous amount, perhaps $2,500, deductions can be taken from that amount. They have gone far by adding comments of members who claim of cashing certain amounts, just to lure you onto the platform.

Finally how do you react when you see such mail in your personal mail?

My name is Karen Carlson, 72 yrs old widow. I have a donation I need you to handle for me. Details of the donation would be made known once I hear from you. I have contacted you in good faith and if you are interested do send me an email:

Jane Kenrick

Media and Communications Officer
P  (03) 9851 9750 / 0417 912 644  F  (03) 9851 9715
35 Hutchinson Drive, KEW, VIC 3101
PO Box 3555 Tingalpa QLD 4173  Australia   W

Disclaimer – April 16, 2015

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for . If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute, copy or alter this email. Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and might not represent those of Endeavour. Warning: Although Endeavour has taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in this email, the company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this email or attachments.

Endeavour Foundation respects your privacy. All personal information we hold about you is kept confidential, according to Australian privacy law.
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The Writer’s Conclusion:

When you receive such mail, ignore it completely. However, if you want to investigate further who the person is, for example Karen Carlson whom the letter came from, just try to find out who she is. I did it and the result was:

Karen Carlson was born on January 15, 1945 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for The Candidate (1972), The Octagon (1980) and Days of Our Lives (1965). She was previously married to Devin Payne and David Soul.

From every angle, you can see that the intention of the writer is to defraud. Be careful over such friendly mails. They are destined to harm you.