With Eyes From Both Sides

Thelma 4

Thelma Wright’s husband, Jackie Wright, was one of the biggest names in the Philadelphia drug game. He was murdered in 1986, his body found rolled up in a rug with a gunshot wound to the head. After the murder, Thelma took over the family business and became the new boss transporting Class A drugs between Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

The couple had a son together and she wrote in her memoir: “People are assuming Jackie left me all this money. Nope. I got this child. I can’t lay down and die, so we just resumed business as normal. Made a lot of money. A lot of money.” Wright claimed that she would make as much as $400,000 each month. In 1991, she left a late-night club called Studio West and was caught up in a gangland shootout. It was at this point that Wright decided to turn her back on crime for good.

The Author

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In 2011, Thelma Wright became a writer and an inspirational speaker for those who have had run-ins with the law. She said of her new line of work, “when I go around and I speak to people, I’m letting them know that you need to stay away from this game. You’re not going to win. It is a ‘no win.’ Two options: death or jail. That’s it. Would I do it again? No. No, absolutely not”.