Bill Gates Africa Can Survive Without Your Chicken

Bill Gates depopulation program has failed

Bill Gates wants to cover up his shame by donating chicken to Third World Countries he couldn’t depopulate

To me, I see it as one of the disrespects to Africa, when I read about the Microsoft co-founder and global humanitarian launching a campaign on Wednesday to help impoverished families in sub-Saharan Africa raise chickens.

According to Gates raising and selling the birds can be an effective way to tackle poverty, because they are a good investment and are easy and inexpensive to take care of. Why now Mr. Gates?

Long before the White men came to Africa to be killed in large numbers by mosquitoes, Africans were surviving. Most of the ethnic conflicts and wars that took place in Africa were orchestrated by the West and America, just like how Belgium orchestrated the Rwanda genocide.

So to give Africans chicken saying that will alleviate poverty in Africa is a total hypocrisy because it is Europe that rendered Africa to such a deplorable state.

After all your efforts to depopulate Africa failed, including the Aids and Ebola medical crimes, you are now pacifying your soul to give Africans chickens? Wonders will never end.