Africans Must Boycott Elections: Aids And Ebola Are Bio-Weapons Against Africa

Africa must boycott elections

Africans leaders have no solutions to Africans problems so they still remain slaves to Europe and America. The reason they can’t confront Europe and America about Aids and Ebola medical crimes but that is ignorance and stupidity

Africans must boycott elections until the leaders speak the truth over Aids and Ebola medical crimes because the two diseases are bio-weapons against Africa

The incompetence of many African leaders has caused the downfall of Africa. Years after colonization, African leaders still can’t find the way to lift the continent from poverty and embark on developmental projects.

Even though slavery is long abolished Africans are still slaves to the developed world. They can’t make any good use of their resources. They only sit and watch Europeans, Americans and the Chinese enjoying our resources why they serve them as slaves in their own countries.

Many Africans in the Diaspora are willing to come back but the fear of going bankrupt and face difficulties in a continent corruption exceeds all factors keeps them from an investment.

It’s shocking that African leaders remain silent over medical crimes, such as Aids and Ebola deliberately inflicted on Africans. This is not intelligence at all, it rather shows how weak, powerless and incompetent African leaders are. Do African leaders have any protection for Africans at all?

Power-conscious African leaders solicit for votes with promises and lies, yet they don’t do anything significant for the people that queue long hours in the sun to cast their votes. Africans must boycott elections and demand an answer from their leaders over Aids and Ebola medical crimes in the continent by Europe and America.

Aids and Ebola are medical crimes used as bio-weapons to depopulate Africa. The African continent needs justice for those responsible for the medical crimes. Until the true origins of aids and Ebola are revealed and until African leaders ask Europe and America why they did that to Africa, Africans must boycott elections.

Africa, you’ve got the right to vote or not. Don’t let the threat of these stupid leaders who don’t care about you make you run and stand in the hot sun to vote for them. Boycott elections, Africa boycott elections. Yesterday was Aids, today is Ebola, what comes next? Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea boycott elections.


Mini 3

Mini-skirts: One of the fashion temptations during summer

There are only two seasons in West Africa, the dry and the wet, and sometimes the experience of the harmattan, a dry, dusty cold north-east trade winds from December to February. 

Africa never misses the sun or summer as it is known among the four seasons in Europe and America because the sun blazes for nine months, accompanied by rainfall within three months.

Unfortunately, sometimes the rain fails to fall, and when it continues for a longer period, means impending danger. The reason East Africa is often threatened by worst drought. Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Zambia, Somalia etc, have all experienced the effect of drought.

The sun in Africa is used to doing many things including drying of washed clothes, preservation of foods, and on health issues good for the skin. Since the sun is very common in Africa, they don’t see or value it as something special, but when summer arrives in Europe and America, it’s like they have seen magic or god.

In fact, summer is just a season but what accompanies with it in Europe and America seems like the season is a festival. Europeans and Americans go crazy with all kinds of dresses and fashions which may baffle you.

Mini-skirts, the exposure of long beautiful legs and other parts of the body which can steal your attention and put you into temptation are some of the common scenes in the city, shopping malls, restaurants, cinema halls etc, and at the naked beaches.

Europe is now entering the summer but just yesterday the beautiful weather brought some fashions one may be stupefied to see. The question is: What are we going to see when summer fully arrives? I will definitely steal a glance but hoping I will not be caught by any lady.

Why Europe And America Want Africa After Colonization?


European and American children can learn from African children how they survive in difficult situations because the suicide rate in America and Europe is higher than Africa

Sir Richard Branson, the English business magnate, investor, philanthropist and the founder of Virgin Group of companies, is the right person to tell the world why he has invested so much in Africa. One of the sincere business men proud of Africa.


Europe and America can’t praise Africa because they are like the ungrateful slave master who never appreciates whatever his slave does for him, yet they know that without the slave they are bound to face many obstacles without a solution.

America and Europe had depended heavily on Africa’s raw materials, mineral resources and treasures, before independent swept through Africa, leaving many European countries miserable because  they weren’t ready yet to let Africa go.

It was the most painful period for Western Europe when countries like Ghana, Congo, Guinea etc, had independence. Till this day, they feel that pain thus, there is a reason to target the continent of Africa to make the inhabitants miserable.

Just seven months after taking office on the direct orders of the US, Belgium and Britain, the newly elected prime minister of Congo,  Patrice Lumumba was brutally murdered and since Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana helped Lumumba, he was deposed in a coup masterminded by the CIA.

France was mad to the extent that they took away everything they had including the furniture from the State House in Guinea to France, leaving the newly elected Guinean leader Ahmed Sekou Touré completely handicap. In history, America and Europe will not say that Africa’s rich mineral resources  played a significant role in our economy and development, instead, the media will write “Africa is a continent of poverty, illiteracy, and crime.” Thank you.

However, whatever transpired in Africa, after Belgium, Britain and France lost their colonies is what we are witnessing today as medical crimes in Africa. Questions to answer: Why Aids killing Africans in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc? Because both the Netherlands and the British were in South Africa and the British were in Zimbabwe, Uganda etc.

