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Mini-skirts: One of the fashion temptations during summer

There are only two seasons in West Africa, the dry and the wet, and sometimes the experience of the harmattan, a dry, dusty cold north-east trade winds from December to February. 

Africa never misses the sun or summer as it is known among the four seasons in Europe and America because the sun blazes for nine months, accompanied by rainfall within three months.

Unfortunately, sometimes the rain fails to fall, and when it continues for a longer period, means impending danger. The reason East Africa is often threatened by worst drought. Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Zambia, Somalia etc, have all experienced the effect of drought.

The sun in Africa is used to doing many things including drying of washed clothes, preservation of foods, and on health issues good for the skin. Since the sun is very common in Africa, they don’t see or value it as something special, but when summer arrives in Europe and America, it’s like they have seen magic or god.

In fact, summer is just a season but what accompanies with it in Europe and America seems like the season is a festival. Europeans and Americans go crazy with all kinds of dresses and fashions which may baffle you.

Mini-skirts, the exposure of long beautiful legs and other parts of the body which can steal your attention and put you into temptation are some of the common scenes in the city, shopping malls, restaurants, cinema halls etc, and at the naked beaches.

Europe is now entering the summer but just yesterday the beautiful weather brought some fashions one may be stupefied to see. The question is: What are we going to see when summer fully arrives? I will definitely steal a glance but hoping I will not be caught by any lady.

New Security Measures In Belgium: No Handbags And Backpacks At Festivals

Wailer 4One of the over 280 annual festivals in Belgium.

This has never happened before as for the first in Belgium, the governor, and Chairman of Federation for Music Festivals,  Jan Briers, calls for more stringent safety measures, as long as  terror level 3 is maintained.

Organisers for big festivals such as Rock Werchter, Tomorrow-Land, Graspop, De Gentse Feesten and the Lokerse Feesten came together to discuss safety measures they need to take this Summer before the festivals begin.

OCAD, the body for threat analysis in the country, said there is a need for increased vigilance around so-called soft targets, such as cinema halls, shop centers and festivals. There is no concrete evidence for attacks, said Peter Mertens from Crisis Center.

“We are calling for general alertness. Organisers should consult with the local police to put together a risk analysis, and consider what measures need to be taken.”

Jan Briers, the Governor of East Flanders, advises the organisers to jointly take measures. “We don’t know how long terror level 3 will last, thus, festivals in this period must follow the same rules as football matches.” Said Jan Briers.

“This means, among others, a ban on backpacks or handbags. On the campsites, he said backpacks should be permitted. The control should also take place when the people go to the Meadow walk.” He added. The report said the festival organisers are yet to respond to the tasks they may face in maintaining security.

The report says the festival organisers are yet to respond to the tasks they may face in maintaining security.