Aids And Ebola: The Truth You Can’t Ignore- Book Now Out!

There is time for everything, a time to sow and a time to reap. It’s now time to open up crime covered up decades ago. Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against humanity. Just as the Germans planned to exterminate all the Jews, the same, America, Belgium, Holland, and the World Health Organization planned to depopulate Africa, with contaminated vaccines.


Not only Jews were used for horrific experiments. Gypsies, orphans, babies, mentally disabled persons, prisoners, and homosexuals were purposely infected with contaminated vaccines giving birth to new diseases, including Aids and Ebola. But the majority of people affected by Aids and Ebola are black skinned people. (Africans).

Long before the outbreaks of Aids and Ebola in Africa, the viruses responsible for both Aids and Ebola had already been created in laboratories. The years between 1960 and 1973, during the darkest days of the cold war in which dangerous experiments on human beings secretly done and massive polio and smallpox vaccinations were used, guided by the WHO and CDC, and mostly paid by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Not everyone has pleasure in wickedness. To avoid animal cruelty and find a substitute  for his experiments, Microsurgeon and scientist Johan Van Dongen invented the “Anastomosis Simulator” and the “Artificial Rat”and received the “Prize Alternatives for Animal Experiments” from the Ministry of Health, of the Dutch Government, at the Annual Congress of Animal Technicians, on November 3, 1993.

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But his nightmare started when his native country recognized him as a whistleblower for revealing that Aids and Ebola are human made and tested on Africans, in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes in two books he published in Dutch.

The Dutch government, journalists, and medical establishments discouraged the sales of the books with bad reviews and finally banned them, then afterward lost his job and house. “The things I didn’t lose were my wife, brain and the courage to continue the revealing of the truth about the real origin of Aids and Ebola,” says Professor Johan Van Dongen.

Professor Johan Van Dongen for a very long time was fighting this battle alone until he met the Belgian – African journalist, writer, and author Joel Savage, hence; the publication of this book. “I am not qualified to polish the shoes of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah etc; so death doesn’t mean anything to me. About the truth on Aids and Ebola, no stone shall be left unturned,” says author Joel Savage. Get your copies at Amazon and find out the truth.

How Did This Book Changed Antwerp, Belgium?

Ask any detective, the reason some hard crimes are easily solved. Apart from DNA analysis that facilitates the investigation of a crime; detectives dwell on character, reputation, and records of individuals to solve the crime. The reason when there is any homicide in a particular place, they quickly contact a previous murderer living within the vicinity for interrogation.

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In a country like Belgium, an African needs to be conscious, intelligent and smart, because Belgium committed the most heinous crime against Africans, during the colonial era in ‘Belgian Congo.’ Under the administration of King Leopold II, over ten million Africans were, maimed, disfigured and killed.

When Polish-American Hilary Koprowski claimed of discovering vaccines against smallpox in the fifties, he quickly went to Congo and injected thousands of children with the contaminated vaccine of Aids and Ebola viruses. Also, a contaminated vaccine against leukemia was used on Congolese children.

The Germans used blacks for the most sinister experiments, during their occupation in Togo, a small country in West Africa, while South Africans suffered a similar fate in the hands of The Netherlands and Britain. The reason AIDS has killed thousands of South Africans without ceasing.

Due to the criminal past of colonial leaders, including Belgium, when the African community came to me, to investigate a notorious hospital in Antwerp, called ‘Stuivenberg’ the reason when any African who goes there, doesn’t come out alive, I considered it as a serious case to follow.

The fear of Africans in Europe, to confront authorities whenever something wrong happens to an African, has given automatic license to governments and nationals, to treat Africans they way they like with impunity. As a matter of fact, since many Africans in Europe don’t have a common platform, to utter out their grievances and crime against them, their situation has never improved.

When I stepped into the hospital, what I experienced made me believe what the African community was saying. “The doctors at the hospital deliberately kill the African patients to remove their organs for the desperate Belgians on the waiting list for organ transplant.” I wasn’t welcomed. It was one of the toughest moments of my life. I have driven away.

I revealed this investigation in a small book called ‘An African in Antwerp,’ then later updated it to ‘Little Belgium-Wonderful Experience.’ When the publication reached the office of ‘Stad Antwerpen’ (Antwerp City) one of the officials called Els Bruyndonckx confronts me over the article and calls it a ‘Stupid article.’ Why? According to her, the husband is a journalist who wouldn’t publish such a stupid article.

“Well, your husband is a journalist, but he is not an African, moreover, the crime committed against Africans is nowhere to seen in any Belgium newspapers, but one often reads: ‘An African has stolen bread from the supermarket.’ I answered.

