The Mistakes Many Authors, Business Companies, And Online Book Sellers Do On Twitter

Bad marketing strategies on Twitter

Twitter is for success but bad marketing strategies can affect your business on Twitter

Twitter, one of the giants social media offers a variety of services to entrepreneurs, businessmen, including authors and online book publishers and sellers.

Once interested in someone’s product, books or like the activities of a particular organization that may attract the person to follow you.

It seems to some people that gaining thousands of Twitter followers mean success, dignity, respect and the flourishing of business which may give them probably the recognition they are looking for.

Unfortunately, some authors and booksellers follow other authors just to increase the number of their followers then later unfollow them.

These kinds of tricks are bad marketing strategies which can affect you as an author or your business, depending how long you are using such unproductive cheating game as a marketing strategy.

An author I was interested in and therefore featured his books on my blog did the same and I cancelled the idea of buying his book. I used that money to buy another book of an author we are not following each other on Twitter.

Many times people use the word ‘Common sense,’ I think ‘sense’ is not common. One needs to be very sincere, intelligent, and investigative to know that he is causing his own downfall.