African Children Exposed to Violence, Brutality and Victimization

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What a shame? A defenseless African child being beaten by ‘law enforcement’ agents

There are problems brewing in Africa against children, that need attention. Africa is not only known for its rich mineral resources but one of the brutal continents in the world. Lack of education and corruption have weakened the continent’s economic infrastructure without remedy. The result is often ethnic conflicts, political unrest, crime, and brutality against children.

If children are not forced into child labour and soldier, they become victims of political unrest and abuse.  It is estimated that tens of millions of children worldwide are street children, according to UNICEF. For example, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, over 100,000 homeless children can be found living on the streets.

Neglected, unwanted, abused and many as orphans, children get entangled in African conflicts they didn’t call for. They are beaten mercilessly by adults, while the so-called head of states, sit without any efforts to save or help the children, all because Africa’s politics is not for the people but for greed and corruption.

It’s normal for every country to have a leader, that’s the reason we have world leaders, but if one sees the problems children pass through in certain countries, including African countries, you may wonder if that country has a leader. Without proper care, many street children turn to glue sniffing, affecting their health badly, while many become juvenile criminals.

Years after independence, despite all the abundant resources, many African countries still wallow in poverty, feeding on a bread of sorrow. State funds are secretly deposited at Swiss banks, while the common Africans, including children, continue to suffer, due to poor educational and health facilities.

Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping, the ex-Chinese leader, once said “We should give Africa technological know-how, so that African governments can transform their resources on the spot and create jobs and markets for their people locally, regionally, at the continental level and internationally.

Africa must cease to be forever the provider of raw materials to other people. Africans must never sell their land. They should say no to land grabbing by big agro-business multinational companies that displace African natives.”

This great statement towards Africa’s development was made years back when China was crawling like a baby learning how to walk. Today China is rubbing shoulders with great countries including America and Japan, leaving Africa far behind.

If Africa can’t do it today, they can never do it tomorrow, because, for ages, we are like fools, living in abundance of water, yet we are still thirsty.

Africa’s Development: Can They Put Deng Xiaoping’s Words Into Action?

Can Africa learn something from China towards the continent's development

Ex-Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

7th Message to African leaders on Aids, Ebola And Africa’s Development

 King Leopold’s legacy

The enormous death toll in King Leopold’s Congo was on such scale comparable to the Holocaust and Stalin’s purges. Therefore Leopold II can be considered as a precursor to the Nazi death camps and the Gulag crimes and as we have mentioned before, Leopold and Stalin statues were raised but not for Hitler.

In those agonizing days most Africans farmed and lived in rural villages, but then feverish land grabs among foreign countries started seeking rubber, gold, ivory and diamonds. They created the largest forced labor system since African-American slavery, for example, King Leopold II of Belgium seized the Congo and ruled it for years as his personal rubber plantation.

His greed to supply rubber to the demand of the product to manufacture vehicle tires, forced him to kill between eleven and fifteen million Congolese, similar to the genocidal holocaust. Forced labor was the rule in colonial Africa. Copper mines in Katanga (Congo) rounded up miners from Zambia, Rwanda, Angola and Mozambique.

Chinese President Deng Xiaoping tried to develop a win-win basis in Africa

 Africans have the land and the only thing Africa needs are true friends who come to share their ideas and experience with Africa. But those new ideas should be guided and developed by Africans themselves. When foreign countries really want to change Africa, then they should act as the late Chinese President Deng Xiaoping who wisely once said to President Mugabe:

Statement Of Chinese President Deng Xiaoping

“We should give Africa technological know-how, so that African governments can transform their resources on the spot and create jobs and markets for their people locally, regionally, at the continental level and internationally. Africa must cease to be forever the provider of raw materials to other people. Africans must never sell their land. They should say no to land grabbing by big agro-business multinational companies that displace African natives.”

The least Africans can do is to lease land on a win-win basis, learn from the land they leased and re-take control to redevelop, transform, create jobs and markets for the benefit of African people as announced by President Deng Xiaoping. That means that anybody who really wants to support Africa getting out of the woodwork must exchange ideas with Africans on how to produce food sustainable to produce, transform, package and sell on a win-win basis. Foreign countries have to realize that Africans are able to understand that foreign companies also need to make profits but not in one-way direction.


Can African learn from China

China before and after: Why Africa, especially the West, aren’t inspired to follow China?

Obama says U.S. military aid team is crucial to Ebola response but the Ebola victims are rotting in the streets of the West-Point Township

President Barack Obama will announce a major military-led surge in U.S. aid to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa with as many as 7,000 troops to help organize, train new health care workers and build treatment clinics. But what is the reason of sending troops, when other countries like Cuba, China, and Japan send healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses to cope with the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, instead of military?

Of course, we all know Obama depends on the American Congress, the World Health Organization, and the Rockefeller’s Foundation but all these organizations appeared to be involved in the Aids outbreaks as well as the Ebola outbreaks. Documents reveal the discovery of a Liberian diamond mine and accusations by the UN of in debt security months before the Ebola outbreak in late 2013. Unfortunately or fortunately, it happened that the forced quarantines are in the very same area as this diamond mine of American stakeholders.

Statement of President Barack Obama

Deng 3

Obama sends US troops to fight Ebola in West Africa

“We can’t dawdle on this one,” the president said about the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa and continued: “We have to move with force and make sure that we are catching this Ebola outbreak as best we can, given that it has already broken out in ways that we had not seen before.”

Meanwhile in the Montserrado County District 7 Representative, Solomon George has threatened to dump bodies of Ebola victims at President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Foreign Affairs office if the health team does not remove six Ebola victims that were lying in the streets of the West-Point Township.

The cover of our book “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind” depicts one of these victims lying in the streets of perhaps the West-point Township, but it could have been also anywhere else.

The lawmaker Solomon George indicated that he has given the Government of Liberia up to August 13, 2014 to remove the bodies in his constituency or he will have the corpses dumped in front of the President’s office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “By dumping the bodies, Ellen will feel how it hurts when people died of Ebola are abandoned”, he added.

Statement of Maxwell Kobina Acquah

At this very moment, January 2015, we are in the parallel of those agonizing period of 1914-1925 and the world is collapsing. Anyone who thinks that ordinary African people are not aware of this event is wrong. Africans feel it on the spot where they walk, sleep and work if they have an appointment or something else for a living.

Yes African leaders and intellectuals, ordinary African people are aware of this phenomenon, because they feel the recession of the developed countries in their purse. Every civilized country pays a certain amount of their yearly income to undeveloped countries but this certain amount of money decreases every year.

“The attitudes of most Africans have brought about this disease and other sufferings in Africa. The attitude of excuses, ignorance, fear, procrastination, past failures, unforgiveness, lack of discipline, selfishness, time wasting, negative mental attitude, laziness, wrong company, negative confession, comparison, opinion of others, opposition, discouragement, lack of vision, traditions, disobedience, and sin , have brought about this mares. In addition, people are not willing to learn. An African man or woman will prefer to spend money on womanizing, alcohol, funeral rites, and other unnecessary things rather than education.”

African leaders and intellectuals are you listening? Unity among African leaders is what we need and if all African leaders come together and do away with their differences and their own well being, they will not only be able to cope with Aids and Ebola but also with the development and inducing of a prosperous Africa.