The Threat Of Total Collapse Of The European Union

German chancellor Angela Merkel can she save the EU from disintegration?

German chancellor Angela Merkel has done her best in the past to save the EU, but now faces the toughest challenge of her life to save the European Union from total collapse. Photo: Courtesy of

German chancellor Angela Merkel tries to save the imminent collapse of the EU

This is not my first time I am writing about the European Union. I believe it will not be the last. Some businessmen, entrepreneurs, and politicians may claim that the formation of the European Union was a success but to many others, it’s a total failure.

I am in Belgium since the year 2000, I can never compare those past flexible wonderful years to today’s unrest and difficult times after the formation of the European Union.

Things are so bad that every government in Europe keep fighting to stabilize the economy but nothing seems working. A lot of money goes to the tax office but workers still pay back money to the tax office, something many never experienced a decade ago.

The significance of the formation of the European Union was to promote greater social, political and economic harmony among the nations of Western Europe but the outcome has been suicidal, with a high rate of unemployment and social discontent.

I understand if Britain wants to break free from the union because the union didn’t achieve anything better in the past and there isn’t any brighter prospects or light of hope ahead of the dark tunnel for the union at the moment.

The European Union is in fact, a complete failure which has brought unrest and hardships to the common man, employers, and employees.

The unification of European markets under a single currency, can’t be classified as a success because trades were going on successfully with the old currencies before the new single currency was made.

After the referendum of Britain to leave the European Union, it may be likely that other countries may wish to follow Britain and it’s clear now that France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, and Hungary could leave as well. That wouldn’t be good.

Ghana Needs Underground Drainage System To Boost Its Tourism Industry

Ghana Gas Station Explosion

A car lies in a water trench that washed away after heavy rain near a gas station explosion in Accra, Ghana, Thursday, June 4, 2015. Flooding in Ghana’s capital swept stored fuel into a nearby fire, setting off a huge explosion at a gas station that killed scores of people and set alight neighboring buildings, authorities said Thursday. (AP Photo/Christian Thompson)

If the Ghanaian government really wants the country to be one of the best tourists destination countries in the world, then the country should consider embarking on building an underground drainage system, because the much-opened sewage in the country produce horrific odours which prevent tourists from visiting the country.

Almost six decades after Ghana attained independence, developments in the country are very slow and the drainage systems are poor giving rise to malaria and other diseases.

Anyone that visits Ghana has a wonderful story to tell about the friendly people and delicious meals, but the stench that emanates from opened gutters changes the taste of the story to bitterness.

Normally such ugly scenes shouldn’t be something to be seen in the city, but opened sewage are everywhere throughout the city of Accra. Just going round the famous Makola market will put you off to visit Ghana again as a tourist.

It’s very sad that for ages the Ghana government depends on the exportation of raw materials such as farm products and minerals to support the economy. But the revenues from Ghana’s import is not helping the country very much.

Firstly, unseen corruption is daily eating into Ghana’s coffers and the price of commodities given by foreign trade partners is very poor. Without any means to generate effective taxation, the Ghana Ports Authority taxation on commodities brought into the country from foreign countries is higher than the purchased price.

This is completely insane but since there are no means to generate tax apart from exports, the Ghanaian government continues to ignore the ‘Cry of the sufferers’ at the ports to tax foreign goods such as vehicles over two hundred percent high. Many are asking if it worth to bring a vehicle from overseas into the country.

Proper sanitation facilities and underground drainage system will not only increase Ghana’s revenue in tourism but also reduce the high rate of malaria infection.

Yet there are many African countries, including Ivory Coast, making great revenue from tourism because of its well-planned waste disposal and drainage systems. The city of Abidjan can be compared to a city in Europe, because of its underground drainage system. Ghana could have been a great tourist center but poor sanitation and drainage facilities prevent thousands of tourist yearly to visit the country.

On many occasions during heavy floods, people are carried away, but constructing underground drainage to save the lives of people or to increase revenue in tourism industry hasn’t been an issue of concern to the Ghanaian government, yet the government is among other five African head of States, a case study in Europe has discovered are in corruption deal involving trade mis-invoicing, costing Ghana billions of dollars in lost revenue. The link: .