Why It Is Very Easy For Many To Follow Wrong People

As a young boy at school, as stupid and naive most of our school teachers were, we were thought to believe that the White man is nearer to God, the reason they have manufactured planes, ships, guns, rockets and all sophisticated modern comforts to serve the needs of man. I was even forced to believe that the White man is sincere than an African.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Till now in Africa, Africans don’t trust and many times speak ill against themselves: “Black man, Black sense, A White man would always help you, but a jealous African will always try to pull you down,” statements that have no ample of truth in Europe. God only knows the problems, hate, jealousy and bitter experience I’ve passed through in Belgium, as I struggle to build my career and future as a writer. However, I will always respect and thank all those genuine White people who have helped me build my career in Europe as an author in diverse ways.

I would have been a very famous author with a record of theft, if I had gone to the supermarket to steal bread to eat as a hungry man, because that’s what the media waits to happen but that’s not going to happen until my death. During the Apartheid era in South Africa, “The White man always like to keep the Black man standing at the touchline to watch the game they were playing, because they think they can do everything by themselves,” said the Late Steve Biko, the father of Black Consciousness Movement.

Ellory 7

R J Ellory

If I hadn’t been to Europe, I wouldn’t have known that the White man lies. Everyone has talent and ambition, the question is, if you want the world to know what you have got, how do you go about it? The first White man to do this, the first White man to do that, are all that we often read about. It’s rare to read the first Black man who did this and that. The challenge and burning ambition for many to achieve something positive in the society have led them to cheat, deviating completely from the path of truth.

Today I am going to write about two greatest ‘White Cheats’ in the world. In his professional career as a cyclist Lance Armstrong is now known as the world’s biggest liar. After denying cheating for more than a decade, Armstrong finally gave up his fight against cheating and lies, totally disappointing his fans and followers. Why do people always follow liars and cheats but a truthful person has no follower?

It is always easy for people to follow wrong people, because the followers have no vision. If one has vision, it would be easy to find out or discover a genuine achievement or a false person. I am a writer gradually making my presence felt in the publishing industry, I would therefore like to take another liar from the publishing industry for an example. If you are a writer or author you may know RJ Ellory. He still lives, so I will call him a fantastic liar.

Cheating ‘Bestselling, award-winning’ crime author R.J. Ellory was caught faking Amazon reviews for both his own books and the books of his competitors. Ellory was caught writing fake Amazon reviews by fellow author Jeremy Duns, according to ABC News. Such an act is dubbed “sock-puppeting,” or writing anonymous online reviews praising one’s own work. RJ Ellory sold millions of books under false reviews, while readers without vision acknowledged him as one of the world’s greatest writers.

There are many genuine writers with good stories, because they aren’t cheating, no one knows them or classifies them as good writers or authors. They don’t even have enough followers on Twitter or Facebook, because we are in a world liars and cheats are easily accepted in the society, because they often appear on the television,

“To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds. Daniel 1:17. If you lack wisdom, knowledge and vision to identify a cheat ask God for one, if you don’t believe in God, cultivate the talent to identify a genuine person from a false one, before following them, because the disgrace that falls on them, falls on you as well.