Belgian Couple Share The Gospel In Kenya?: It’s Easy If You Love Mankind

Witness 2

Foreign Jehovah witnesses share the gospel in Africa.

I have known Daan and Hilde, a married Belgian couple for about seven years, serving Jehovah and helping many foreigners in Belgium, including Africans for better integration, learning the language, knowing Jehovah and be useful in the society. I have invited them many times to my residence to share their profound knowledge of the Gospel with me.

One of the burning desires of the Belgian couple is to visit Africa, learn how the people live, communicate, work and also to share the gospel with them. Thus; a month ago, they left Belgium to Kenya with the intention to live with the people for about a year. In Kenya, Daan and Hilde,are facing challenges, confronted with different customs and traditions. They share their interesting accounts of their daily activities in tropical Africa.

 “My first talk in the Mtwapa East congregation, they told me afterwards that I need to watch out not to stretch my arms high up because of the ventilators, but still I had all my fingers.” Daan shares his experience as a tall man in Kenya.

“We start to know our way in the village. Important to find back our return visits. This is where the streets have no name. Tuesday, we met at 8.45 AM, at the mango tree for service. We had a nice morning but after 5 hours we were soaked. “

“Feels like 44gr but small breeze makes it bearable. Love to do the laundry together in the African way on your wedding anniversary. This is a very nice example for a married couple, but I prefer my washing machine.”

“A common action in the field service, showing videos to those who are interested. Not only Caleb and Sophia but also, about the resurrection and what happens at the Kingdom Hall. In the supermarket, at the department of paper and pencils, you can find Bibles for about 10 Euros, same as wages for three days work. King James version.”

“After service, we sometimes take a jump in the water. If we are not too tired, it is not too hot only 30gr but humidity is 85-90 percent. Lots of talking and teaching in this weather can make us feel very tried. I was too chicken to drive the motorbike. We always take ‘piki piki’ to move around, with two people on one bike, plus the driver we are three in number. Quite a spectacle to see us in town.”

A leaf fell from the tree in our garden. It is good it happened during the night. Nothing better than a refreshing bath, We study with his mother and a sister. Makes me remember my infant days, love it. People try to earn some money in many ways. This boy sells boiled egg. He cuts them in half, adds some tomato, salt, and masala and sell it about 15 cents.” .

“We are happy to follow our dreams and share our experience with Jehovah in a foreign country, Kenya, a continent far from our home.”


Sad 6Many are experiencing bitter relationships, but how many of them try to find out the reason things are not going the right way?

Many are raised from different homes, influenced by different  culture, custom and tradition. Thus, living with other people sometimes becomes a very difficult issue, proving that it’s often wrong if we lean on our own understanding. Many times you may think you are right but wrong.

It is very common and part of our everyday life, to see beautiful ladies and gentlemen in town and at the offices. The perfume they wear add glamor to their personalities with sweet charm, but many are experiencing bitter relationships, often taking away their happiness and putting them into a tunnel of misery.

The set up of our homes immediately convey the message to a visitor, nature, and character of those dwelling there and the sort of training or life being acquired from it. Truly, the life and character of a person can easily be determined from the home he or she was raised. Thus, are you one of those hard to live with, because of your bad character or the nature of the home you were raised?

If you are a lady or gentleman in your late thirties and still living single, after many stormy affairs, it’s time to sit quietly and ask: Am I a difficult person to live with? If I am, how can I make things better?

Once in Amsterdam, I shared a kitchen with other tenants living in the apartment. More than a dozen times, I witnessed one of the male tenants spitting into the kitchen sink. A kitchen I cut my meat and do my cooking? I was shocked to the extent that I lost the desire to cook in that kitchen. I couldn’t tell him to stop because I don’t want any confrontation.

This went on and on until one of the tenants caught him in the act again and the confrontation escalated into a physical fight. Eventually, the owner of the apartment who wasn’t pleased with what he did, ejected him from that apartment. How can an adult or fully grown man, lack the intelligence to do something like that without noticing that’s completely wrong?

In another development, a man lost his job because his employers said he stinks. He stood his ground to tell his boss that he is the one that stinks. This bad odor is something I knew, but couldn’t tell him, because there are certain things not easy to speak about it. This is a problem which shows that as human beings we do many things and harbored many bad characters we don’t simply see or notice them.

In the early 2000’s, I nearly lost my job at the restaurant I was working at in Antwerp. One of my female colleague’s armpit stinks very bad. I was finding it difficult to work with her, so I bought her a deodorant to use. The deodorant ended up in the hands of her husband, who came to the office with his wife to see my boss. Luckily, I had already discussed this issue with my boss, thus; I was set free. It was a lesson I’m now very careful about the way I approach things. Some kindness may put you into a very big trouble.

Life is wonderful. Life doesn’t mean suffering but chains of sad and bad events, including bad habits and character, have taken its toll on mankind today, making life worthless to some people. We can make life better and worthy to live, by being humble, eliminating foolish pride, be content with whatever we have and give respect and to love our neighbors.