Breast Cancer: Heart Of Endurance, A survivor’s Story.

Cancer 2

Breast cancer survivor

One day while watching the television, she felt a hard lump in one of her breasts. She doesn’t know what is but the thought of cancer wasn’t in her mind. She told her husband and he advised her to see the doctor. “This is nothing to see the doctor,”  she said.

She therefore kept the lump embedded in her breast for about two months, before she decides to see the doctor. At the hospital, she was diagnosed of cancer. She was calm when she heard the news. The doctor was quite amaze over her calmness and he tries to find out.

“Reactions of people after being diagnosed with cancer is sometimes disturbing, but why you took it so calm?” Asked the doctor. “Because I have God, I will fight my way through.” She replied, but later she discovered that fighting cancer is easier said than done.

Cancer has taken many to their early grave and continues to make people and family miserably. Today there dramatic improvements in cancer research, treatment and early detection, saving the lives of millions of women.

Heart of Endurance is an incredible story of a survivor, that can inspire many to have faith in God and remain strong to overcome breast cancer.

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