German Pharmaceuticals, University Vassals And The Extension Of Hitler’s Deadly Factories

Aids is a bio-weapon to depopulate Africa

Aids is a medical crime against humanity

By Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage

“If a crime against Africa is done with impunity and crime against Europe and America is punishable, then there isn’t any true justice or media in the developed world.” – Joel Savage

In our previous articles about prohibited medicines against HIV, we described a number of successful anti-HIV agents that were suppressed by medical authorities and pharmaceutical companies in various countries. Scientist Johan van Dongen who had turned against the abuse of animal experimentation did not only suffered an unusual fate as a whistleblower, for letting the world know that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against mankind, but also lost his profession after he was removed from all his duties as a university lecturer.

This happened in a country they claim follows justice, thus; in The Hague, Holland, is the International Court of Justice, bringing people who commit atrocity against mankind to face justice, but since Africans are not ‘human beings,’ they don’t have any privilege to enjoy any justice, in regard to crime committed by Europe and America against them. Hypocritically, they brought Africans, for example, perpetrators of the Rwanda genocide (Excluding the Belgians that ignited the flame) and Charles Taylor of Liberia to answer charges of crime against them. What a mockery of the judiciary system in Europe and America?

Several years later Scientist Johan Van Dongen wrote his first book  about the truth behind Aids and other virus infections; “Pleading for the ape;” in 1997. In his second book entitled: “AIDS, the greatest medical crime in history,” published in 2003(both in Dutch) Scientist Johan Van Dongen devotes eighteen pages to a cure for Aids and describes many medical substances that are effective against the Aids virus.

Together with the Ghanaian investigative journalist and writer Joel Savage, Scientist Johan van Dongen published his third book:“Aids the greatest crime in medical history against mankind” available at (English version), in which are all the evidence about the criminal activities of the political, pharmaceutical, medical and military establishments against Africans.

The previous articles described the therapeutical use of several important substances, one called DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, and the other substance, being a combination of sugar and sulphate, called dextran-sulphate. Other highlights are the mentioning of Suramin and Kemron, which are also effective medicinal substances but blacklisted by medical authorities and pharmaceutical companies.

Hoechst, Bayer, Dupont, Merk Sharp and Dome are Mafioso Institutions!

A great number of those effective medicinal substances were blacklisted by medical authorities and pharmaceutical companies, such as Hoechst, Bayer, Dupont, Merk Sharp and Dome MSD, without any public explanation. Especially German pharmaceutical plants were involved in the prohibition of effective medicines against Aids. Do they want the slow death of Africans? It’s hard to understand, but the way Aids has taken thousands of Africans into their untimely grave means, it was done on purpose.

AL-721 A Prohibited Protein By Hoechst and Bayer

Another medicinal substance that suffered suppression is the substance called AL-721. It contains lecithin, an extract of the American pokeweed (Phytolacea American). It proved to be highly effective against the Aids virus. It was researched by J.M. Zarling, a well known Aids-researcher. Publications about this finding appeared in 1989 in the Deutsches Aerzteblatt and in 1990 in Nature. The USA government tried to prevent the sale of AL-721, an egg-nut mixture, which requires no authorization.

Hoechst and Bayers’ Prohibition of HB 946, L661, RU/486, Imreg-1, and Hyperacin.

Also in Germany; many substances with a strong working against the Aids virus were put on the blacklist for reasons not specified by the companies. This happened to the following polysaccharides produced by the German pharmaceutical companies Hoechst and Bayers’ HB 946, L661, RU/486, Imreg-1 and AL -721, also known under the names Arteparon and Arumalon. Scientist Johan Van Dongen further noticed the unexplained halting of the production of the successful Bayolin for unknown reasons.

The Imreg-1, a very effective drug against Aids, was twice rejected  by the USA government on account of alleged inefficiency.

For a study of Hyperacin, the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, refuses more participants to the tests as described by CB Pert called: “A pent peptide sequence in the Aids virus envelope, which blocks ineffective essentially conserved across nine isolates. In: Clin Neuropharmacol 1986; 9 (Suppl 4): 482-4.”

Also about Octapeptides Pert describes the same effective working pattern against HIV.