The Pasteur Institute of France also inflicted deadly diseases including Aids and Ebola on Africans. To Western Europe and America, Africa deserves it because they have lost their colonies in the continent of Africa. Even though America had no colony in Africa, interfering in African politics was their priority, just like today.

Despite all that were stolen from Africa, because of greed they weren’t satisfied. They couldn’t sleep peacefully, always finding a way to get Africa back. Something which never happened again. When it comes to crime, assassination of African leaders and the truth over Aids, Ebola and Lassa fever medical crimes in Africa, European and American journalists suffer the dumb syndrome, which affects both hands and pen to write.

There is no doubt that Europe and America are still interested in Africa. The two continents are completely exhausted with depreciating economies. Many have lost their jobs and life becoming difficult every day. Thus; getting hold of some of Africa’s vast mineral resources could revamp the economies and create more employment in Europe and America. Fortunately, Africa’s vast mineral resources are always there, because they can’t make good use of their own abundant resources than corruption.

But not this time. Europe and America will not get even one percent of Africa’s treasures because they have abused their trusts. Even the uneducated African in the remotest part of Africa is now aware that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons against Africa, despite some claiming that they are cursed by God.  If their intentions were to depopulate the continent to steal our resources, it’s not going to happen, because they can’t kill all of us.

These are some of the reasons we often hear of military coups in Africa because the civilians and the military get sick and tired watching corrupt African leaders in power collaborating with the corrupt European and American leaders. Africans have learned in a very hard way at the hands of Europe and America. That hard lessons are now our surviving tools.

The important question left for Europe and America to answer is: How will they cope with the calamities that Africans have gone through and survived should in case it happens to them?

Africa: The Pursuit Of Happiness At The Backyard

Happiness 2

In the midst of poverty and medical crimes, Africans are naturally healthy and happy. A locally made clay pool board in a village.

It may be likely that many  doubt if at all there is happiness in Africa, because among all the continents, Africa has suffered all kinds of internal and external atrocities, including slavery, colonial aggression, wars, ethnic conflicts and medical crimes, such as Aids, Lassa fever and Ebola.

As a matter of fact, there is happiness in Africa probably more than any continent on the earth. Why would I make such an assumption when I haven’t carried out any research?

The reason is simple and logical. Among all the seven continents in the world, Africa is regarded as the poorest, but has the lowest suicide rate, compared to Europe and America. The challenges Africans face right from birth to adulthood, can be compared to the training  amateur soldiers have in the developed world.

Some rural students could walk over a mile to school. Some pupils carry their tables and chairs to school and bring them back home after classes. With such a hard daily life routine, Africans grow to be one of the toughest creatures able to withstand pressures and problems.

To pursuit their happiness, there are many ways African youths and children seek that happiness, to avoid depression and boredomness. Some craft football with local materials, make musical instruments out of wood and plastic materials while others invent many incredible things which never appear in the newspapers.

As technology takes its impact in development, Africa is also gradually influenced by technology, including remote and rural areas. Communication is now flexible due to mobile phones. Wells are giving way to projects of pipe borne water and digital or online marketing is improving.

The development of Africa is generally slow, but we have confidence that gradually we shall also reach the top of the mountain that many have already reached.

9 Out Of 10 Americans Would Perish Without Power For Over A Year?

Empower Playgrounds Ghana

Rural African students study with the help of a kerosene lantern and some become doctors and engineers.

In yesterday’s (April 2, 2016) United Voice News Magazine, I read that ISIS attacks in Brussels, Paris, and California may be just the beginning of an unprecedented plot to bring America to its knees by targeting our nation’s scandalously vulnerable electric grid, warn officials at the Pentagon and FBI.

The report further reveals that: On a conventional battlefield, ISIS can’t beat America with brute military force because America is too strong for them. The interesting part of the article is: Everything will be fine, when the power goes out for few hours, but should the power go out for over a year, 9 out of 10 Americans would likely perish.

It really sounds funny to read such news, knowing that there are thousands of villagers in Africa, who have never enjoyed light before since they were born, yet they are the healthiest and happiest people on earth. From school, they learn, read and write with the help of only kerosene lanterns.  I’m back to what I have repeated over hundred times. Are Africans tougher and stronger than Europeans and Americans?

When it comes to issues pertaining Africa, only a few people interested, but learning something from Africa, in regard to survival and discipline in schools, will be beneficial to Europeans and Americans if they put pride behind them. Frankly speaking, without any ammunition, guns or war tanks, Africa will defeat Europe and America if they stand toe to toe in a physical fight, because Africans are physically strong.

Africans don’t need power to live or survive. They  already have a long life span without electricity, before the vaccine against malaria was discovered and before they were hit by medical crime at the hands of Europe and America.

Africa needs support, healing, and development, not underdevelopment and depopulation because that rejected continent, will one day be a safe haven for Europeans and Americans.