An Open Letter To Geert Wilders: The Leader of Anti-Islam PVV Party

Dear Mr. Wilders,

Only a few people respect Africans and the rest underestimate, so let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Joel Savage, an African journalist residing in Antwerp. Two of my achievements which no Belgian newspaper published are: Bringing to an end the mass killings of Africans in Antwerp’s notorious Stuivenberg hospital for body organs and forcing a Belgian landlord to sell his whole house because he steals from foreigners he rents his house.


The controversial Geert Wilders, do we have to believe what he is fighting for?

As an author with eight books to my credit, you would have noticed my name on the front page of Belgian newspapers, had it been that hunger drove me to steal bread in one of Antwerp’s supermarkets because that’s the kind of journalism practiced in Belgium. Belgium or Antwerp, can’t deny my claim that some Belgian doctors killed Africans for body parts in Stuivenberg hospital, since Belgium has made name as the first country in the world, to named streets after and building statues in honour of King Leopold II, a king who killed over ten million Africans, including children in Africa, when there isn’t any statue of Adolf Hitler.

The Significance Of This Letter

Now on the subject which led to this letter. For some time now, I have been following your activities as one of the few brave, outspoken Right-wing PVV party leaders. In many of your interviews, you said that you are not against Islam, but the people behind causing atrocities, bloodshed, destruction and terror in the world, yet you continue to show and convince the world, how evil Islam is, by showing in your short documentary film called ‘Fitna.’ Again almost every newspaper refers you as “ The Right-wing leader of anti-Islam PVV party.”

Mr. Wilders, with much respect, can you please tell me particularly, if you are fighting against Islam, Moroccans or the people behind terrorism and bloodshed, in the name of Allah. I am sorry Mr. Wilders, I’m compelled to write this letter, because you have more problems in your native country Netherlands to solve, than putting your neck into the trap of Islam, to be a wanted man on their list.

The International Court Of Justice




The great Professor Johan Van Dongen: His books revealing Aids and Ebola as medical crimes against humanity, caused his downfall in his country of origin, Holland.

Mr. Wilders in your country, The Netherlands, has the International Court of Justice in The Hague, but there isn’t a single justice in Holland. Let me give you just two examples of injustices and the abuse of human rights daily in your country, I have compiled. As an intelligent man, you may definitely know about the Dutch scientist called Johan Van Dongen. He was the first man to expose Aids and Ebola, as medical crimes against humanity in his books published in your own language. The books were “De Grootse Misdaad in Medische Geschiedenis and Pleeidooi Voor De Aap.” What happened to him after his publications? The Dutch authorities who are desperately fighting to cover up those crimes, made his life miserable, eventually, he lost his house and job. At the age 70, he now lives in a small room with his wife in Amsterdam.

Mr. Geert, if you are truly sincere, fighting against crime, bloodshed, immigration, injustice, violence and terrorism, why did you fail to speak against the same crime and cruelty Europe and America committed against Africans? Why did you fail to speak against the Dutch authorities for the injustice against Professor Johan Van Dongen, for letting the world know the truth about the origins of Aids and Ebola when Aids and Ebola are medical crime of weapons of mass destruction, similar to what you are fighting against?

Joel Savage

Mr. Wilders, in one of ING Bank cafeterias in Amsterdam, operated by a group called ‘Compass Group’ a man called Joel Savage solicited for a job as a dishwasher online. The manager called him and he went to his office. The first day of his arrival, he worked for six hours. The second day, Mr. Savage worked eight hours and the third day, he did another eight hours. Thus; in total Mr. Savage worked twenty-two hours within three days.

The last day after work, the manager told Mr. Savage that he is going to call him. He was at home for a week without hearing from the manager. Mr. Savage, therefore, decided to call him to find out the reason he failed to call him as promised. The manager told him that he has employed someone else. Mr. Savage knows very well that, as a manager has authority to employ him or someone else, so he didn’t bother much when he lost the job. Mr. Savage then asked him for the payment of his twenty-two-hour service he did. The manager told him that since he didn’t employ him, there was no need to pay him. He stuck by his word and refused to pay Mr. Savage till today.

