How Corruption Has Overshadowed The Book Publishing Industry Almost Instantly

Some publishers don't edit your book after paying for editing package

The book publishing industry is associated with scams, corruption, fraud, hate and fake reviews

Writing is very tough within the journalism spheres, everyone knows that but that’s not the reason many are giving up writing and blogging today.

As a matter of fact, like the political arena, the book publishing industry is very corrupt and plagued by greed, hatred, fake and dishonest reviews, putting some writers in front and others behind.

Only few writers are willing to help upcoming or new writers. The majority act greedily like a big fish, always trying to eat down the small ones because they feel superior and underestimate the works of other writers.


There are both visible and invincible frauds within the book publishing industry, which many major book sellers have observed, the reason Amazon recently decided to delete many reviews they considered fake from their websites.

Everyone wants to sell but some writers use ‘dirty methods’ and even criminal activities to push their books to the top. Firstly, they think they have the power to do so and secondly, they have the money to do it. Thus; those who don’t want to lead such dirty life become the ‘stupid’ ones with their good written books.

On the websites of publishing houses,  you’ll see fantastic packages, including editing and book promotion. Yet, many of them publish authors’ books without editing. Readers usually detect the mistakes and inform the writer about it. This a crime which should have sent the publisher behind bars but they enjoy impunity.

After taking their money they don’t care anymore about the writer. This nature of shoddy work has affected many writers. The reason some writers are now depending on self-publication.  I understand the reason many are sad or depressed over what they are going through as writers but that shouldn’t happen.

Very soon, I will share my story of how I avoided frustration and depression, shifted my writing profession to a hobby and went into the cleaning industry making between 24,000 and 25,000 Euros annually. Through that I was able to buy a beautiful three-bedroom house .With my wife and children we are very happy.

Book Review: How Fake Reviews Have Tarnished The Image Of The Publishing Industry

REVIEWReviews influence the majority of people, including readers, when they shop online, but many are fake.

Apart from promotion, marketing and the effectiveness of the social media, book review plays an important role in the sales of books. A good review reflects on how good or great the book is, giving it a unique recognition, to entice book readers to go for the product.

Writing a book without any effort to sell it, is like putting a lighted candle under an upside down bucket, no one will see the ray of light, supposed to brighten the environment. As a matter of fact, as an aspiring writer, I thought writing a book was the toughest thing on earth, until I realized that the hardest part of being an author is facing the reality of promoting or marketing your book.

Like flowers depend on rain or water to blossom, every writer dreams of getting a good review to enhance the sales of his or her book, unfortunately, review doesn’t come easy. Since it doesn’t come easy, many resort to the means of dishonesty, by faking reviews, at many bookstores, including Amazon, Createspace and Barnes and Noble.

Life is full of dishonesty and cheating to the extent that, if you don’t follow up to live in that category, you are considered a fool in the society. The desire to make it to the top, has brought corruption in the book review industry today. Many pay for book review, something I will never do, the fact that I consider it a bribe to someone to review my book. If you are confident your book is good, please desist from paying for review. This is an advice I will give to any genuine author.

Let’s take for example, if my book isn’t good, since I have paid to be reviewed, there is a certain pressure on the reviewer to give me a good review. In my opinion, an author should rely on a review from an unknown reader. Just be patient, no matter how long it takes. Don’t let the desire to sell your book at all cost, push you into certain things which question your integrity and diminish your credibility as an author or writer.

Ellory 8

Cheating ‘Bestselling, award-winning author, R.J. Ellory. He was exposed after faking his reviews for years to reach the top.

One of the famous writers who resorted to dishonesty, by cheating to the top is R.J. Ellory. The cheating ‘Bestselling, award-winning’ author, was caught faking Amazon reviews for both his own books and the books of his competitors. Ellory was caught writing fake Amazon reviews by fellow author Jeremy Duns online. He praises his own work and faked reviews against his competitors, he saw as his enemies.

He sold millions of books under false reviews, while his followers acknowledged him as one of the world’s greatest writers. There are many genuine writers with good stories, because they aren’t cheating, no one knows, cares or classifies them as good writers or authors. They don’t even have enough followers on Twitter or Facebook, because we are in world that liars and cheats are easily accepted in the society, because they often appear on the television to deceive the people.

Recently one of the biggest online bookshops has deleted many reviews they suspected to be fake. Patience moves mountains. As writers and authors aiming to sell our books, we should take our reputation and credibility into consideration to live clean.