The Palm Tree: The Subsistence Of Life In Africa


Palm 9I understand the reason worldwide; many are fighting very hard to protect our environment because all of us depend on the  global ecological system as human beings. Our environment matters so much that pollution and deforestation are discouraged to make life worth living.

Trees for ages provide human beings life’s essentials, such food, oxygen, shelter, tools, and medicine. In Africa and Asia, there is a particular tree called ‘The Palm Tree’ which nothing of it is wasted. The palm tree is indeed a magic tree which may have multiple products than any tree in the world. Because of its multiple products tree plays a major role in sustaining the economy of many countries locally for consumption and internationally through export.

Malaysia and Indonesia dominate world’s production of palm products and in West Africa, oil palm is cultivated in West Africa, especially in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. How do you classify a tree which produces, two different kinds of oil, palm red oil, and palm kernel oil, broom, soap, margarine, Candle etc.


Stage One: Ripe palm fruits on a tree.

Palm 2

Stage Two: Rich oil palm fruits.

Palm 4

Product One: Palm oil beauty products, including soap.

Palm 6

 Product Two: Palm oil for cooking stew or gravy

Kernel 4

Product Three; Palm Kernel Oil for frying fish, medicine and body oil.

Palm 5

Product Four: Biscuits

Wine 4

Product Five: A palm tapper tapping fresh palm wine from the palm tree. Fermented palm wine can also be used to brew fresh sweet flavour home Moonshine. 

Soup 3Cream extracted from palm fruit produces palm nut soup, usually eaten with fufu, mixture of pounded cassava and plantain. This food is mostly eaten in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The picture shows a white lady having a taste.

There are more products the palm tree can manufacture, such as margarine, soap, medicine to ease coughing, body creams and lubricants . The hardcover of the nut is widely used by goldsmiths in a furnace to melt gold and iron ore, because of its high temperature. Palm products are always available at African and Asian supermarkets.

Finally, the branches of a palm tree are also used to produce traditional sweeping broom. Broom sweeps our compound in both villages and our houses. What else can I call the palm tree? It’s truly a magic.

Broom 7

Children sweeping their compound with locally manufactured brooms in Africa.

The Fight Against Age: Is Plastic Surgery Or Botox Injection Helpful?

Keeping the body healthy and beautiful are some of the essentials in aspects of human life. Both men and women battle daily to keep their body in shape, even though others don’t care much about what they eat and put on. To look younger, sexier and attractive thousands rely on expensive cosmetic products, promising to fight old age, removing wrinkles, stretch marks and freckles, but only to experience seriously disappointing results.

Vitamin C

Delicious Vitamin C Fruits And Vegetables.

It is very expensive to be a woman, because most women care about their appearance than men. Cosmetic and skin care manufactures know that, therefore they target women, in this way women shell out their hard earned money on makeup and skin care products. Time and time scientist discover that some health care products on the market are health hazards, calling for its removal from the shelf. Some also claim that some cosmetics lead to skin itching, pimples, acne and skin cancer.

The fight against old age has led many to use certain products they aren’t even sure of, if it is good for the body or not. Many including the rich and celebrities now use Botox injections and expensive products such as ‘Bellalabs and LaCréme. According to an Health Journal, both have natural ingredients that work together to erase wrinkles and fine lines at the cellular level – below the surface of the skin. Many celebrities have confirmed how good Bellalabs and LaCréme are. No wonder the products are hot cake on the market, despite how expensive the products are.

Hydro 1

Fruit That Provides Hyaluronic Acid.

Medical research has shown that the two products which revive and rejuvenate the skin are ingredients of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, which have created the success of Bellalabs and LaCréme. The question is ‘Why do people waste a lot of money on cosmetics, skin care and moisturizers, when they can get the same Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid in the food we eat? We have seen and continue to see how drug enhancements in sports, have ruined the career of many athletes.

Foods rich in vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, can be rich sources of the acid, according to the National Institutes of Health. Raw cherries, and juices made from them, contain respectable amounts of vitamin C, says For instance, a 1-cup serving of acerola sweet cherries contains 1,644mg of the nutrient.

This amount is the equivalent of supplying you with 2,740 percent of your daily recommended allotment of the vitamin. The juice contains a slightly higher nutrient amount. A 1-cup serving of raw juice contains 3,872mg of vitamin C, which supplies you with approximately 6,450 percent of your daily nutritional recommendation.

Hydro 3

Irish Potato gives Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in a multitude of tissues throughout our body such as skin and cartilage, according to the National Institutes of Health. It is needed for wound healing, cartilage and joint functioning, pain management, tissue repair and skin regeneration. There are a plethora of foods you can eat that are rich in this needed acid.

Here is it important to address how plastic surgery has ruined the life of many people too. Following the images of many famous and influential people who did the surgery to enhance their appearance, one may notice that many of them looked extremely beautiful and handsome, before they embarked on the journey for plastic surgery. This reminds everyone that there is nothing unique about something artificial than natural.