I have found five mobile telephones, three wallets full of money and credit cards, one of the wallets has the 4 digits number needed to remove an amount over six thousand Euros from the account of one of the owners, yet I didn’t do that. I handed that particular wallet to the police. The news about this kindness didn’t appear anywhere in the Belgium newspaper. Thank God the woman traced to reward me.

According to Els due to the publication, people fear to visit Stuivenberg hospital. The fact is, that fear already exists, the reason I went to do the investigation. Thereafter I became number one enemy in Belgium. However; I was very happy because the results of the investigation and the publication were good. The City of Antwerp sent a delegation to the hospital to investigate.

I disguised myself many times and went there during the heat up and saw policemen guiding the hospital. Above all, Stuivenberg hospital now remains one of the safest hospitals in Antwerp, hardly hearing the death of any African, after my publication. If I should ask, sometimes does it worth to fight on behalf of Africans?”

About seventy-five percent of Africans in Antwerp isn’t aware I even went to the hospital at all to investigate, because of lack of reading. I have lived a life of pain and struggle, putting the lives of my family in danger and unhappiness, all because of the search for the truth.

In regard to the ‘truth’, it is always hard to get someone to support you, the reason; I have faced and fought this battle alone, but when it comes to crime, it is always easy to get an accomplice, because crime is a business. Belgium can pretend they don’t know me, I will also pretend I don’t know them.

Even though since I published ‘Little Boygium -Wonderful Experience,’ no one has bought one yet to give a comment, but the aftermath of what happened in Antwerp, when the book came out I’ve personally given my book five stars.

AIDS And EBOLA: Belgium’s Professor Van Der Groen Lied Over The Origin Of The Diseases

The Aids pandemic and Ebola epidemic have generated many controversies all over the world, since the outbreak couple of months ago, hitting Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, but only the happy few have access to any inside information about the Aids and Ebola research.


What many people don’t know, according to Professor Johan Van Dongen, is the viruses of Ebola were long created within bacteria factories, with dubious micro-organisms and given different names such as Reston virus, Belgrade virus, and Marburg virus. It was when the first outbreak of the virus which occurred near a small river in Africa called Ebola, gave the name of the disease as Ebola. “This is how scientists give names to their findings,” He added.


In Africa, there were varieties of wide experiments of dubious scientists, including a crook called Hillary Koprowski. Later there was a hunt to catch this man. On his normal course of business, he used genetically contaminated engineered vaccines on innocent children in Africa. Not only African children suffered the effect of a contaminated vaccine.

In Australia between 1940 and 1970 hundreds of orphaned children, including babies were used as guinea pigs to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis, and herpes. This atrocity was confirmed by David Vaux, an expert on infections. In the largest experiment, about 350 children were all injected with doses intended for adults.

Suddenly things started changing positively. Ricardo Veronesi, Professor Emeritus, at the Faculty of Medicine, University Sao Paulo Brasil, together with Dr. Wolff Geisler found out that 97% of the people who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus, which can lead to aids. They were made artificially susceptible was supplied to them in vaccines, drugs, blood transfusions and food. HIV containing microbes were also found in drinking-water and also insecticide spraying pools.

Smallpox vaccine was contaminated or combined with immunodeficiency SCID the precursor of AIDS. Within the continent of Africa, from west to east more than 100 million children were injected with this vaccine in cooperation with the WHO and CDC mainly paid by the Rockefeller foundation. Now to tell you the truth the reason Professor Johan Van Dongen’s account was suspended. He attacked Rockefeller foundation on LinkedIN’s platform over heinous this crime.

This is a man who hasn’t committed any crime but because he can’t shut his mouth over medical crime he witnessed against humanity, he is now suffering, because he is considered a whistleblower by his government, while the criminals trying everything to cover up this crime, continue to enjoy their lives with impunity.

How can the world go free for Jesus Christ who hasn’t committed any sin to carry the cross alone? Those responsible for this crime should face justice. This is what they fear most, the reason they hiding behind the crime, including World Health Organization, (WHO) responsible for CDC smallpox-measles vaccination 1967-1970, themed ‘The global eradication of smallpox.’

Whoever thinks professor Dongen is crazy should seek a psychiatric help. Even an uneducated African living in the remote area without electricity will believe his story. It will be recalled that Professor Johan Van Dongen challenged Belgium’s Professor Van der Groen’s claims that Ebola was invented in the 1960’s in Fort Detrick. Because Professor Dongen proved him a liar, the article which appeared in Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper’s link miraculously disappeared from the web.


Readers, just be patient until the book comes out before you know the real truth. We want to make it clear that we are not desperately looking for money, the reason this book is coming out. The purpose of the publication of this book is to let the world know the truth. We intend to give it a crazy shocking price for such an e-book. The world is sinking we should help to bring it up from the deep waters.