The Obsession Of African Leaders Seeking Miracle Treatments Abroad

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Doctors fighting to save the life of a patient

Every year many African leaders seek medical treatment abroad but some don’t succeed

It’s unprofessional and absolutely lowest esteem for Africans, including the leaders to seek medical treatment overseas, while there are hundreds of doctors in Africa, who some had the  chance to study in Europe and America to be medical doctors.

African’s have been brainwashed that there is nothing good in the continent or whatever that is available is inferior, so as soon as any head of state falls sick, the only initiative they take is to seek treatment overseas.

Do African leaders know or have the statistics of Europeans and Americans who die daily in their hospitals? It’s a complete disgrace and humiliation to African doctors as head of states ignore them to seek medical treatments abroad when they are qualified to offer the same treatment some of the leaders seek abroad.

On many occasions, they don’t survive, leaving huge debts for the crumbling country to pay those medical bills. Africans usually accuse the white man of slavery, discrimination and racism, but they are part of their own misery disrespect and underestimation.

A couple of weeks ago, the  Burundian government spokesperson; Philippe Nzobonariba announced the death of former President Jean-Baptiste Bagaza in Belgium, after two weeks medical treatment.

This is not the first time an African leader has died overseas for medical treatment and it wouldn’t be the last. Why do African leaders continue to degrade and portray African doctors as useless or non-intelligent? Are they better than those in Africa who depend on their local doctors?

After slavery and colonization, Africa is far behind in development. Instead of the governments to embark on projects to improve the educational and health sectors, lavishly spendings and corruption continue to bring the continent to its knees.

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” This is a quote by Kobe Bryant which can change an entire nation if African leaders will encourage and support African doctors.

9 Out Of 10 Americans Would Perish Without Power For Over A Year?

Empower Playgrounds Ghana

Rural African students study with the help of a kerosene lantern and some become doctors and engineers.

In yesterday’s (April 2, 2016) United Voice News Magazine, I read that ISIS attacks in Brussels, Paris, and California may be just the beginning of an unprecedented plot to bring America to its knees by targeting our nation’s scandalously vulnerable electric grid, warn officials at the Pentagon and FBI.

The report further reveals that: On a conventional battlefield, ISIS can’t beat America with brute military force because America is too strong for them. The interesting part of the article is: Everything will be fine, when the power goes out for few hours, but should the power go out for over a year, 9 out of 10 Americans would likely perish.

It really sounds funny to read such news, knowing that there are thousands of villagers in Africa, who have never enjoyed light before since they were born, yet they are the healthiest and happiest people on earth. From school, they learn, read and write with the help of only kerosene lanterns.  I’m back to what I have repeated over hundred times. Are Africans tougher and stronger than Europeans and Americans?

When it comes to issues pertaining Africa, only a few people interested, but learning something from Africa, in regard to survival and discipline in schools, will be beneficial to Europeans and Americans if they put pride behind them. Frankly speaking, without any ammunition, guns or war tanks, Africa will defeat Europe and America if they stand toe to toe in a physical fight, because Africans are physically strong.

Africans don’t need power to live or survive. They  already have a long life span without electricity, before the vaccine against malaria was discovered and before they were hit by medical crime at the hands of Europe and America.

Africa needs support, healing, and development, not underdevelopment and depopulation because that rejected continent, will one day be a safe haven for Europeans and Americans.