Journalist Frankie Asare-Donkoh’s Wisdom Of The Ancient

Asare 4

In the early nineties, when writing as a freelance journalist to some newspapers, including ‘Daily Graphic’ in Accra, certain journalists helped me to develop and acquired the skills in writing. Apart George Sydney Abugri and K.B. Asante, Frankie Asare-Donkoh played a significant role in my life as an aspiring writer.

I read many of the afore-mentioned writers’ articles and used their expertise to boost my style of writing, which turned out to be very good for me. Daily Graphic never rejects any article I submit. Sometimes, ‘Ghanaian Times’ will use the same article and change the title.

What makes Frankie’s articles more interesting is the way he articulates and combines his humorous writings. In my recent visit to Cape Coast, I posted a picture on Facebook and immediately heard Frankie’s voice. His comments reminded me of the good old days in Ghana, when contributing regularly to the features, while he writes a column ‘Frankly Speaking’ in Daily Graphic.

Frankie said “Dasssright – see the real Fantes (Ghanaians from Central and Western regions of Ghana) and their usual ‘abrofodzin. (White matters)  In my days at Graphic we usually teased our senior colleague Llyod Evans as being part of the remnants of European Imperialists immorality, and he would usually stop whatever he was doing and chase whoever said it. And here Uncle Savage, Uncle Smith, and Uncle Ephraim bring me those newsroom memories.”

“But one thing is certain: the coastal Fantes no doubt still lead the country when it comes to real ‘brofo’ (English) and it’s not surprisingly Uncle Savage from his Belgium base continuously and savagely takes on the Europeans any time they try to humiliate Africans. Kudos, my brother, you didn’t only inherit the European name, but also the language with which you tell them what others are not able to.”

While in Britain, Mr. Asare-Donkoh also worked on one of my books. I give my thanks to him and all the journalists that partially and wholly helped to shape my career as a writer. I have really enjoyed my profession without regrets.

Frankie Asare-Donkoh’s Facebook page:

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Social Media Tips: How To Increase Your Text Or Font Size in WordPress


WordPress is a social platform made easy with essential tools, to make it simple and easy for the blogger and website owners. For example it has ‘Akismet’ anti-spam plugin which stops spam comments and trackbacks. Besides, WordPress has provided ‘Jetpack’ plugin that gives access to hosted features automatically.

I am completely new to WordPress, but because they made it easy and simple for bloggers to enjoy using the platform, I’m getting familiar to many things. Online and on the support platform of WordPress, there are several questions over how to change the font size to make it easy for some readers that find it difficult to read.

I painstakingly followed the instructions to increase the size of the text of the theme I’m using but all were abortive. Just as I was about to give up, I discovered how easy it was. Below is a simplest and easiest way to increase your text.

  • At the top left hand corner of your blog you see ‘My Sites’ at near ‘W’, the logo of WordPress.
  • Point your mouse cursor on it, then comes underneath ‘View Site, WP admin, Stats, Pages, Media, News etc.
  • Under ‘LOOK AND FEEL’ click ‘Customize.’ A customizing window opens with this message ‘You are customizing ……………. (The name of your blog is written there.)
  • Then follows ‘You are customizing …………….(That’s the name of the Theme you are using.)
  • Point your cursor to ‘Customize’ and click. Underneath appears

Custom Design

Site Title and Tagline

Colors and Background


Header Image etc.

Click ‘Fonts’ when the window of the fonts widget opens, increase the size of your text the way you want it and then SAVE IT. (Don’t forget to save it. View your blog and you see how large and beautiful your articles are seen.

How To Create A Unique Blog To Attract Readers Without Tears

Having a blog or website, without any significant readers coming on, is just like a lighted candle under a bucket, the environment becomes completely dark and no one can find his way around. Attracting traffic to your website or blog, is the dream of every author, writer, company, organization, businessmen and entrepreneurs, yet traffic doesn’t come easy as most people expect.

You don’t have a magic wand, experience or money to promote your website, so what can you do? On the internet are thousands of articles suggesting how and what to do to attract readers to your website. Many have followed those instructions and gone further to pay for promotion and marketing, without realizing anything positive.

Attraction 2

It is very frustrating indeed when some websites assure you of free blog promotion, but at the end of it all, you are confronted with “All that we want from you is to copy and paste our code in your website.” How many codes would you paste in your blog before enjoying free promotion? I would like to share my experience on how my blog has been one of most widely read blogs.

Good articles make a difference.

Readers are fed up with bad articles. Everyone wants something entertaining and educative. Whenever you want to write an article, take the particular subject that you want to write about into consideration. What’s special about it and how many people have written the same subject? Don’t end up putting down your pen, because thousands of people have written the same thing, instead let your article be different and special to overshadow all the previous written ones.

Choose titles hard to resist.

Do you know that bad titles put readers off and good titles attract readers? For example you want to write about your clever cat, that did something extraordinary. First title: The clever cat. Second title: The clever cat that kissed my face to wake me up from my burning house: You can easily see that the second title would give you more readers than the first title.

Articles other writers fear to write make a difference.

Are you one of the scared writers afraid to write probing and challenging articles? Yes, it’s a fact, many writers and journalists are so scared to write incriminating articles, news and books, just because of the fear of losing their job, affecting the sale of books, or probably ending up in prison. If you love human beings and understand the suffering of others, there wouldn’t be any room for fear in one’s life, because love conquers all.

Writers and journalists in this category are selfish, they are only thinking of themselves, but not the comfort or benefit of the masses. For example, you know perfectly well that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against humanity but you are scared to write about that. Does that makes you a good writer or journalist? These are some of the reasons journalism has lost its credibility.

Don’t write long articles to impress.

We have many kinds of readers. Some like long articles, while others like short articles. But always remember that you are the one to write something special for both readers. Don’t let your readers decline to read further, because the article is long and meaningless. Let your articles be short, blended with all the ingredients to make it a masterpiece.