Christmas Celebration In Ethiopia

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Men activities during Christmas celebration


Christmas celebration is based on country, culture, and tradition. Ethiopia is one of the few countries where Christmas is celebrated in accordance with the traditions of the first Christians. Orthodox Christians celebrate the feast of the Nativity of Christ.

Every year thousands of tourists come to see how Orthodox residents conduct holiday ceremonies in churches carved out of volcanic rock and in modern temples.

Many Ethiopians are Christians and in the Ethiopian calendar, the most important dates are, of course, the New Year, celebrated on September 11, Christmas on January 7, baptism on January 19, while the Feast of the Cross or Meskel takes place on September 27.

On the New Year holidays, Christmas is usually offered in northern Ethiopia, in Lalibela, a small town with a population of 30,000 people, where pilgrims and tourists from all over the world colorfully flocked.

A very beautiful service in the church begins on the evening of January 6 and ends at dawn on January 7. If one considers himself a believer, you can join the local people, who dress in white clothes, walk around the church three times, with candles in their hands, and then go to the priests for Holy Communion and blessing.

For Christmas, a traditional game resembling a field hockey is held in Aksum, while a special coffee ceremony is held. Songs throughout the whole day and residents dance on the streets from dawn to dusk.

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Christmas: A Season Of Luxury Or To Make Someone Happy?

Jesus took a loaf, gave thanks, broke it and gave it to them, saying: “This means my body, which is to be given in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” He repeated the same with the cup after they had the evening meal, saying: “This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood, which is to be poured out in your behalf.”


It is important to know that Jesus is more interested in commemorating of his death than his birth. Nevertheless, Christmas is season when it approaches; we need to remember Jesus Christ, learn from his teachings, emulate his humbleness, sharing in the joy of giving, helping the needy, spending time with family and promoting peace.

Actually Christmas season shouldn’t be something luxury, yet the approaching of this joyous festive occasion, becomes a headache to many who think they need to change their car, fridge, television, furniture etc. There is nothing wrong if rich enough to buy everything you need without scratching your head, but people should consider the fact that we are now in period money goes very fast than earning it.

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Orphans in Europe

Remember, you can put a smile on the face of someone, especially the orphans in homes and care centers. You can give a child hope to enjoy a happy living with a single beautifully toy, wrapped in a parcel. Do you know that your gift could change the whole life of that unhappy child contemplating of committing suicide? There are many ways to save money to make orphans and yourself happy.

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Orphans in Africa

Ideal home doesn’t mean luxury or expensively replacing whatever you have. One can create a happy home by taking good care of what you have for years. Polish that favorite old shoes, you will see them sparkling new. Dust off films of dirt from the old furniture; surely you will fall in love with it once again.

Clear, cut and trim the garden, your visitors will admire that beautiful change. You may save a lot of money, when you cultivate the habit of refurbishing your quality old things than replacing them.