What Does Politics In America Mean To The Common African?

The suffering of African children

Many African children face diverse problems including eating three square meal per day, yet they share their food

Africans queue in the sun for many hours to cast votes for the leaders and when they win, they leave them to wallow in poverty

As a matter of fact, politics in America don’t mean anything significant to the common African who struggles to find something to eat every day and how to educate his children because education in Africa is a luxury, not everyone can afford. The reason Africa is one of the continents with a high rate of street children.

Some of the African leaders who have close ties with America are those that may find it restless over who becomes the next president after Obama. Because Obama’s administration has supported the corrupt system in Africa, helping them to stay in power as long as they wish without taking the suffering masses into consideration.

The common African wants to know which American leader is going to stop our leaders from stealing our money abroad, and the monies already there how are we going to get it back to develop our country? The common African wants to know from the next president of America, why Aids and Ebola have killed Africans more than any nationals on earth?

The common African wants to ask the next American president why there isn’t any statue of Adolf Hitler for killing six million Jews but there is a statue of Leopold II in Belgium after killing over ten million Africans, including women and children. Because that’s abetting and aiding of crime if the Belgium government says they are fighting against crime including terrorism in the country.

The common African wants to ask African leaders why do Africans toil from morning till evening and vote for their leaders, yet they continue to disappoint them and do anything significant for them?

The common African wants to know why there are qualified doctors in Africa, yet many African leaders seek miracle treatments abroad, are they not subjecting our Africans doctors to mockery and ridicule?

Finally, it’s time for suffering Africans to ask if it worth to vote for any African leader, because the situation in Africa is called ‘Wasted Votes Syndrome.’