Short Poem: The Reality Of Life

The little child lies in her mother’s arms

The mother is happy seeing her beautiful baby

The baby is crying because she is hungry

The mother consoles and feeds her

She endures and suffers to bring up the child

The child grows to see her mother

And rebels against her mother

Is that the reality of life? That shouldn’t be.

Don’t be ungrateful child

Give your mother the love and respect she deserves.

Kim 2

The child grows and leaves her mother

She realizes facing the world on her own isn’t easy

It is not as simple and easy like when she was with her mother

She begins to think deep and acknowledges the love mother gave her

She marries and gives birth to her child

Now she needs mother’s help while mother did it alone

Mother comes home taking care of grandchild

Mother, I’m sorry for all the wrong I did to you

Now I understand the reality of life.