Wilders 2

Geert Wilders followed by the blind media.

Mr. Wilders, what do you call this criminal act which took place in a modern world and in a country like Holland? Please answer me. I am sorry to tell you that you are fighting a fruitless battle in your country against whoever and whatever you are aiming at, because those you trust and think are behind you, are the same people that will give you away in the last minute.

Don’t forget, the mouth that said, “Hosanna, here comes the Messiah was the same mouth that said crucify him.” Now you put me in a very big doubt over what you stands for because it seems to me that you are seeking recognition for your own selfish political ambitions, rather than fighting for your country or the world. In Matthew chapter 7:5, Jesus said

“You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Kicking Away Fear: The Enemy That Prevents Our Success

How to overcome fear

Fear, one of the most basic human unpleasant emotions in the nervous system

The young lady has successfully completed her education, passing out with bright colors as a medical nurse. But due to lack of confidence, she is scared to solicit for a job. Her mind tells her she isn’t attractive enough and therefore going to fail her interview. The aspiring writer has written the best book, which could be the next number one best seller to change the world, but fear has already crippled him because he thought the book may not sell.

Fear, one of the most basic human unpleasant emotions in the nervous system, has attributed to the failure in the lives of thousands of people. When one is gripped with fear, it prevents quick thinking, solutions to problems and one becomes confused and nervous. Many encounters fear in many ways, when ready to take exams, during speech and when to arrest certain situations. In the first place, what causes fear within human beings?

Many times, I like to share my experience when writing articles. I discovered during my youth that I had no fear in me, however; many attempts in things which I wasn’t perfect nearly cost my life. For example, I shouldn’t have gone deep into the sea when I am aware that I can’t swim. Yes till now, I don’t know how to swim. I was carried away by the sea, and those trying to save me gave up because I disappeared when I was pulled into a swirling deep hole under the sea. Then a mighty wave swept me ashore. In a state of shock, I took my clothes and walked nakedly home.

‘Fear’ is an enemy, yet people shouldn’t put away fear to do what they aren’t perfect or do something wrong. For example, smuggling drug to a country, hoping you may not be caught. That is not the right way to overcome fear or to see if you are brave. You may end up in jail. However; there are ways one can adapt to overcome fear. Once as illegal immigrant in Europe, few minutes before noon, without breakfast and not knowing where my next meal is coming from, I took to the streets on foot towards a friend’s house, hoping I might find something to eat.


Fear kills many people hundred of thousand times before their real death.

Over an hour walk and still far from where I was going, I experienced the symptoms of system failure. I felt dizzy and knew would soon collapse. I had no choice than to enter a bus without a ticket. Before the bus reached my destination, controllers caught me without a ticket. This is a very big offence everywhere in Europe, taken thousands of illegal immigrants back to their country of origin. I didn’t  panic or afraid, that gave me enough time to think of what to say.

“I am happy you going to call the police to arrest me,” I said when I noticed they were going near their vehicle to use the equipment to call the police. “Why are you happy we calling the police?”  One of the controllers asked.“Because I haven’t eaten since morning, definitely I will get something to eat at the police station.” I replied. They were stupefied and after looking at each other’s face, they asked me to go home.

According to doctors, fear is normal, because we are human beings. Unfortunately, fear, the feeling of agitation and anxiety that runs through the minds of human beings, preventing them from doing many things, is exactly what people in higher positions, stand on to harm, bully, manhandle and show injustice to the underprivileged in the society. People use their positions to manipulate, cheat, and dominate other people, because they know the person is scared and powerless to defend himself.

How can someone overcome fear? There are hundreds of books at Amazon on how to overcome fear, but one of the great books which I  read,  and changed my whole life consciously and positively  was ‘The power of positive thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale. It’s a very good book.