Dupont, MSD, and Hoechst

The substance Ampligen was stopped from being produced by the pharmaceutical company Dupont, thus; MSD halted their production of  L661. Methadone, which also shown effective against the Aids virus, was also prohibited in Germany. This well-known substitute for heroin, prescribed for intravenous drug users, was even denied to those very users by the Hoechst company, a state of Northern Westfalen in Germany. In addition to this also the following list of substances was prohibited in Germany : Diethylcarbamate; iosinpranobex, ribavirin, pentamidine, dehydroandrosterone and hypericine.

Heteropolyanion-23 (HPA-23)

HPA 23, according to Professor  Johan Van Dongen, is another substance capable of tackling HIV and stopping its growth. The workings of Heteropolyanion-23 have been described in 1954 and 1969, as a substance which is extraordinarily effective against the retrovirus that causes the Creuzfeld-Jacob disease (BSE and Kuru). Also the substances polyvinylsulphate sulphate powder, extracts of alges and dextran-sulphates are helpful against the HIV virus.


A medicinal substance developed by etno-botanics, who gather medicinal herbs and plants in the tropical rainforests, is called Prostatin. It is taken from a tree in the rainforests of the isle Samoa in the Pacific Ocean. Traditionally an extract of this tree was used as a remedy against yellow fever. When researched more closely in the United States. however, strong activity also against HIV was registered. Prostatin belongs to a category of chemicals called Forboles, which usually are carcinogenic substances.

It turned out however Prostatin was the only Forbole that was an exception to this rule, so it would not obstruct the possibility of Prostratin to become a helpful substance in fighting the Aids virus. Prostatin, according to van Dongen never appeared on the market as an anti-Aids agent, because the research conducted in the American laboratories never went public. As a result of all these prohibitions, false reports and panic measures and responsible respective establishments have prevented the cure for Aids infections and Aids diseases which affected millions, mostly Africans. All mentioned remedies still can be produced throughout the world.

Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HIV/Aids virus

Very spectacular we may also call the recent stand taken by the French 2008 Nobel laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HIV/Aids virus. He now also advocates a completely natural cure for HIV/Aids! In an interview for the HIV/Aids-documentary; “House of Numbers,” he recommends the application of nutrition and micronutrients in the fight against HIV.

In the interview he states that there are many ways to decrease the transmission of HIV/Aids, just by making use of simple measures such as nutrition, providing antioxidants, taking hygienic measures and fighting at the same time the other infections that are present in the patients. He also states that if one has a good immune system the body can get rid of HIV naturally, this statement confirms that HIV/Aids is not at all an incurable disease.


World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control in America have many questions to answer.

Poor African Aids Patients Partially Cured With Proper Food

As mentioned before, the emphasis, especially for poor African patients, should be the building up of the immune system, making it possible to get rid of HIV by proper functioning of the natural defense system of the body itself. And therefore no antiretrovirals and/or vaccines should be used and proper food must be applied. Montagnier declares that all the above-mentioned measures constitute very important knowledge. But according to Johan van Dongen, unfortunately, this mentioned measures has been willingly completely neglected by the pharmaceutical, medical and political establishments up till now.

If Montagnier says  a good immune system can get rid of HIV naturally, then was is needed is the pushing for combinations of measures, such as antioxidants; nutrition advice; nutrition; fighting the other infections that are present in patients such as malaria, tuberculosis, parasitosis and worms; education and promoting genital hygiene. People always think of drugs and vaccines because there is no profit in nutrition. If you take a poor African patient who has been infected with HIV and you build up their immune system it should also be possible for them to get rid of HIV naturally. All of the above constitutes important knowledge which has been completely neglected.

A lot of other scientists including Johan van Dongen, who have been warning the world about the pharmaceutical business with the Aids epidemic for years, have received support from the discoverer of HIV, Luc Montagnier. A discoverer of an HIV virus who also stated: “The HIV is completely identical to the horse flu virus, Equine Infectious Anemia Virus EIAV,” a virus nowadays known as Hitler’s horse-aids. Because of the prohibition of very effective medicines against deadly diseases, causing millions of unnecessary death, Hoechst, Bayer, MSD, Dupont and the University of Dusseldorf, among many others, can be called “The Vassals Of The Extension Of Hitler’s Deadly Factories.”